If you’re wondering if your dog should be eating Orijen grain free dog food, look no further. You can find out how Orijen products are made in the Orijen plant in Kentucky. In addition to the award-winning kitchen, the company has detailed information about its suppliers. You can also learn about its commitment to small businesses in the community. The company never outsources manufacturing, which means that they have a direct connection with their suppliers.

Orijen’s Original Dry Dog Food

The Original Dry Dog Food is an excellent choice if you want your pooch to be healthy. Made with a blend of chicken, fish, and free-run poultry, it provides a high-protein diet for your dog. It also contains freeze-dried liver. This grain-free formula is a good choice for picky eaters.

Orijen sources its ingredients from suppliers it trusts. This helps ensure that their products contain the highest quality of raw materials. It also aims to support local and small businesses in the process of manufacturing their food. As a result, Orijen never outsources production.


ORIJEN is a grain-free brand that provides the finest nutrition for your pets. Cats and dogs evolved as carnivores, so the ORIJEN recipe mimics their natural diet as closely as possible. With more than eighty-five percent meat ingredients, ORIJEN is more nutritious than any conventional dog food. Additionally, two-thirds of its meat ingredients are raw, never rendered, and full of vitamins and minerals.

ORIJEN Tundra is a grain-free dog food that is rich in protein. It contains 90% real, cage-free meat, along with natural fish oils that help promote a healthy skin and coat. It also includes 15 percent of fresh fruits and vegetables. The ingredients in ORIJEN’s grain-free dog food are sourced locally and gently processed in their own kitchens.

ORIJEN Tundra Fit & Trim

Orijen Tundra is a grain-free, low-calorie dog food formulated for all life stages. It contains 41% protein, 17% carbohydrates, and 40% fat. This food meets the nutritional levels established by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The food is ideal for growing small dogs and can be served dry or lightly moistened.

ORIJEN Tundra is made with biologically-appropriate ingredients. It contains 40 percent protein from fresh meats, organs, cartilage, and bone. In addition, it contains freeze-dried liver for extra flavour and palatability. Even fussy dogs will love the taste.

When transitioning a dog from a grain-based diet to a grain-free diet, it is important to allow your pet time to adapt to a new diet. It is best to introduce ORIJEN gradually over five to seven days, increasing the amount gradually.