Lavender oil is prized for making soaps, perfumes, and even sachets. Lavender has many soothing and healing properties which makes it a prize among any person who prefers natural ways to heal your body of everyday ailments, like headaches and stomachaches. You will be amazed at what just a few drops of oil and a few pinches of this flower will do for you.

Lavender for Headaches

Take a bit of lavender essential oil and place it on each temple and massage in a circular motion for relief.
For those stubborn or very painful headaches try placing some on one temple and a bit on where your pain is coming from and massage. Then do I it again, but switch which temple you are massaging the oil onto and repeat as needed.

*Check warning below*

Lavender for Stomachaches

Lavender has been proven to aid in digestion, German physicians found that the oils help the smooth muscles of your digestive tract to relax. Also helping to ease gas built up in intestines.
Make a lavender tea to gain these results, steep one to two teaspoons of lavender flowers in one cup of boiling water for about fifteen minutes.

Essential Oil Warning

Pure essential oils can and will damage skin and cause eye irritation. When using essential oils as stated above, mix it with some type of vegetable oil to create a massage oil and prevent any negative effects.