Fleur De Sals Birthday is the first day of the Spring, and I know this because I wrote it. I do not believe in coincidences, but I am going to give it a try. For years, the dark and foreboding world of Fleur De Sals Birthday celebrations have been a thorn in my side, even though they are no longer near the prime of their life.

So, Fleur De Sals Birthday is over, what now? Why go to all that trouble for, if Fleur De Sals Birthday is in fact over?

Well, for starters, the signs do not really point in one direction. Fleur De Sals Birthday is over and so the latest trend is the festival of fire. That is the slightly cutesy holiday for Halloween in France, and so it becomes my own holiday to create.

I want to celebrate the new and exciting things happening in France in the other direction. To celebrate the best of what this country has to offer, it is also the holiday to indulge in. So if you do not like fireworks, be afraid, be very afraid. Otherwise, maybe you could just join me and come with some mirth.

Fleur De Sal Day in France, however, is not just about pyrotechnics. It is about food and drink. So you can join me and eat, drink and be merry. I can promise you that.

Fleur De Sal is Frances greatest culinary master. She has done something that few can even match.

No French chef could ever come close to the greatness of the classic meal ofFleur De Sal. She has invented what is now a tradition in French cooking: the five-course meal.

Each course of the five-course meal was inspired by the well-known recipe from Fleur De Sals Herbs de Rose. The five courses are to take place at around four oclock, with dessert after the meal.

So in reality, Fleur De Sals Birthday can easily be a dessert affair when it is celebrated in the French style. Fleur De Sals Herbs de Rose is a light drink made with rosewater, thyme, blackberry liqueur, sugar and lemon juice.

Some will say that a three course meal is not sufficient. Maybe this is so, but if you add two or three courses to your celebration, it makes up for it!

In addition to the five-course meal, Fleur De Sal has no doubt inspired many French cooks to create their own versions of the dish. Indeed, she is the Patron Saint of this country, and many of the recipes she has inspired are now being considered to be best seller recipes, and are very popular in the United States. So if you are celebrating Fleur De Sals Birthday, you may want to check out some of these recipes.