If you want to get a Norwegian Forest Cat, you should start by talking to local pet experts, like vets, groomers, and cat sitters. You can also ask people in your network for recommendations. They can help you find a good breeder or cat sitter. Read on to learn more. Then, decide which cat is best for you. And remember, there are many breeders, so choose wisely!


The Wegie Norwegian forest cat is a domesticated feline that hails from the cold climate of Northern Europe. The breed’s woolly undercoat and long, glossy coat help it adapt to the cold. It is also one of the most handsome felines you will ever see. It is an extremely unique cat, and we highly recommend that you consider purchasing a kitten from a Wegie Norwegian forest cat breeder.

The Norwegian forest cat is a large and well-balanced cat with substantial bone structure and girth. Its ears are rounded and wide at the base, and are heavily furred. The tips of the ears are lynx-like. This makes this breed ideal for people who want a cat with a distinctive look and personality.

To find a Wegie breeder, you can use the Internet to compare prices and services. You can also consult your local vet and ask for recommendations. Many pet owners use referrals from their veterinarians and trusted networks to find a suitable pet. You can also visit reputable breeders and rescue organizations.

You should also choose a reputable breeder that has genetic testing done on their parents. Although Wegies are generally healthy cats, there are hereditary problems that can be costly to treat. You should also look for insurance coverage for your pet. Many reputable breeders have plans to protect your investment in your furry friend.

While a Wegie kitten can be a lot of work, they are very playful and loveable. They can live up to five years. Norwegian Forest Cats are a low maintenance, high-quality breed with a rich history. In fact, they have been known to travel with Vikings. Despite their large size, they are very gentle companions. However, they need plenty of affection, frequent brushing, and a safe surface to play on.


The Norwegian forest cat is a naturally occurring species. Its ancestor was the semi-shorthair cat from the Middle East, which migrated to Scandinavia with pirates. The breed has become a popular companion for sailors, proving to be an excellent companion for long journeys. The other breeds of this species include the Siberian cat and the Maine cat.

The Norwegian forest cat is an excellent hunting cat with a big, muscular body. It is intelligent and loves human attention, and can be playful, affectionate, and loving. However, it is not a lap cat and will not smother you with love. Its friendly nature is a great fit for families, and it loves to play and spend time in the company of family members.

Although this breed is relatively new in the United States, it has been around for many centuries in Norway. These cats carry their own unique history and legend. The earliest known images of the Norwegian forest cat are from the sixteenth century. They also play a major role in Norwegian fairy tales. For example, the Norse goddess Freya was rumored to have used two huge forest cats to pull her chariot.

A Norwegian forest cat has a long top coat and a wonderful undercoat, which resembles wool. This combination allows them to easily survive in cold climates. The Norwegian forest cat can live indoors, but they also need to exercise and play to maintain a high energy level. And since this breed has very little artificial breeding, they are not likely to suffer from genetic diseases common in purebred cats. The Norwegian forest cat is a great companion for families with children and is an excellent choice for a family pet.

The Norwegian forest cat loves people and is not easily frightened by newcomers. Once they trust you, they will protect you. They love to spend time with family and friends and will do well in any household. They require moderate activity throughout the day.

Pirate’s descendants

Ann Marie Citro remembers her cat, Pirate, fondly. He was a stunning Norwegian forest cat with a distinct “cattitude.” In the show ring, Pirate showed his intelligence and confidence. He was one of a kind, and his descendants are now among Norway’s leading breeders.

This cat has a unique look that makes it an excellent choice for households with children. It has a friendly personality and is also good around other animals. The striking looks and personality of this breed have made it popular with breeders. Despite its reputation, this breed does have some health problems. Some are prone to hereditary heart problems, hip dysplasia, and glycogen storage disease type IV, which results in dangerous buildup of complex sugars in cells.

Despite their unique appearance, the Norwegian forest cat is a relatively new breed in the United States. Norse mythology claims that the Norwegian forest cat was the favorite of Norse goddess Freya. Farmers often believe that leaving milk out for the cats will bring them a plentiful harvest. A legend also states that Thor, the god of thunder, was unable to lift the Norwegian forest cat. In his contest with the cat, Thor lost to the middle child of Loki, who had the ability to lift the animal.

A good Norwegian forest cat is highly intelligent and will get along with children and other pets well. They can be indoor cats, but need lots of playtime to keep their energy levels up.

Kashi Saga breeding cats

A Kashi Saga Norwegian Forest Cat breeder is someone who raises their kittens in a loving environment. These cats are known for their loud purring, vocalization, and amiability. They are very social and enjoy attention and praise from their owners. They are friendly and will bond with their new owner when they are accepted as part of the family.

These breeders pride themselves on breeding healthy kittens and offer a genetic guarantee and spray and neuter agreement. Their kittens are tested negative for HCM and FELV/FIV. They are also known for producing good temperaments and good health. Breeders of Kashi Saga kittens will offer you health and temperament guarantees to ensure your kitten’s future.

Norwegian Forest Cats are similar to Maine Coons, but have a much larger snout. They have an even-length fur coat, and males are around seven to twelve kilograms (15-25 lb). These cats are independent, yet affectionate and sociable. Although they don’t demand a lot of attention, they are good with children and other pets.

Finnishline breeding cats

Finnishline breeding cats are extremely beautiful, and their appearance is the result of meticulous breeding. However, there are some problems with this type of breeding. First, cats inbreed themselves, and this can result in a lack of genetic diversity. Secondly, cats bred in this manner tend to have a uniform look. Finally, cats and kittens with reduced genetic diversity can be susceptible to diseases that have a genetic basis.

Genetic diseases can cause the cats to become ill, including Renal Amyloidosis, a congenital kidney disorder. Also, a cat may suffer from Ringworm, which is a contagious skin infection. Genetic diseases can also be passed down through the lineage. Another risk factor is a male cat with only one testicle.