A home organization company near me is a good option if you’re in need of help de-cluttering your home. AKorganizing provides residential organizing services for all types of homes and even does light staging. This company has a strong commitment to the community and donates 10% of its after-tax profit to local charities. The company was founded by Angela Kantarellis, a Certified Professional Organizer and active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Their services have been featured in many publications and have earned five-star reviews from their clients.

Professional organizers understand the attachment people have to their items and can help you maximize the space you have. They can also help you create organizational strategies and systems to maintain the organization of your space. These services provide you with peace of mind and a renewed sense of purpose in your home. By having a more organized space, you can focus on your work or hobbies. The newly organized space will boost your efficiency, positivity, and productivity.

Serene Home

Serene Home is a home organization service in New York City that provides services to individuals and businesses. The company provides customized organizing solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client. They use proven techniques and incorporate psychology to change behavior patterns. Hiring a professional makes organizing easier and more enjoyable. Serene Order Organizing has been operating since 2008, and they serve clients throughout Northern Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and the Lower 48.

The company has an outstanding reputation with customers and offers a range of services. They specialize in organizing small spaces, large spaces, and studio apartments, and their services can fit into your schedule. Serene Home also accepts cleaning supplies and is available for same-day service.

Major Organizers

Major Organizers is a home organization company that offers part-time and full-time positions. Both positions require weekends and evenings. If you have a passion for helping people, this could be a lucrative business for you. While you won’t make a full-time salary, you will have flexible hours and autonomy. While this business does not require a high level of education, it can take two or three years to earn a decent income.

Major Organizers has been helping people declutter their homes for over six years. Founded in 2009 by Angela Cody-Rouget, the company combines the spirit of order with a judgment-free approach to decluttering. The company has a network of professional organizers and offers both in-person and online appointments.

Before hiring a professional organizer, ask yourself several questions to ensure that they’re the best fit for your needs. Be sure to ask about their qualifications, including certifications, insurance, and membership in professional organizations. Also, ask for references. If you’re not comfortable with a potential organizer, it’s best to move on to another company.

Gotham Organizers is a home organization company located in New York City that specializes in residential organizing. It also offers light staging and signature services. In addition to helping clients find the right solutions for their homes, the company donates a portion of their after-tax dollars to nonprofit organizations. In addition to offering organizing services, Gotham Organizers also offers workshops and speaking engagements for those interested in home organizing.

The cost of hiring a professional organizer will vary depending on several factors. Most organizers charge by the hour. The average hourly rate is $50 to $150. Some organizers may work a full day, while others have an hourly minimum of three hours.

Embrace Your Space NYC

If you’re looking for a professional home organization company in New York City, consider Embrace Your Space NYC. This firm specializes in breakup organizing, helping people regain control of their physical space after a breakup. Founded by Sarah Grace, this company offers unique services. The breakup organizing process was created by Grace after her own experience in a relationship that lasted seven years.

The company offers both in-home and online organizing services. Its empathetic, professional organizers work with clients to create a home that is functional and appealing. They can help you with everything from hanging art to design shelving systems. In addition, they offer a free online course that can teach you how to organize your home better.

The team at Embrace Your Space NYC specializes in helping individuals create a clutter-free home, so that they can enjoy the comforts of home. They are highly skilled at decluttering and organizing closets, and can optimize your furniture layout to maximize space. Their services come with a consultation to help you make the most of your new space.

The Home Edit

If you’re in search of a professional home organization service, consider hiring The Home Edit. This team of designers and organizers has worked with celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow. Their services have also been featured on Netflix’s “Get Organized with The Home Edit.” The Home Edit’s services range from one-hour consultations to full-on home organization services.

Stars such as Tracy Liukin and Katherine Liukin have hired The Home Edit team to organize and redecorate their daughters’ playrooms. The team rearranged the room with colorful art supplies, board books, and tactile toys. The Home Edit also helped country music star Tracy Lawrence organize her closet, coordinating color schemes throughout her Nashville home.

If you don’t live in a city where The Home Edit operates, you can hire a remote organizer via video chat for a flat fee. Typically, a one-hour consultation with a THE organizer will cost you $250, and a three-hour consultation will cost you $525.

The Home Edit is a Nashville-based company that has been in business for five years. Last year, it launched an exclusive line of storage containers called Home Edit Storage. The series “Get Organized with The Home Edit” follows the organization team as they work to declutter the homes of celebrities.

The Home Edit team offers tips and tools for organizing your home and making it a less stressful place to live. These tips are not difficult to implement and come at a low cost. Containers are another exception.