For a long time now Saje products have been known for quality and durability and the brand offers a variety of skin care products to cater to individual needs. The range of safe products is extensive and is known for its commitment to the healthy development of skin. One Saje product is the revolutionary Peppermint Haunt Soothing Cream. This is a Peppermint oil based moisturizing lotion and is designed to soothe and heal irritated and dry skin.


All Saje natural products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, fragrance or artificial colors. Best selling varieties include:

Saje Peppermint Haunt Soothing Cream: A beloved deep cleansing lotion that lets you feel the soothing effect of peppermint essential oils while they work with your body’s natural healing capabilities to provide the pep up in your step. The Saje Peppermint scent is invigorating and leaves your senses refreshed and renewed. The unique scents include Cherry Vanilla, Black Licorice, French Vanilla, Lemon Pie, Peppermint Moisture, Oakmoss and many more. This wonderful skin care range makes it possible to refresh and rejuvenate with this all natural products.

Saje Zen by Dr. Charles Claus: This all natural product is designed for men and women and is focused on treating the mind and body through the application of essential oils. Dr. Charles Claus, founder of the holistic treatment clinic says “Saje Zen by Dr. caulfield is very effective. With regular use you will experience a noticeable difference in the way you feel and look.” This remarkable natural product gives you the combination of health and relaxation while battling impurities in the body.

Halo Break by Dr. Herman Miller: This popular cleaning products are designed for dry, dehydrated or cracked lips. It has an all natural citrus fragrance along with essential oils and other plant extracts. This remarkable citrus essential oil blend will help reduce swelling and redness, leaving your lips softer and smoother. This amazing healing balm is a must have for everyone!

Pregnancy Scents With Vitamin E: Known as Pregnancy Sensitive Oil it contains a variety of wonderful smelling natural scents including grapefruit, pink grapefruit, berry, peach, pomegranate, cherry, pear, vanilla, lilac and ylang-ylang. The scents contain Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects and heals the skin during pregnancy. Your little one needs this special healing oil based products to help her through her pregnancy and help prevent premature birth. It’s also good for soothing eczema, dermatitis and other types of rashes. Your precious baby needs this valuable Vitamin E in order to stay healthy.

Pregnancy Solid Natural Stone (Serta): This wonderful Serta product is designed for pregnant women. It contains essential oils and other vitamins and nutrients that help your little one maintain healthy skin and provide her with energy throughout her pregnancy. It is a great, safe alternative to Venapro. This product helps relieve morning sickness and other symptoms associated with pregnancy. Serta Solid Natural Stone contains a rich collection of organic, wild harvested plants from five continents. Each plant offers unique, healing properties.

The healing power of nature continues to inspire the authors of Sale Products. They continue to use their knowledge and experience to provide consumers with a complete line of high quality, natural products that promote overall health and well being. The same story continues to inspire women everywhere. Take time today to visit their website to learn more about the wonderful health supplements and natural foods they offer. You’ll also find an amazing collection of wonderful and delicious recipes that incorporate some of the same products that will enhance your pregnancy and strengthen your overall well being as you prepare for your new life.