Storage and organization ideas for small spaces aren’t limited to cupboards and drawers. You can incorporate storage units into the design of your kitchen cabinets and use them to mimic built-ins. You can also use them as a buffet, record shelf, or pantry. In addition, you can wallpaper your walls or use geometric murals.

Rolling island

If you’re working with limited space, a rolling island is a great option. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, giving you more storage in a small area. Rolling islands are also versatile and portable, so they’re great for apartment-style living.

You can also use rolling islands to save counter space and make room for a breakfast bar. Some kitchen islands have a low shelf to keep cutting boards, so you can reach them without bending over. Others have a multi-level trolley, allowing you to store more kitchen linens and dry goods. Some even come with a place to put a pet bed.

A rolling island can also double as seating for a small table. It can also serve as storage for small items. A built-in rack can serve as a display area, displaying favorite dishes and platters. It can also serve as a place to keep cookbooks.

A well-designed island will save counter space and keep your cooking essentials organized. It can keep your appliances and baking utensils hidden, but still accessible. It can also fulfill your Japandi aesthetic. Just make sure to choose the right appliances. The key is to be honest about how much space you need and want to save.

You can use under-island storage for extra storage. It’s also a great place to store small items and produce. You can even use an over-the-door storage unit to store produce. It’s a clever storage solution that doubles as a decor item in your small space.

Another great option is a rolling island that can be moved around. This is an excellent idea for small spaces because you don’t have to re-arrange your furniture or put up cabinets. You can also add some baskets at the end of your cabinets. These baskets come in different sizes and styles. They’re very versatile and can accommodate a variety of items.

You can also utilize your kitchen island for bonus storage. This space can be used for storing gadgets and utensils. Adding a pegboard or drawer can also be useful for storing utensils. Deep drawers are also great for storing large items and smaller appliances.

Covered baskets

Storage baskets are a great way to organize a small space. They are versatile and can be used for storing a variety of items, such as books, records, and pantry items. They also look great on shelves and in cubbies. And they go well with any decor theme.

Baskets can also be hung on a wall for additional storage space. However, make sure to use proper weight support when mounting them on the wall. You can use L-brackets to secure them securely. You can also paint them to match the color of your basket.

Whether you’re looking for under-bed storage, or are looking for a storage solution for a small kitchen or bathroom, you’ll find that covered baskets will make an excellent choice. These versatile containers will keep your linens and clothing neat and organized while also preserving the appearance of an uncluttered room.

If your space is limited, consider adding a credenza. These versatile pieces of furniture can not only provide storage space, but also provide additional seating. Similarly, a dresser or media console can serve as a multifunctional piece of furniture. You can place your remote control and other electronics on the top, while storing books and other items beneath it.

Another great use of baskets is as a decorative item. They are often a focal point in a room, which makes them ideal for children’s rooms. Children’s rooms can quickly fill up with toys and other items. Animal-printed baskets combine form and function, making them an excellent choice for a child’s room. These baskets are durable and can hold heavy toys, and they can also serve as a reminder of a favorite sleeping toy.

Another great use for covered baskets is for storing clean towels. In bathrooms that don’t have cabinets, a basket can also fit underneath the counter or bathroom cabinets. It can also be used to store extra soap or linens. Baskets are also a great place to store pillows or blankets.

In addition to using covered baskets for storage, they are also great for storing plants. They can also keep potted plants from cluttering the counter. You can also place them on shelves and double up as a display for flowers and other greenery. This solution will give you a beautiful display in your home.


Credenzas are functional and stylish pieces of furniture that provide storage space. Depending on the design, credenzas can also include dividers to keep certain projects separate. Some credenzas have closed storage compartments, which are great for displaying decorative items.

A credenza can also double as a media console, storing remote controls, DVDs, and video games. Its low-profile also makes it a great place to display eye-catching wall art. You can hang framed pictures and use it as a platform for small sculptures.

Despite their bulkiness, credenzas are an excellent storage and organization solution for small rooms. They come in a variety of designs and styles, so they can hide unsightly clutter. They are also great for keeping books and records. You can even place thin bins on top to keep your stuff organized.

Choosing the right credenza is an essential part of maximizing your space. You’ll want to ensure that it has enough storage space to hold all of your belongings, including your computer, and you’ll need a place to put your computer. Credenzas can double as a place to display framed family photos and other decorative items. You can also use them to hold accent lamps.