When choosing alternative breast cancer treatment over traditional therapies, modern advances have gen people many different options, in addition to chemotherapy and radiation. Men can also battle breast cancer, but the options that women have, include mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemo, and removal of part of the breast. Innovative therapies and breast cancer treatment alternatives have come to forefront of traditional therapies.

 Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Alternatives

1. IPT or Insulin Potentiation therapy, is the use of insulin and low doses of chemo. IPT insulin and chemotherapy work together to open up the body’s receptors on cancer cells, so that more direct chemotherapy can affect the cells as an alternative breast cancer treatment.

2. Intravenous Vitamin C is a powerful therapy method that works to kill off cancer cells. Vitamin C is naturally known to boost the body’s immune system, to increase resistance to infections and to protect against many diseases. When administered through an IV, Vitamin C creates hydrogen peroxide, which causes damage to cancer cells. The best therapy in the use of Vitamin C to kill off cancer cells, is that it is non-toxic to the human body, no matter what dosage is used.

3. Hyperthermia, used in conjunction with radiation treatments, is a promising alternative breast cancer treatment for patients with advanced or recurring cancer. Hyperthermia is known to raise the body’s temperature, which also destroys cancer cells. A hyperthermia treatment involves heating the cancer cells to a temperature between 104 to 113 degree fahrenheit for a certain amount of time. Research has demonstrated that cancer cells do not live long under high temperatures.

4. You can boost your immune system to fight breast cancer. The human body is designed with anti-microbial, antioxidants, and antibacterial cells that can help fight off diseases and illnesses. However, if we don’t eat right to nourish our body, or if we don’t properly exercise, or get the right amount of sleep, then these immunities are weakened. By eating a daily requirement of fresh fruits and vegetables, cancer patients can build up their immune system to defeat cancer forming cells. Your body will regain its immunity strength by eating raw veggies, roast veggies, use them in smoothies, or steam them, for more powerful nutrients.

There are many other alternative breast cancer treatment methods, that are proving successful and less invasive, such as colon hyrotherapy, chelation therapy, infrared sauna, and more. Beating breast cancer is no longer a dismal prognosis, instead modern research and methods are proving to be hopeful and life prolonging.