Have you ever felt tired after having a cold or the flu that just seemed to not go away? Are you one of those people that will attempt to drink a million cups of coffee a day and still feel the effects of being tired later? Do you feel as if you are lacking energy in general? If you have ever experienced any of those, then there could be many reasons why.

The Case of the Mental and Physical Lack of Energy

We all have those times where we just have absolutely no energy to do anything, but only because we have done so much already. Both physically and mentally. We just want to be able to sit around and be lazy. Taking the time to stare off blankly into space to see if that will help rekindle some sort of mental boost. Sometimes all we need is a good boost of energy. Taking it at the right time, however, can be a bit tricky. Or, even knowing the correct resources to boost it up.

Coffee is the most trusted source that we all go to for a boost in caffeine. We all know that caffeine is our wonder drug when we need that special boost in our day, especially when we can feel ourselves starting to nod off when it is only two in the afternoon. It has been proven time and time again.

For our elders, there is a possibility of them drinking it more than when they use to. For the young teenagers, the preferred drinks are the branded Monster, Red Bull or Red Rain energy drinks. Sure, they help out a bit in ensuring that we get that boost, but then we feel the crash of it later. Of course, there is also another energy drink, known as 5 hour energy, which could also help. Though, there are rare instances where the young teenagers will actually have coffee as well.

Thyroid Imbalance

Sometimes the feeling of being tired, or lacking energy, comes from your body either producing too much hormones or else not enough to really satisfy what your body needs. Your thyroids, which are a butterfly shaped gland located at the front of your neck right around your voice box in your throat area, especially need these hormones. If you have too much, you may be at risk for hyperthyroidism. Or, it could put you at risk for hypothyroidism if you don’t produce enough.

With having hyperthyroidism, you may find that you have a fast heart beat. Having this in general isn’t a good sign, but you can still live a normal life and to have it treated. If you choose not to, then you may be setting yourself up for a future risk for heart problems.

Hypothyroidism is the lacking of the hormones. If your body doesn’t make enough, then you may be experiencing a delay in certain productions. With the delays in your productions, you may find that you are at risk for other diseases, such as diabetes, as well.

To determine which of the two thyroid issues you are currently experiencing:

  1. Make an appointment to visit your doctor.
  2. You will be required to go through several different blood work tests, in order to be able to assess levels.
  3. Always ask question before taking medications.

Even if you are really lacking in energy, sometimes all you need to do is add something to your diet in order to boost you up. Try adding salt to food that you are boiling or frying if you have been sick for a couple of months on end. It will help improve your thyroid performance, which will then in turn help your thyroid problems
When your thyroids are working properly once more, you should notice a difference in your eating habits. That should be due to the fact that your metabolism is finally catching up to speed once more.


Sometimes, in order to combat the lacking energy field, you need to just go and perform some exercises.

Activities To Try

    • Any type of sports (baseball, basketball, tennis, etc.)

This may be a small list of things that you can do in order to help boost up your energy. There are even more options available to you, but you should go seek out what is available to you and your community. After all, sometimes all you need to boost your energy levels would be to exercise to get back into shape!


Yes, even our diets can make us feel like we are lacking in energy. Of course, if the only thing that you are eating is something like pasta, you will feel the drain of having an improper balance. Think of it this way.

You are a farmer who has four plots of land to farm. I’ll call these fields A, B, C and D. You have four crops: Wheat, Peas, Corn and Potatoes.

If you always plant Wheat in Field A, Peas in Field B, Corn in C, and Potatoes in D, then eventually you will deplete your nutrients in your soil within a few years. However, if you were to rotate your crops, you will slowly begin to replenish what you have lost. Just don’t go Wheat in D for only a year then go back to planting Potatoes. You should be able to cycle through each of the crops and have them reach back into their rotation once every four years.

That should still apply to our diets. But, our rotations won’t take that long. As long as you are following the proper diet guidelines, you should be good. Balance out your food by having grains, meats or some sort of alternative, fruits and vegetables and some sort of milk product. After all, there are several other nutrients within your food that you can have that are generally not in any other foods. These particular nutrients will help your body function better.

Sober Living – Extending the Years

Have you ever wondered how you could gain life to how you are living now? It all starts with a simple addiction. It doesn’t matter if you drink, smoke, or shoot up. You still have an addiction if you have a need for it constantly.


Have you really figured out what type of damage you are causing your body when you constantly are drinking? Or, the fact that you could give yourself alcohol poisoning? No matter what you do, you’ll still cause damage.

The Affected Areas

As you can tell, alcoholism affects quite a few things. Most of the time, you won’t even know it is happening to you.

How Do These Affected Areas Rob Us?

With your brain, you may notice it at first. As alcohol actually kills your brain cells, there is no way you can get those back. It is just like taking a ball of wires and then using a pair of pliers to snip away at them.

