If you want to add extra storage space to your bedroom, you can purchase a dresser top organizer from IKEA. There are several designs available, including the Eket, Hemnes, and Corinne. Read on to learn about each one and how they will work for your home. You can also customize your organizer to fit the size of your dresser and its drawers.

IKEA Hemnes

An IKEA Hemnes dresser is a great piece for a modern bedroom. The 8-drawer model is versatile and is available in several colors. It has excellent reviews and is one of the most popular styles at the IKEA store. For less than $10, you can also customize it with a custom-stained top.

An IKEA Hemnes dresser top unit features four pull-out compartments and a handy top ledge for necessities. The storage space measures 22 cm deep and butts up against a wall, taking up minimal floor space. It has four pull-out compartments that can hold lingerie and clothes. It also has a shelf for storing your jewelry. It is the perfect way to store small items without cluttering your room.

An IKEA Hemnes dresser top can also be made into a modern desk with a simple hack. The first step is to remove the interior wood panels from the wardrobe doors. Then, use staples to attach a piece of cane to the back of the doors. The cane can be made of woven linen or soft slub cotton. Another IKEA hack involves turning an ordinary PS45 Ingo table into a stylish desk. This DIY hack is another great way to save space on the wardrobe’s interior. You can also put a lidded box or basket on top of the wardrobe doors for even more storage space.

Another way to customize an IKEA Hemnes dresser top is to add a removable cover. A simple fabric cover can be added over the top. You can find many designs of contact paper, so it will be easy to find the perfect one for your bedroom.

IKEA Komplement

The IKEA Komplement dresser top organization system offers a simple but practical solution to crowded closets. It comes with three sizes of shelves in three different colours. The shelves can be arranged in any configuration you wish, from a single shelf to a double or triple unit. The organizer also comes with a glass shelf, which lets you see what’s inside.

The top drawer of this dresser top organizer is shallower than a regular drawer, which makes it perfect for storing smaller items. You can also choose to add an insert to create more space for smaller items. The drawers also work well in combination with a glass shelf to create a more spacious, organised appearance.

The top of this dresser can be customised by attaching additional drawers and dividers. You can also add a fabric headboard cover and make a bench to the left of the cabinets. The IKEA Komplement dresser top organizer can be used with an Eket closet system.

The IKEA Komplement dresser top can be refinished with a different color to add a unique look to your room. You can use a paint-like finish like Rust-Oleum. This paint is durable and provides a matt finish.


You can buy an IKEA EKET dresser top organizer or make one yourself. These cabinets have a simple, box-shaped design with flat cabinet fronts, and they’re designed to stack or wall-mount. They have plenty of storage space and are relatively inexpensive. To create a more personalized look, you can customize your IKEA EKET to match your decor.

The EKET dresser top organizer is available in various colors and finishes. You can turn it on its side to create a secretary-style console table. You can also use it to store stationary or shoes. Moreover, you can turn it into a desk for a desk-like look.

You can also make your own custom pressing board from an IKEA BISSA unit. This unit can also serve as a shelf. After you install the shelves, you can decorate them with any color you like. You can also use a timber shiplap to adhere to the back panel.

IKEA Corinne

If you’re looking for a new dresser, consider the Corinne dresser. It features traditional detailing, including a sun-drenched acacia finish and intricate carving. This collection has five drawers, so you can keep your wardrobe well-organized. It also features casters for mobility.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you can opt for an Alex drawer, which is similar to the Corinne. However, this unit only comes in dark grey, which may not suit your decor. Nevertheless, it is a great drawer dupe that’s cheaper and just as functional.

If you’re looking for a cheaper version of the Corinne dresser, you can find a similar one on the internet. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the Corinne, you can choose between the Hundo 6 Drawer Wide Roll Cart and the IKEA Alex. Both have a stylish design and are available in various colors. You can also choose a black or natural color, and the Pitts Storage Chest is available in both tall and wide versions.


The Hauga dresser is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. It is available in a variety of different configurations, including a three drawer dresser, a six drawer dresser, and a storage combination that includes both chests and glass cabinets. You can also choose between two colors – white and gray.

It comes with a safety fitting so that the top shelf cannot be accidentally knocked off. You can purchase it for your home by itself, or you can combine it with other pieces in the HAUGA furniture line to create a coordinated look and even larger storage solutions. The HAUGA series is known for its smart design and distinctive look, which complements many different styles. The pieces are easy to assemble, with a wedge dowel that clicks into pre-drilled holes.

The HAUGA 6-drawer dresser is available in many colors and coordinates with other HAUGA products. The HAUGA dresser comes in a white or gray finish and can be paired with other pieces of HAUGA furniture to create an ensemble. You can also choose the MALM 6-drawer chest, which features drawers without frills for a sleek, uncluttered design.


Makeovers for your Ivar dresser top organizer are easy and inexpensive to do. For a new look, consider applying a layer of gold foil over the top. This gives it a whole new look and adds a pop of bling. If you prefer a less glamorous finish, opt for a white paint finish instead.

Ivar cabinets look like a full-sized wardrobe with three drawers and shelving. You can even paint the Ivar cabinet to match the color of the walls or cover them with contact paper to give the illusion of a countertop. Closed storage is important for kids’ rooms because toys and other items can easily get scattered around open shelves. You can also cover the Ivar unit’s doors with traditional wallpaper or peel and stick wallpaper to add color to the unit. A playful pattern like cheetah makes a fun statement in a moody room.

Another fun way to pimp out your Ivar is by removing the doors and painting it the same color as the exterior. You can also add horizontal wooden sticks to create a visual interest while partially hiding items inside. Using a paintbrush and brush, you can easily paint the inside of your Ivar cabinet the same color as the exterior.

The IVAR cabinet isn’t only a great storage solution; it can also serve as a desk. If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your Ivar, you can add a thick plank of wood on top and add a tall stool. In addition to creating a storage solution, Ivar cabinets also make an excellent kitchen island.