If you’re a die-hard car enthusiast, you’ll want to check out the Ernie Adams Museum. This is the home of the original dwarf race cars. It’s free to enter, and there are no set hours. There’s no need to make a reservation; simply drop by anytime between 10am and 4pm.

Best National Parks to visit in April and May

The weather in April and May is great for visiting national parks. The days are warm and the crowds are low. It is also whale-watching season in some areas. Most visitors are not in their winter clothes in April, so you can bring a swimsuit.

If you are looking for a family vacation idea, visiting a national park is an ideal choice. The spring months are not nearly as hot and crowded as summer, and are the best time to hike and see wildflowers. The dwarf ferns and other flowers are blooming, and the trails are quieter.

There are many different national parks in South Carolina that you can visit during the month of April and May. Some are popular and some are not, but they are still worth a visit. The foothills and Cedar Grove are ideal for mild temperatures. Many national parks reopen their roads during this time, but you should be prepared for late-spring snow storms.

Another great place to visit during this time is the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. The park offers stunning scenery, camping in the backcountry, and sandboarding in the dunes. Average temperatures in April and May are in the low 80s and mid-fifties.

Iguazu Falls

If you want to experience the power of nature and be part of the spectacle, visit Iguazu Falls. The falls are spectacular year-round, but during the dry season, they begin to diminish in size and strength. During this time, you may even find the falls completely dry.

There are many paths and bridges to view the falls. You can also take a guided tour to learn more about the falls. There are both bilingual guides on the Brazilian and Argentinean sides. The park is large and there are many hiking trails. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this spectacular park in a single or two-day trip.

One of the highlights of Iguazu Falls is the Devil’s Throat, where you can walk one kilometer above the Iguazu river. From here, you can get a panoramic view and hear the roar of the falls. The view is amazing, and if you’re lucky, you may even get a view of the “midnight rainbow” created by the moonlight piercing the mists.

Another great experience is a helicopter ride over the falls. It gives you a birds-eye view of the falls, and you can take either a 10 minute or an hour-long helicopter ride. Some helicopters also include an aerial view of the Itaipu Dam and Foz do Iguaco. The front seats are usually the best seats, but the back seats are also nice for taking pictures of the falls.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an incredible place that is not only beautiful but also very accessible. The park has several hiking trails that visitors can enjoy. You can also rent bikes near the visitor center, which is an ideal way to explore the park. One of the best routes is the seven-mile-long Hermit Road, which crosses the rim just below the village. This route offers stunning scenery and is also car-free.

The South Rim Trail and Bright Angel Trail offer stunning views of the Grand Canyon. You can also take a helicopter tour and experience the national park from above. There is also a restaurant called the Phantom Ranch that serves authentic American dishes. You can also find lodging within the park.

If you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, be sure to purchase good travel insurance before you go. There is a chance that something unexpected could happen. Even if you’re traveling alone, you should still consider getting some insurance coverage. The Grand Canyon is a spectacular specimen, so you shouldn’t skimp on coverage.

While you’re in the park, make sure to check out the Geological Museum. Located inside Grand Canyon National Park, it offers the best views of the canyon’s geology. It includes huge diagrams of the canyon’s formation.


Tokyo is a huge city with a fast-paced ultra-modern center. Despite this, Tokyo has an incredibly high level of tradition. While the Japanese capital is one of the world’s most expensive cities, it does have some of the world’s most beautiful gardens and museums. You can explore the Imperial Palace, the Ginza District, and Senso-ji Temple. It’s also home to the famous castle and many fine shrines.

Another popular spot is Ueno Park. This 212-acre park is filled with museums and shrines. The park also has Japan’s oldest zoo, which includes pandas from China, and one of the largest aquariums on the continent. The National Museum is another major attraction in the park, which features exhibits from Japan’s long and illustrious history.

Besides visiting the museums and historical sites, tourists can also spend their free time in shopping. There are many places to shop, from high-end boutiques to small independent shops. If you’re an anime or manga fan, make sure to visit Animate, which offers a huge range of products at discounted prices. You can also hop on one of the many sightseeing buses that are available in the city. Some offer foreign language support and there are even several passes that can allow you to travel around the city at discounted rates.

If you have a taste for art, you can visit the National Art Center. This museum opened in 2007 and features an outstanding permanent collection of over 600 paintings, including important modern works. Another place to visit is the Mori Art Museum, which is located on the top floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Here, you can see an old-city mock-up and replica bridge.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The process of becoming a World Heritage Site is long and expensive. A site is first proposed by a country and then has to be considered by the World Heritage Committee, which meets in June every year. The committee consults with ICOMOS and the IUCN to determine if the site meets certain criteria. The committee’s members generally vote in line with the recommendations of these organizations. Every year about 20 to 25 sites are nominated and eventually become part of the World Heritage List.

The Great Barrier Reef is an incredible place that features a diversity of species, including the world’s largest coral reef system. It also contains more than thirty species of whales and is home to six out of seven turtle species. The largest concentration of dwarf minke whales can be found in this area.

The Kocevje region of Slovenia is home to two primeval beech forests, Simien and Sneznik-Zdrocle. Both of these protected areas are home to many endemic and threatened species. The Sneznik Zdrocle forest is considered one of the world’s most important bird habitats.

Located north of the Arctic Circle, Aasivissuit – Nipisat contains traces of 4200 years of human settlement. This ice-free region was an important hunting ground for early hunters. Travellers can visit prehistoric camp sites and ancient ruins.

Wroclaw’s dwarfs

Gnomes are tiny figurines that first appeared in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2005. You’ll find plenty of them around the city, and it’s worth taking the time to visit them. Wroclaw’s gnomes are small figurines that are fun to take a photo with.

You can find these dwarfs everywhere, including on lamp posts, window seals, and entrance steps to shops. You’ll be amazed at the diversity of dwarfs you’ll see in the city. Some of the dwarfs are located in military buildings, while others are owned by medium-sized businesses. In Wroclaw, you’ll be able to explore these places without a map – and that means you’ll be more spontaneous.

Wroclaw’s dwarfs are part of the city’s history. They were created as an underground protest against communism. A number of dwarf statues can be found in the city, and their appearance is often a source of pride for local residents. Visitors can learn about these dwarfs from the city’s tourist office.

Wroclaw’s dwarfs are not only fun to see. The city is home to over 200 statues of the little guys. Some are mischievous, while others are serious. There are plenty of places to visit in Wroclaw, including the Royal Palace and the Historical Museum of Wroclaw. The Historical Museum of Wroclaw features thousands of artifacts from Wroclaw’s past.