The sizing chart for the Groove Life Ring is available online. You can also download the app to measure your finger size. After measuring your finger over circles on the app, you can purchase your ring. Or, you can simply go to the website to see if the size you’ve chosen is available in your local store.

Groove silicone rings are built tough

If you’re looking for a durable ring that won’t fall off your finger, consider Groove silicone rings. These rings are designed for active people. They feature grooves in the rings that help air circulate around your finger. This prevents irritation and rashes. Moreover, these rings fit comfortably and look good. One drawback of silicone rings is that they are bulkier than metal rings. Style, however, is a matter of personal preference. Some may like to wear silicone rings but may not consider them suitable for formal events. This is because silicone rings have a larger frame than metal rings. Regardless of whether you like the look of these rings, they will be much cheaper than other options.

While some silicone rings may stretch over time, Grove silicone rings are designed to resist fading and damage from exposure to moisture. The rings are also durable and breathable. These features ensure that the rings will not lose their shape over time. Moreover, these silicone rings are designed to withstand everyday wear and workouts.

Aside from durability, Groove silicone rings are comfortable to wear all day long. These rings are crafted using patented air grooves that allow the silicone to stretch and maintain the design and structure. This makes them a comfortable choice for active lifestyles.

They stretch under pressure

Made of medical-grade silicone, Groove Life rings offer the ultimate comfort and breathability. They’re perfect for active men who are active and often need to wear their rings for long periods of time. The internal grooves in the band help to reduce moisture and heat build-up, while keeping air and heat inside. They also offer incredible flexibility and comfort.

The silicone material used to make Groove life rings is very tough and durable. It will stretch under pressure without breaking, but it can also tear when put under too much pressure. If your ring breaks due to excessive pressure, simply get another one. The manufacturer guarantees a replacement ring for life.

The company’s first silicone rings were launched in December 2015. Peter Goodwin, a former bush pilot and a hunting/adventure guide, wanted a wedding band that would be comfortable for long-term use. After researching silicone rings and their benefits, he launched a Kickstarter campaign that successfully funded his business. He searched for the best materials and designed a fully functional design.

The Original Solid Ring has a ridge lining inside the band, which helps your finger breathe even when wearing a ring for long periods of time. This ridge lining prevents trapped sweat and occlusion dermatitis, and provides comfort to wearer’s fingers. The Thin Solid Rings are slightly thinner than the Original Solid, but still have the same stretchy features.

They breathe

The Groove Life ring is designed to be comfortable and fit snugly around your finger. Its unique indented grooves allow for maximum airflow and moisture absorption. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors. The company began with one employee in Alaska and now employs over 170 people in Nashville.

To find your ring size, visit the Groove Life website. You can also download an app that will measure your finger size. Once you find the correct ring size, you can purchase it right there on the app. Alternatively, you can also purchase it on the website. There are two versions of the Groove Life ring: the Original and Thin Solid. Both come with the same lifetime warranty and are available in various colors.

You can return a Groove Life ring for free within a month of purchase, or you can return it for a refund or exchange. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can get it replaced for no cost – just pay $3 shipping and handling. You can also get a discount on a Hero Collection ring if you are a member of the military or law enforcement.

The silicone rings are durable and tough. They stretch under pressure, but if they’re too tight, they’ll snap or break. The good news is that if you lose your ring, it’ll break only in a small area.

They are comfortable

The silicone ring design of Groove life rings makes them comfortable to wear all day. This ring’s two-part design offers comfort and breathability, while the smooth contours eliminate sharp edges and abrasions. This design offers an attractive and modern look. It also features patent-pending air grooves that make it breathable.

These rings have been designed with comfort in mind, and they are also easy to maintain. The silicone used to make them is medical-grade, allowing them to be flexible and comfortable. The specially designed inner-band gives maximum breathability and provides undeniable quality. Unlike traditional baseball gloves, Groove life rings are comfortable.

Despite their comfort, these rings are still relatively affordable compared to other silicone bands. Another advantage of these rings is that they can be swapped out if you get uncomfortable. This means that you can have a different look for different days. This is especially helpful if you wear the Apple Watch with a silicone band. This type of band can be uncomfortable at times, especially when the band becomes sticky during hot days or when you sweat. This solution fixes these problems and makes the Apple Watch more comfortable to wear.

Another great feature of Groove rings is their unique designs. There are many patterns to choose from. One of them looks like a flower petal, and has a textured, leafy finish. It also has a grain pattern that is similar to wood.

They come with a lifetime warranty

If you are not sure of your ring size, you can download the free Groove Life ring sizing chart. It will take you less than two minutes to use. You will also need a printer to use it. However, be aware that half-sizes are not included.

Groove Life rings are made of high-quality silicone. Because the material stretches under pressure, the ring will not be easily broken. It will only break if the pressure is too much, but the warranty will cover replacement of the ring. The warranty is valid for as long as you own your ring.

Groove Life is dedicated to creating a better product for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. They combine premium materials and the perfect design to produce the best possible gear. This means that the ring you wear will be comfortable and durable for years to come. You can trust the product because it is made in the US and carries a lifetime warranty.

The silicone material is very comfortable to wear. If you wear the ring for a long period of time, you’ll have no discomfort. These rings come in sizes for both men and women. The insides of the rings have grooves that promote air flow. They are also made to be reusable and durable.