If you’re wondering about the places to see in Washington, you’ve come to the right place. Read this article to find out about Snoqualmie Falls, East Potomac Park, Rockefeller Mansion, and National Geographic Museum. There’s plenty more to see and do in the Capital, but these are the best places to start.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls, a 268-foot waterfall located east of Seattle, is one of Washington’s most beautiful scenic spots. It was even featured in the popular Twin Peaks television show. If you love waterfalls, you’ll definitely want to visit this scenic spot on your next vacation.

While you’re visiting Snoqualmie Falls, you’ll want to grab a bite to eat. There are a number of places that offer good food, including Salish Lodge, a restaurant that serves Northwest cuisine. You can also try a delicious brew at the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery and Taproom, located downtown.

A train ride up Snoqualmie Falls is also an option. While there are no bathrooms on board, the train offers a scenic view of the falls and is a great way to get a feel for the area. The railroad station is conveniently located right off Interstate 5 and is easy to find.

While visiting Snoqualmie Falls, you should also visit the Snoqualmie Depot, a historic railroad depot. It is free to visit, and it features a steam engine locomotive and historic rail cars. The train takes passengers through the Upper Snoqualmie Valley and stops at the top of Snoqualmie Falls. There are also shops and restaurants in the depot.

If you’re traveling from Seattle, consider taking a day trip to Snoqualmie Falls, just a half-day excursion from the city. You can even stay in the Salish Lodge, which is located above the falls. The waterfall is 268 feet high and has a scenic walk down the path to the base. You can also tour the historic train station, which is now a museum and adjacent to the waterfall.

If you’re in Washington, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone in the area. Snoqualmie is a thriving community of local and regional businesses, with great restaurants and shopping experiences. Adding to that, it’s also becoming a cultural hub with booming venues for theater and live music.

East Potomac Park

When you visit Washington, DC, you should consider spending some time in the parks. East Potomac Park is a great place to go for walking or running. There are several trails and golf courses to choose from. It also has a tennis center with more than 20 courts and several athletic fields. The park also has a large picnic area at Hains Point. You can also go fishing or go on a sightseeing tour during the cherry blossom season. It’s also close to other attractions like the National Mall.

For those who enjoy golf, there’s the East Potomac Park Golf Course, which is part of the National Park System. This course has three different courses with varying levels of difficulty. It has over 90,000 rounds played each year. It also features the oldest continuously-operating miniature golf course in the country.

The East Potomac Park is an outdoor space on the Potomac River, south of the Jefferson Memorial. There are several sports fields in the park, including a public swimming pool. It is also home to some of Washington’s most famous cherry trees. You can also play a game of miniature golf or play tennis.

Rockefeller Mansion

The Rockefeller Mansion in Washington, DC is the former home of the Rockefeller family. The family lived at the estate for four generations, and some of the descendants still live nearby. John Rockefeller commissioned a replica of Giambologna’s fountain, which stands in the front yard. Nelson Rockefeller, another family member, was a fan of modern art, and he commissioned a collection of Picasso tapestries to be displayed in the mansion’s subterranean art gallery. Once the site of a bowling alley for the Rockefeller kids, this gallery showcases some of Picasso’s greatest works.

The mansion was originally constructed on a twenty-five-acre property in Foxhall, a neighborhood in Northwest Washington. The property was purchased by Rockefeller during World War II, when he was the inter-American affairs coordinator for the Franklin Roosevelt administration. Once the war ended, he returned to New York and was vice president during the presidency of Gerald R. Ford. He lived in the official residence on Massachusetts Avenue NW, but preferred to live in his mansion on Foxhall Road NW.

The house was the home of four generations of the Rockefeller family, and now serves as a National Trust site. The house was designed by architects Delano and Aldrich, and its Beaux-arts gardens were laid out by William Welles Bosworth. The house also houses a collection of art, which is highlighted in an evening tour.

The Rockefeller Mansion in Washington, DC, is one of Washington’s most luxurious residences. Located in the area near Rock Creek Park, the estate sits on 16 acres of land. A main gate on Shepherd Street in Crestwood leads to the mansion, while a second winding driveway cuts through a National Parkland and connects to Park Road. Originally bought for $6.5 million, the home is now valued at $18 million.

National Geographic Museum

The National Geographic Museum in Washington is an exciting and compact museum that displays photos and rotating exhibits from scientific expeditions. The museum’s mission is to document and preserve the world’s natural history. It has two floors and is open to the public Monday through Friday. The museum also offers tours and events.

The National Geographic Museum is located near 17th and M streets NW in Washington, DC. The museum is easily accessible by metro. It is served by Farragut North and Farragut West metro stations. It can also be reached by foot or bicycle. If you want to avoid the busy area and drive, Moovit has an app that provides directions from your location to the museum.

The museum has many events that make it possible to experience the stories and sights of different cultures around the world. Depending on when you visit, you can attend an exhibit, view a film, or join a live-music performance. You can buy tickets for these events online, over the phone, or at the ticket office. If you need a wheelchair, the museum has a ramp for accessibility. Strollers are not permitted in any exhibition. Visitors should bring their own lunch or snacks because the museum does not have a cafe.

You don’t have to be an adventurer to enjoy the exhibits at the National Geographic Museum in Washington. The museum’s exhibits celebrate the wonders of the natural world and the human quest for knowledge. The exhibits range from shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean to a video of a climber on Mount Everest. There are also displays of a variety of ancient artifacts from Egypt, including sculptures and jewelry from the time of the Egyptian queens.

National Portrait Gallery

If you’re looking for an art museum that will educate you on the history of our country, you can’t miss the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. This museum houses paintings, sculptures, and photographs of many influential people in American history. The museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution and was founded in 1962. In the past, the building housed the nation’s founding documents and even a hospital for Civil War soldiers. Today, it is a must-visit for art lovers and history buffs alike.

The National Portrait Gallery is located in the Old Patent Office Building, which was built between 1836 and 1867. The exterior of the building is in the Greek Revival style and features porticoes modeled after the Parthenon. The building was once used as a military hospital during the Civil War and was also the site of President Lincoln’s second inauguration ball. The building was originally intended to be demolished, but it was saved by the historic preservation movement.

The Portrait Gallery was originally an art gallery dedicated to paintings, but today, it is more than just a museum. It houses over two-thousand pieces of art that tell the story of America’s history. Featuring portraits of such influential people as presidents, political figures, sports figures, and musicians, the National Portrait Gallery is a destination for art enthusiasts. It is home to several permanent collections and various rotating and temporary exhibits. The gallery’s collection also features large sections dedicated to the colonial and Revolutionary periods. The museum features portraits of such individuals as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Lincoln, and Clara Barton, among many others.

The National Portrait Gallery is part of the Smithsonian Institution. It also houses the Smithsonian American Art Museum. You can visit the “John Adams” portrait by John Trumbull, who painted the American president while he was vice president. The painting is an excellent example of portraiture, and a must-see in Washington.