To avoid adding to your clutter, you should consider getting rid of all unnecessary items. This way, you will be able to see where you can make changes to reduce your clutter. If you are unsure what to throw away, try talking to a friend and letting them help you de-clutter. Having someone else’s objective eyes will help you see things more objectively. Organizing supplies is another way to reduce clutter.

Group like-items

Grouping like-items is a good housekeeping decluttering tip that will make cleaning and arranging items easier. Make piles of similar items in the same area so you can take inventory of the clutter and decide where to place like-items. You can also make a pile for toiletries, makeup, and cleaning supplies.

Sort items

When decluttering, it is helpful to sort items into groups by category. This method helps you to keep only what you really need and toss everything else. You can even use laundry-style baskets to separate keep and discard piles, making it easier to deal with large areas at a time. Sorting items in groups also helps to eliminate confusion and frustration.


There are a variety of ways to recycle your unwanted items. If you are not sure how to dispose of a certain item, you can take it to a recycling centre. You can also donate unwanted items to charities. Regardless of your preferences, you should keep the following tips in mind while decluttering:


One of the best ways to reduce clutter is to give away something once a week. You can do this by donating it to a charity or friend. Another good housekeeping decluttering tip is to cut down on electronic bills. This can be a fun project.

Decluttering a room requires more than just decluttering. Decluttering is a process that involves working together with your family. Involving family members in this task helps the process go more smoothly and efficiently. It also gives the person a sense of accomplishment. If they have a sense of accomplishment after completing a task, they will be more inclined to keep that area organized.

Reduce stress

Decluttering your home is a great way to reduce stress. Research has shown that homes with high levels of clutter increase cortisol levels in both men and women. This hormone is responsible for the feelings of stress and anxiety. If your house is full of clutter, you’re likely to feel stressed out when you have guests, and this can also cause you to be irritable all the time. Luckily, good housekeeping decluttering tips can help you get a better sense of control over your life and reduce stress.

Clutter is a time and energy drain. According to a recent survey, 47% of Americans said that living with clutter makes them feel stressed out and embarrassed. It can also cause health complications and lead to depression and obesity. In addition, it can also pose a fire hazard.

Disorganisation also causes squabbles among family members. Moreover, it makes it hard to organize schedules, resulting in children being late for school. Clearing the clutter will give you a much more serene environment. It will also help you boost your confidence.

Organize your home

Decluttering your home is a great way to create a feeling of order. Whether it is an overflowing closet or an unorganized living room, clearing surfaces and removing clutter are essential ways to create a more organized environment. One way to do this is to prioritize the areas that are the most obvious messes and work towards them first. This can be a rewarding experience and will inspire you to do more organizing.

Organizing your home is not only a good way to make it look more appealing visually, but it can also improve your focus and productivity. Simple methods for organizing include sorting items into cabinets or labeling containers with markers or stickers. Make sure you choose a method that will be easy to maintain and will make it easy to find the items you need when you need them.

While decluttering, you must be mindful of the time you have to devote to this process. It should not take a large amount of time. You can start by prioritizing the organizing needs in each room of your home. After you have prioritized these items, you can go ahead and start decluttering one room at a time.

Another good housekeeping decluttering tip is to look at your home from a visitor’s perspective. Imagine that you’re a guest visiting your house for the first time. Make notes about the first impression of each room, and make changes accordingly. One way to make this easier is to take before and after photos of a small area. After taking these photos, you can see how much the area looked like before and after cleaning.