When you’re organising your desk, the best tip is to organize things by importance. To do this, ask yourself how often you use each item. Those that are rarely used should be stored in places that are less accessible. This way, you’ll have more space for the items you use the most often.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are an attractive way to add additional space to your desk and can be used for various purposes. They can also be used as a creative space and to hold personal items. They are very versatile and require little maintenance. If you’re considering installing these shelves in your workspace, you need to consider your needs and the space you have available.

Floating shelves are easy to install and can make any workspace more attractive. They are easy to install, thanks to the Studlock bracket system that has a screw spot every inch. They are also designed to support enough weight to hold their own. Floating shelves are a great addition to any home office, and can make a big difference in your workspace.

Floating shelves can also be used to showcase your favourite items. You can choose to use a color that matches the desk, or you can go for a contrast against a white wall. For example, you can add a colorful rug or leaning artwork on the floating shelves, which creates a stylish gallery style display. Another way to style a shelf is to group similar-sized objects together. Floating shelves are also great for displaying photographs and keeps your wall space looking fresh.

When choosing a floating shelf for your desk organisation, it is important to consider the height of the shelf. Floating shelves are generally adjustable, so you can adjust them to suit the height of your desk.

Color-coordinated bins

Color-coordinated bins are a great way to get organized on your desk. They can help you keep your desk free of clutter and increase your desk space. Color-coordinated bins are perfect for keeping supplies organized by purpose and color. You can also use color-coordinated sticky notes and markers to help you prioritize work assignments. You can also move items to drawers and shelves to reduce the amount of clutter on your desk.

Color-coordinated bins can also help you keep your office organised, since they’re easy to sort. Unlike cabinets, bins are also inexpensive and can accommodate a wide range of items. They can be separated according to the type of project you’re working on, or the type of people you’re working with.

Vertical file holders

When it comes to desk organisation, vertical file holders are an excellent choice. They can hold a wide range of documents and are a great solution for storing piles of papers. They are easy to use and look sleek when placed on your desk. They are also a great option for storing mail and other items.

If you don’t have much room on your desk, consider using a hyacinth storage basket. These are handy for holding vertical file holders and other small supplies. Another useful option is a white plastic storage bin with a handle. It is durable and looks very clean. This type of storage bin is great for an office, because it slides easily in and out of a shelf.


Chalkboards are a great choice for a home office or workspace. They can be used for any purpose, including keeping lists of important things you need to do. They’re also safe and damage-free, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your appointments or notes. And they’re available to everyone in the household.

Desk organisation is crucial for your productivity, because a cluttered workspace distracts from your work. Having an uncluttered workspace will help you focus on your work, boost your productivity, and improve your mood. Here are some helpful tips for desk organisation. You can try DIY solutions to create your own desk compartments.

Using a chalkboard as a desk organisation tip is not only useful for keeping track of notes and ideas, but it’s also a great way to keep your desk tidy. You can use it as an “idea board” or as a personal blackboard. It will save you the trouble of switching applications and opening up your computer to write down a note.

A mini pegboard is another option. These are small versions of larger vertical pegboards that are easy to find. You can also make your own mini pegboard from pegboard materials. A pegboard backdrop can be used as a desk organizer as well, and it can be hung on the wall above your desk or along the cubicle wall.

Another way to use a chalkboard as a desk organisation tip is to use it as a calendar. You can use different colors for different events. You can also use different colors for different types of urgency. For example, you can color your calendar items so that you know which ones are urgent.


Whiteboards can be a great way to keep track of important tasks. Use them as reminders of when things are due and use different colored markers to keep track of the deadlines. Sticky notes may be better for larger tasks, but a whiteboard can be a helpful tool for everyday tasks.

A whiteboard can also help you stay organised by helping you to categorise tasks. Use the empty space at the bottom to write down additional notes or chapters to study. You can even turn a whiteboard into a daily schedule. This way, you can maximise your productivity and avoid wasting time.

Using a whiteboard can also help you communicate with other members of your team. Sticky notes and magnetic pins can help you post important documents and reminders on your whiteboard. Another advantage of a whiteboard is that it is incredibly easy to clean and store. It only takes a few inches of space in your workspace.

Besides desks, whiteboards can also be used in conference rooms. When used in this way, they can serve as a focus of the room and make any space productive. For this purpose, a mobile whiteboard is also a useful addition. These can be easily moved around and they come with an easel.

Desks that are cluttered and disorganized are not conducive to productivity. The untidy environment can affect your mood and your ability to process information. This can affect your work and your ability to achieve your goals.