Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display items. You can make them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Floating shelves are also great for displaying knick-knacks or plants. Smaller versions of floating shelves are often installed in bathrooms, hallways, or foyers.

Floating shelves are versatile and can be used to organize pantry items. They can be stacked or stand alone, making it easier to find what you need. They also make changing the decor easier. Floating shelves with ledges on the front keep artworks from sliding off. They also make kitchens and offices more organized. Floating shelves can be placed right where you need them and can also help you store everyday dishware.

Another great use of floating shelves is to add additional lighting to your kitchen. You can add small table lamps to one shelf to add more illumination. You can also install thin LED strips underneath each shelf for added illumination. Adding a small table lamp to one shelf will help make it look more attractive.

In addition to holding bottles, these shelves can be used for extra hand towels. Make sure to roll up hand towels tightly so they do not fall out. They can even serve as a place to store your digital chargers and cables. If you like to keep your handbags and purses out of sight, you can use a small over-the-door organizer.

Mason jars

Mason jars make great storage containers and can be used to store a wide variety of items in the home. They also look beautiful as flower vases, and can be decorated with glass paint or decorative bottoms. In the laundry room, mason jars can be used to store laundry supplies. Instead of using big boxes of detergent, you can place your laundry supplies in jars.

Mason jar crafts make wonderful gifts for the holiday season. These versatile containers are the perfect size to store a wide variety of items, including holiday decorations and spa products. Crafters can also use them to create great holiday crafts. Mason jars are affordable and versatile, making them an excellent investment in good housekeeping.

Mason jars are not only good for storage, but also make excellent containers for beverages and snacks. In addition to storing liquids, you can use them to store salad dressings, toothpicks, and more. You can even make your own soap dispenser and toothpick dispenser using mason jars.

Mini trolley carts

Mini trolley carts can serve many purposes in a home. They are ideal for organizing linens and bathroom supplies. They are versatile, and some of them even have hidden storage compartments. This makes them perfect for bathroom and pantry supplies. Some are also great for displaying collections, corralling linens, and storing other items.

The basic features of these carts include a trash receptacle, large compartments for linens and towels, and small drawers for cleaning supplies. Their size and number of shelves will vary, so be sure to choose the right one for your needs. For large items, it’s best to go for a single shelf, while small items will fit into multiple shelves. Some carts also have drawers for smaller items, making them even more versatile.

Using a mini trolley cart in a hotel setting can save time and effort. Hotel cleaning supplies can be stored on the top shelves, while toiletries and bath products should be stored in compartments below. The bottom shelves of the cart can be lined with organizers for bath products and glassware.

Keeping a safe place for important items

If you’re looking to make sure you’ve got everything you need, good housekeeping organizing ideas include keeping a safe spot for important items. One way to do this is to keep a notebook with an envelope insert. You can make these yourself by gluing a manila envelope inside, or you can purchase them on sites like Etsy. You can also keep smaller items in plastic containers.