The eyes are affected both in a long term and immediately. Immediately after having too many drinks as it will impair your vision. This is why there are many advertisements on TV about drinking and driving. Your eye sight will forever lost, but you will gain a new, duller prescription.

From the mouth, it mainly involves the esophagus and tongue. You tend to say stupid things after having one too many drinks. With the esophagus, if you are a person who can’t handle your drinks well, then you may find yourself puking a lot. That in turn, will burn all the lining from your throat as that is caused by the acid of your stomach coming up.

Those are just a few major things that end up being destroyed. But, by quitting the addiction of drinking alcohol, you will be able to gain life. It may only be a few years though, but every bit helps if you want to keep your life preserved to its fullest.

Smoking Tobacco

Have you ever noted the ingredients on the package before you actually started? It never sounds pleasant. Yes, there is a ton of nicotine included for all of that. But, there is also tar. Yes, it sounds just like the stuff the construction workers put down onto the roads to pave them. It is the tar that is able to turn your lungs black.

Smoking is one of the sources that can cause lung and mouth cancer. It will kill you slowly. However, you can always prolong how long you are able to live if you could only quit smoking.

Now, there are two ways in which you may quit smoking in order to gain life after putting up with this particular addiction.

The first thing, which is always the hardest, is to quit cold turkey. Throw away the package and never look back. The people who are able to do this, we applaud you! This takes a substantial amount of will power to actually do so.

The second thing you could do is go see your doctor to see if you are able to get a prescription. There are smoking aids out there that are able to help you out. Champix and Nicorette are two of the main names though. But, it also depends on your geographic region, then those two names may not be available to you. But, like with the choice of quitting cold turkey, you still will need to have a lot of will power in order to get over smoking. The aids can only help you curb all of your smoking desires.

The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Like with any kind of addiction, shooting up/injecting yourself with drugs means that you are harming the internal organs everytime you do it.

You won’t be able to see what these drugs are actually doing to you. But, if you are shooting up, then you are at least aware of the chemicals that are within the drug itself, right? Those drugs can normally be found within the confines of your own home majority of the time.

Now, like smoking or drinking alcohol affects your body in different ways, so do many street drugs. Not only will it kill you internally, but there is a fact in which your overall appearance will also change. Mostly caused by the drugs.

The side effects of any drug injected? Being very itchy. Being irritable if you don’t get your fix soon.

Those are the main two side effects. The itching will be a large part of when you need to get your next fix. You will be scratching rapidly enough that you will form scars on your body.

However, being able to gain life back after you have started any type of drug (heroin, cocaine, etc.) will be quite the challenge. You will need to go through rehabilitation. Or detox. But, as any of those drugs are illegal, you may either wind up dead or in jail. So, instead of being careful on what drugs you will choose, you should just try to avoid them altogether. It will save you some time and your life.

Eating Healthy

In today’s world, there seems to be a lot of fast food restaurants available. You are able to smell the grease dripping. What ever happened to the days of ensuring that we always ate healthy? I think that those days of eating your vegetables are long gone. However, you are able to still eat healthy when you are at any fast food restaurant though!

You know that Quarter Pounder with cheese and the side of French fries and a soda that you just finished having from McDonalds? Well, there are at least two different things you could have done to make the meal a bit healthier. As much as we like the fries, they could be substituted out for the salad. Or, perhaps instead of the soda a water or juice could have been substituted.

If there was a Subway around the corner, you could have just gone there to actually have a bite to eat. They have a proper mix of things to eat there while you are able to still get in the fact that you went out for food.

Like with any diet, you also need to ensure that you are going to be doing enough exercises that will burn off the fat in no time! It takes some calorie counting though. And some added patience. A normal person’s diet will revolve around 2000 calories. Well, as an average anyways. At the same time, it also revolves around a few factors: gender, height, current weight, how active you are.

Yes, your gender really does count. After all, there are a few males who actually have a higher metabolism rate than females. Though, that is true for the opposite as well.

Having your height will also affect how much you really should eat. Yes, the saying is that you need to eat to grow is true. But, even for the pickiest of eaters, it can be hard.

Your current weight tends to say a lot about you. It will tell you whether you are actually on the right track, if you’ve lost too much weight, or even if you are a bit over the average weight. If you are at either of the two latters, you are still fine. No need to change your diet at all. On the other hand, if you’ve lost too much weight, you may want to change your diet slightly so that you are able to gain a bit of it back up to an average weight. Or even close to it.

Your activity level is a HUGE part to your weight. Of course you are going to be gaining weight if all you eat is fast food without the exercise. Not to mention that there are plenty of organs in you that can and will fail if that is all that you prefer to do and eat. So, even getting up every now and then after you have been sitting to go for a nice walk around the block would be nice. Here are a few additional things you can do as well:

    • If you have a Wii, use it!
    • Play a sport! It can be a just for fun league or even a competitive league.

It doesn’t have to be for very long, or be on a daily basis for that matter! All that counts is that you are going somewhere and being up on your feet for a bit. Anything outside though is always nice since you get the benefit of enjoying the fresh air.

