Need to lose weight? Have you tried all of the fad diets: Juicing? Eating only bananas for a week? What about the constantly advertised exercise machines or workout videos? Nothing works, right?

 The truth is you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on silly diets, clunky exercise equipment, and boring weight loss routines; there are so many on the market, and when the day is over, you can still remain the same weight. You may even find yourself gaining weight–a result of the stress and frustration from all of these products and the money you’re wasting.

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 If this describes your current situation, there’s a new product you need to hear about. It’s called the My Patch Today, it is a revolutionary diet patch that is now sweeping the nation as one of the best and most useful weight loss mechanisms on the market today.

 My Patch Today is a diet patch unlike any other. If you’re looking to lose weight, you simply apply one of the small, square, flesh-colored patches to clean, dry skin and voilà! Leave it on for the day and allow the appetite-suppressing melange of natural medicines (no foreign chemicals here) absorb through your skin while you go about your business. You won’t even notice it’s there, yet you’ll be eating less and dropping those pounds fast.

 One of the best things about My Patch Today is that it’s discreet. Both men and women can wear the patch, and no one will ever know–likely not even your significant other; it stays that hidden. Simply take off the patch when you shower or swim, and reapply one after in one of the key (and discreet) areas, and you’re good to go.

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 My Patch Today was tested for many years and honed to become a top selling solution for excess weight. The diet patch plays off the idea of Nicotine patches used to quit smoking. The skin (our largest organ) absorbs everything it touches. On each My Patch Today diet patch is a plethora of special herbalized natural medicines that combat excessive appetite and aid in more rapid digestion–which in turn revs up your metabolism and allows your body to go to work burning fat.

 In fact, the science behind My Patch Today is very much based on research related to the human metabolism. Unfortunately, there are just two broad categories of metabolism: fast and slow. Sometimes you can even spot which people have which metabolism. Think about someone you know–a friend or family member, for example–who seems to have boundless energy and is always bouncing off the walls–always moving and gesticulating when they talk and a generally energetic person. Is this person thin? Chances are, yes, and if they are, it’s probably because they have a fast metabolism.

 Now consider someone you know who seems a bit slugglish, who talks slowly and seems to move at an ambling pace. Is this person overweight? It’s very possible that this answer is also yes, and that he or she may even be obese. Regardless, though this person probably has a slow metabolism. Of course, neighter of these statements are universal truths–that all overweight people have slow metabolisms and all skinny people have fast ones–but it is certainly trends that doctors see often.

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 Don’t worry, though, the good news is you can speed up your metabolism if you happen to be one of those unlucky folks who has a slow one. There are several ways of doing this, one of which is using My Diet Patch with its specialized mix of natural and herbal meds. But there are additional natural ways to speed up your metabolism as well as weight loss. Used in combination with My Diet Patch, the following suggestions will put you on the fast track to fitting into that old prom dress or tux in the back of your closet!

 First, you’ll want to eat right. No, we’re not talking about a diet. My Diet Patch affords you the happiness of not being on a diet. “Eating right” simply means basing most of your meals and snacks on whole, organic foods. This includes those tried and true members of the trusty, old Food Pyramid: whole grains (like brown rice), lots of fruits and vegetables, dairy products (like yogurt or non-fat milk) and lean proteins (chicken breasts or fish, for example). Of course, you might want to have a “treat” once in a while, and that is absolutely no problem. Partake in half a cup of ice cream with fresh, yummy raspberries on top or try a new recipe like zucchini bread (with dark chocolate chips for an added flavor boost). Also, drink your water. Hardly anyone drinks enough water these days, and with My Diet Patch especially, you’ll want those nutrients on the patch to soak in and activate quicker, so grab a water bottle and fill ‘er up!

 As you wear the patch for longer and continue to eat healthy foods in moderation, you’ll already notice your metabolism start to speed up, and it will be hard to stop moving. Take advantage of this, and don’t stop moving! Get outside (soak up a few of the sun’s rays–vitamin D promotes happiness), go for a walk with the dog or hit up the batting cages with an old friend. Even little things like taking the stairs at work or parking in the furthest parking spot at the mall can add to your weight loss goals.

 Another technique you can employ that will enhance the powers of My Diet Patch is sitting meditation. Don’t run away now, hear us out: meditation can actually quicken weight loss. Often, we eat out of boredom or stress. Mindfulness (which is part of meditation) allows your brain to concentrate on tasks easier and alleviates dwelling on negative thoughts, so consider just a few minutes a day of meditation, and see where it takes you.

 All in all, you can’t walk through a grocery store nowadays without being bombarded with weight loss tips and advice. It can be overwhelming and stressful. If you’ve tried it all and are still feeling frustrated, give My Diet Patch a try. Follow the directions and employ the advice in this article, and you’ll see be seeing the fat melting off in no time!

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