For 75 years, Hill’s has been advancing the science of pet health. Today, you can purchase Hills Healthy Advantage pet food from your veterinarian. This nutritionally complete and balanced food offers your dog or cat five important health benefits. It is made in the United States with ingredients sourced from around the world.


As part of the Hill’s recent endeavors to provide innovative canine nutrition products, the company has introduced new formulas for dogs that contain veterinary-exclusive ingredients. These include diets for puppies, adult dogs, and large breeds. Each of these formulas is tailored to the specific needs of a particular breed.

The Hill’s Healthy Advantage line of prescription diets uses targeted nutrition and a variety of health benefits for dogs. These diets are only available with veterinary prescription. While these diets are designed to help ailing pets, they also provide a range of recipes for dogs that don’t have special dietary needs. The company has been advancing the science of pet nutrition for over 75 years, and it has developed a trusted reputation as an expert in prescription dog food.

A veterinary exclusive diet should be priced competitively. The cost to feed a kilogram of Hills Healthy Advantage veterinary-exclusive ingredients is lower than the cost to buy the same diet from a pet store. Veterinarian-exclusive diets are highly competitive, and consumers can save hundreds of dollars a year with these products.

The nutritional value of Hill’s products is high, and the ingredients are easy on the stomach. For example, eggs are easy to digest and contain a high biological value. Soybean oil, a common ingredient in dog foods, has been linked to allergies. Soybean oil is red-flagged because of its alleged association with canine food allergies.

Other healthy ingredients in Hill’s Puppy Food include fish oil and pork fat. The company also incorporates DHA from fish oil into the recipes. In addition, Hill’s Healthy Advantage Puppy formulas are grain-free and contain a variety of vegetables and fruit-based ingredients. These recipes also contain vitamin and mineral supplements.


Veterinarians recommend that you feed your dog a healthy advantage canine diet. This diet is available exclusively from veterinarians. It addresses five common health concerns of adult dogs. Using this diet for your dog will save you more than $375 a year! Whether your dog is overweight or not, these foods will keep your dog healthy and safe.

Hill’s Healthy Advantage is a multi-benefit food for dogs and cats. It includes ingredients that will help your dog maintain oral and urinary tract health, as well as skin and coat health. It also contains ingredients that support a healthy digestive system. It also promotes mobility, which will benefit your pet. This food is available in adult and growth formulas.

These diets are priced competitively with premium diets sold in pet stores. The cost per kilogram fed to your dog or cat is only slightly more than that of premium foods. That’s because veterinary diets are priced so low that you can save hundreds of dollars a year. It’s worth looking into these diets and learning how to feed your pet with them!

Nutritional benefits

If you’re in the market for a new diet for your pet, you may have a hard time deciding which one to buy. Veterinary-exclusive diets are not cheap, but they’re also much less expensive than many premium foods sold in pet stores. In fact, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars per year by switching to a veterinary-approved diet.

Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Advantage is a veterinary-exclusive diet designed to provide essential health benefits for dogs and cats. The formula contains essential nutrients that target five vital factors in your pet’s health. These nutrients support your pet’s digestion, urinary tract, skin, and coat health, as well as its mobility. It is available in adult and growth formulas for dogs and cats.

If you’re unsure whether Hills pet food is right for your pet, you can read consumer reviews online and make an informed decision. Hills’ products can be purchased on Amazon. The website also contains a Q&A feature. The price is also current. In addition to reviews from other pet owners, Hills’ products have earned a place in many pet food guides.

Hills is dedicated to the advancement of pet health and nutrition. Their innovative formulas and cutting-edge science have made the company one of the top pet food brands in the U.S. For 75 years, they’ve invested millions in research and development, ensuring that our pet foods are safe and effective. It is a proud American brand that exceeds the manufacturing guidelines and nutrient profiles of competing brands.


A new veterinary-exclusive pet food is now available: Hill’s Healthy Advantage. This food offers a complete, holistic approach to pet health, delivering five essential health benefits. It contains ingredients sourced from around the world and is made in the USA. It is available in growth and adult formulas for dogs.

Hills has invested millions of dollars in research to formulate the perfect diet for every type of pet. It has a proven record of quality and is the number one veterinarian-recommended brand in the U.S. Hills’ nutrient profile is better than the manufacturing guidelines of other pet food brands, making it the best choice for your dog.

Veterinary-exclusive diets are priced competitively with premium diets sold in pet stores, making them an affordable option. You will save hundreds of dollars a year when you switch to veterinary-exclusive diets. Just be sure to compare the cost per kilogram with the cost of your current diet.