If you’re trying to find ways to organize upper kitchen cabinets, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there that can help you make this space a little more functional. These ideas include vertical slot separators, Tip out trays, and Command strip-mounted caddies. Depending on how much you use your upper cabinets, these may work for you.

Lazy susans

A lazy susan is a functional storage solution for kitchen cabinets. These organizers are made of wood, plastic, or wire. They come in varying sizes to fit various cupboard styles. They can be purchased ready to install or custom made. If you want a custom lazy Susan, you should measure the inside dimensions of your cabinet.

Lazy Susans have a 360-degree spin and can be used for other things in your kitchen. They’re also great for organizing cleaning supplies, makeup, hair accessories, and other smaller items. You can even customize your lazy susan by adding tiers or compartments for more organization. You can even buy ones with handles so that you can easily carry them.

Tip out trays

Tip out trays are perfect for storing small appliances and cleaning supplies, such as sponges and scrubbing pads. They are also easy to clean and keep out of sight. They come in many different sizes and materials, so you can match them with the overall decor of your kitchen. You can purchase kits that include the trays and an attached false front, so they blend in well with your cabinet.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your upper cabinets, consider buying storage trays. These are a great way to organize kitchen items and free up valuable space in your upper cabinets. Alternatively, you can purchase lift-and-carry boxes for dry goods and other loose items. Also, you can use shelf inserts to make the most of your space in upper cabinets. You can also purchase extendable lid racks to keep your lids organized.

Command strip-mounted caddies

Command strip-mounted caddies are an effective solution to organize the items in your upper kitchen cabinets. They can stick to the inside of cabinet doors and hold a variety of items. For example, you can stick pens and paper clippings to the bottom of the medium caddy. It also comes with four clear indoor strips and a unique value on each. The medium caddy holds up to four pounds.

You can also use the adhesive strips to hang photos and holiday decorations. The most appropriate type of strips depends on the weight of the items you intend to hang. Choose strips that will support the shelves for a long time, such as those that have built-in supports.

Vertical slot separators

You can buy vertical slot separators to organize the contents of your upper kitchen cabinets. They are usually made of wood, and they fit into existing cabinet spaces using half-inch brads. You can also buy extension drawer slides, which extend past the face of the cabinet by one to two inches. This feature is useful for applications where the countertop overhangs the edge of the cabinet.

Shelf risers are another great option for organizing your upper cabinets. They double your cabinet space and keep like-sized items from slipping around the drawers. They are also a great solution for storing small items, as they can easily be stuck on the inside of cabinet doors. You can also use baking mats, which help to avoid storing sticky cookies on your shelves. These big, floppy mats are easy to store, as they come in a toilet-paper tube.

Wire plate racks

Wire plate racks are an easy way to organize the upper portion of your kitchen cabinets. You can purchase a store-bought option or create your own using wire. The advantage of this type of rack is that it will stay upright, making it easy to reach a plate or bowl without leaning against the cabinet door.

If your upper cabinets are overcrowded, you might be better off moving items. You may be able to hang a pot or pan on the wall to free up valuable cabinet space. This also allows you to use the space underneath the racks for other items.

Blind corner organizers

The blind corner organizers are available in various sizes. Pull-out shelves and half-moon lazy susans are also available. When choosing these organizers, look for hardware that slides and pulls easily. They should also allow easy access to the items within the cabinets. For example, a lazy susan’s spinning feature allows easy access to items within the cabinet, especially those that are frequently used.

Another option is the blind corner organizer, which extends out of the cabinet, enabling you to see everything that is stored inside. Unlike the two-tier lazy susans, these organizers are ideal for deep cabinets, as they offer a way to view the contents of the shelves without having to open them. These organizers are typically narrow and shaped to make them easy to use, making them an excellent solution for storing smaller items and bulky small appliances.

Shelf risers

If you’re looking for a great way to organize your upper kitchen cabinets, consider adding shelf risers. These simple shelves are designed to separate your items from one another, and they’re a great way to use unused space. You can also use them to separate items inside the cabinets, such as baking sheets and pans.

If you have an infinitely long cabinet, you can use a tiered stand. This will raise the contents of the cabinet to keep them within your line of sight. A side shelf will also hold cutting boards or baking sheets.


Color-coding your upper kitchen cabinet organization is a stylish way to hide clutter and show off beautiful items. DIYer Cat of Modern Boho Cottage opted for opaque black and white storage containers and curated a color story with tea towels. Similarly, Megan of Sugar Color House uses pastel-colored measuring cups and linens to de-clutter and organize her kitchen.

Another way to de-clutter is to use adjustable dividers to organize your items. They also prevent items from sliding around in the drawers. Another useful solution is to install hidden drawers, which are great for flat and rarely used items.

Open shelves

If you’re not sure how to organize your upper kitchen cabinet organization, you should consider using open shelves. These shelves let you put on display the things that you need most frequently without crowding the rest of the cabinet. They also let you be creative, with varying sizes, colors, and shapes. If you have similar items, group them together for easier access.

Open shelves in the upper cabinets are a great option for kitchens with limited floor space, and can be an affordable way to add storage space. Open shelves can also create visual interest in a space. Floating shelves are another option. They offer plenty of storage space, while extending the backsplash tile to the ceiling creates a unique design element.

Knife block alternatives

One of the most effective ways to store knives is to install a knife block. This type of storage holds knives in a drawer-like enclosure with recessed magnets that keep the blades in place while you are cooking. It also features a hinged end that can be turned around so that you can access the blades without opening the cabinet. However, the drawback to this type of storage is that it takes up a lot of counter space.

Knife blocks can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and materials. Some are made of environmentally friendly, bacteria-resistant wood. They are available in various lengths and colors and are designed to accommodate up to 17 knives. These storage units are also sturdy and have non-skid feet. You can also purchase a universal knife block, which is designed to hold any knife with a blade length of eight inches or less. Some models even feature a slot for kitchen shears.