There are a lot of different home organizing services to choose from. The list below includes Handy, Contained Home Organizers, Clutterbusters, and Horderly. Each has unique services and rates. When selecting a home organizing service, you should also consider the type of project you have in mind. Some home organizers charge more than others for complicated projects, such as a whole home remodel. During a discovery call with your home organizer, you can discuss the costs of your project.


Handy is an app that allows users to hire a home organizing service near them. Users can search for an organizer near their home and pay them an hourly rate. They can also rate their experiences and give feedback. The app has a good selection of local organizers, which is convenient if you need help with your home.

Handy offers scheduled cleaning plans and one-time services, and prices vary according to the size of your house. If you need to cancel your appointment, you must give them at least 24 hours notice, or you will be charged the full price. However, you can get a second cleaning free of charge, if you are not satisfied. You can also contact the company for customer support 24 hours a day.

Handy uses a proprietary technology platform to match qualified service providers with customers. It works by connecting customers with local professional service providers, and the app takes a portion of each transaction. This allows users to find quality services at a price that works for them. Handy currently works in 28 cities across the country.

Home organization services are ideal for people who are facing a life change and need help adapting to the new environment. While in-home sessions are best for large messes, virtual home organizing services have been gaining popularity. They offer expert guidance about the structure of your space and can also offer gentle guidance about what to do with old items.

Contained Home Organizers

If you need help organizing your home, consider hiring a Contained home organizing service near you. These professional organizers specialize in repurposing rooms, and can help you reclaim space and reduce clutter. They can help you with everything from a newborn’s room to organizing your garage. They are available to help in most large cities, and will work with you to create an organized and relaxing space.

Some of these services offer one-hour sessions to declutter and organize your home. Some will focus on cleaning and decluttering, while others will help you change your habits. While many services focus on cleaning and decluttering, a good organizer can also teach you how to organize yourself better. In addition to helping you declutter, these professionals can help you choose the right storage solutions for your items. Some will also recommend purchasing storage containers, storage boxes, or other solutions.

When choosing a professional organizer, it is important to choose someone you feel comfortable with. Make sure you know their credentials, and ask if they are insured and certified. Also, ask if they belong to any professional associations. If they do, you can request references. Choosing the right organizer for you depends on your lifestyle, the size of your home, and the amount of help you need.

The cost of hiring a professional organizer varies. The price of a single hour may be $30, while the price of a full day may be $500 or more. However, it’s important to note that the price is dependent on several factors, including the size and scope of the job.


Clutterbusters offers a free phone consultation and a range of organization services. Hourly rates start at $75, but the service offers flexible pricing, which includes tax and tip, as well as travel expenses and gas prices. You can choose to hire a single organizer or book a block of time for several organizers to tackle the same area. Clutterbusters also offers weekend and holiday organizing services. The company’s organizers understand the psychology behind getting organized.

Clutterbusters is one of the pioneers of the organizing service industry. They specialize in helping clients declutter and create systems for keeping their spaces organized. Their approach is different from cleaning services, as they use labels and containers to sort out your possessions. They then create a system that will ensure that the area stays tidy.


When you hire a Horderly home organizing service near me, you can expect to enjoy functional and intuitive solutions to your clutter. Their organizers are sometimes called magicians, and they work wonders in overcrowded spaces. Their solutions are not only functional, but also make life easier for their clients.

Horderly is a company that specializes in organizing homes and businesses. Their services range from unpacking and decluttering to staging a room or office. The company offers free consultations and will travel to most locations. Their organizing professionals also give clients tips on how to maintain their organizational systems. In addition to helping people get organized, Horderly professionals also donate unwanted items to Goodwill.

In addition to being a home organizing service near me, Horderly also offers luxury home organization services, including luxury organization. Its organizing services are provided by a team of young, hip organizers. Their team of professionals is highly trained, and they have excellent company culture and growth opportunities.

Merry Maids

If you need a home organizing service but don’t know where to start, consider calling Merry Maids. They offer one-time, weekly, biweekly, and monthly appointments to make your home look its best. For one-time appointments, make sure to call at least two weeks in advance so the cleaners have ample time to get to work on your home. The company also offers a text message service, so you can see what your cleaning specialist is up to in real time. You can also cancel appointments easily by calling them to let them know about your plans.

Merry Maids has been in business for more than 40 years, and they offer services for homes large and small. Their organizers are highly skilled in decluttering and organizing any space. They will even help you create a system for labeling everything. You can hire them to clean a pantry, organize your cabinets, or even organize your entire house. They can also give you tips for minimalism and how to take advantage of a well-organized home.

The website of Merry Maids gives a brief overview of what they can do for you. While services may vary, they typically include general cleaning, move-out cleaning, and holiday cleaning. They also offer a mobile app, so you can easily track your cleaning specialists and check their schedule. You can also pay your appointments on the app, which has some limitations. However, the service is reasonably priced, and you can even customize your services to fit your needs.