If you’re looking for a new toy for your dog, look no further than Fat Cat. The company’s dog toys feature fun stories and colorful, non-toxic catnip filling. Plus, Fat Cat dog toys feature high-quality construction and durable materials. They even feature packaging designed by Lyn Severance, who created the iconic look of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Goughnuts range

The Goughnuts range of dog toys is an ideal option for your furry friend. The toys are designed with safety in mind and include a warning indicator that turns red when the dog tries to chew on them. The toy will then need to be replaced. These toys are also made from 100% natural rubber.

If you’re looking for a cat toy, Fat Cat offers a large selection to choose from. These toys are available in various shapes, sizes and colors to encourage your pet’s natural learning and jumping instincts. Many of these toys feature flabby parts and heavy canvas bark targets, as well as woodland crackers with a squeaker.

Floppability(r) Bark Targets

Floppability(r) Bark Target Dog Toys are made of heavy canvas material and feature a squeaker for added enjoyment. They also feature a squeaker and floppy arms and legs. Fat Cat has a wide variety of fun dog toys, including the popular Fish Sandwich and the new Weiner Dog on a Bun.

Mini Snacklers

Fat Cat is a classic cat toy with a crackle factor that many pets love. It was created in a family tradition to help cats play. Fat Cat is made from a combination of materials, including natural rubber and nylon, and is extremely durable. It is easy to clean and is a great alternative to traditional chew toys.

The Fat Cat Mini Snackler is shaped like a mini snack and is perfect for chewing. It comes in three fun designs to choose from. The outside is suspiciously crunchy, but it contains a squeaker that will keep your dog entertained for hours.

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Fat Cat Dog Toys also include a Mini Snacklers series. These toys have a crackle factor and are made of heavy-duty canvas. Mini Snacklers for fat cat are available in the Fish Sandwich and Kitty Cone designs.


Dogs of all sizes will enjoy playing with the Mighty Beaver Dog Toy, made of plush brown exterior and a squeaker inside. Although the toy is made of durable plush, the toy is not indestructible, so you’ll need to supervise your pet and remove any damaged pieces.