Losing Weight Naturally

Being able to lose weight is one thing as there are several ways in which you can lose it. But a natural way? Oh, there is a way without having to go through all those pills.


You will need to actually exercise! Depending on the amount you want to burn, you may want to start off at a low intensity first before you build up to be at an intense rate of exercising.

So, start off with walking briskly every day for about twenty minutes. For a week. That should get you going for the first bit. Then, the next week, start jogging. If you take the same route, it might help. Then, by the third week, start actually running.

Those are just slight warm ups. Of course, if you really want a nice regime though, you should take to the internet to look up the various workouts. After all, you don’t want to just focus on increasing your stamina. You’ll want to increase your core muscles too. Not to add onto the fact that your other muscles will need as much training as possible too!

But, as stated above, you don’t always have to do things outdoors either. Especially when it gets to be too cold out. If you have any kind of exercise DVDs, you can use those. Or, if you have a Wii Fit or the Wii U. Those will help you keep on track

But, the main thing is that you do everything on a daily basis. Regardless of how intense you do things. However, you really should talk to your doctor before starting any type of exercise regimes. They will be able to tell you how long to go for, how intense. Or, if you have any additional questions about your exercise regime that you wish to partake in, your doctor should be able to answer those.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a piece of art. If you have ever seen anyone doing yoga whether they are by themselves or with another person, you will have to agree. However, that isn’t the only reason why people can benefit from doing yoga.

Increasing Calmness

It doesn’t matter how angry, stressed, or sad you are at the time. If you are able to do yoga, with some help of course, you will notice a drastic increase of how calm you are by the end of the session. If you really need a coping method, then by having to do yoga in instill the sense of calmness, you should go for it.

Improving the circulation in one’s body

You aren’t just sculpting your body when you are doing yoga. You actually are improving your circulation in your body as well. Which, is a good thing as well so that your body continues to be in the best shape it can be.

Posture Alignment Improvements

By being able to do yoga naturally, you are also improving your posture alignments as well. So, yes, if you have a hunched back, you will notice that your back won’t hurt as often. Or, you will actually notice that you may walk straighter. But, all of that will actually take time to even notice in yourself. You will have to do yoga on a daily basis for the posture alignments to really kick into effect.

Increase in Concentration

If you are doing yoga, you will need to have a large amount of concentration. Or, you may lack it too, which is fine. You will gain more concentration for doing this type of exercise.

What types of Yoga are available?

Of course, there isn’t just one type of yoga. There is only one other type of yoga. It is a partner yoga. So, you won’t be alone on doing doing your own yoga. It would certainly help out if you knew how to do the yoga poses before a partner asks you. Though, these cases are actually rare as well.

However, you should only do partner yoga with someone you can trust. After all, there are some pretty complex moves and you wouldn’t want to be dropped by accident by your partner. That could seriously hurt you or your partner.

Being able to do yoga is one thing. You will learn how. But the actual why you should do yoga? It isn’t actually that difficult. Not only does it keep you active, it helps your body to become a bit more fit in those terms. Not to mention that it is a great way to de-stress when you think that your life is getting a bit too hectic. Though, if you happen to also take a martial arts, such as karate or judo, you will notice that doing some form of yoga will help you reach those states much quicker. If you know someone who is willing enough to teach a yoga class, you should see if you can join in. But, if you don’t feel like going outside of your own home until you are a bit more comfortable doing the moves, that is fine too. There are yoga DVDs out there today that will help you out. Or, there are other consoles as well, such as the Wii, that has yoga games to make everything fun.


Children’s Wellness

If you have just had a child, you will still be elated with happiness. However, just as you were still taking care of two people in your life when you were pregnant, that type of stuff should be considered top priority. Even after the birth.


By ensuring that you introduce the proper foods at the correct timings will allow you to have a healthy child. Just read the labels on all of your baby jars when you are going to shop. Sometimes that is able to help out a great deal in determining if feeding your child certain foods is done correctly. Sometimes though, you may find you are a bit behind or ahead of an average newborn as well.

Proper Exercise

Playing with your child will ensure that attention is being given to them at the same time as their exercise. You would not like it if a child were to be sitting in front of the TV all day and therefore not knowing how to properly express themselves.

Sure, some technology is fine as sometimes it will help teach them certain things. There will always be some sort of TV show on that will help out the child learn.

Emotional Well Being

Everyone reacts differently emotionally to a variety of occasions. A child is no different. Sometimes they may portray that they are happy, but sometimes everything can be a front. Be sure to talk to your child about the various occasions. Start off with asking your child about what they think about the occasion at the start. Then, ask again after. Even opening yourself up to your child in case that they decide that they don’t like a certain occasion later on, would allow your child to know that you will be there to support them emotionally later on in life.

Perhaps confiding in your child every now and then will also help them know that things don’t necessarily need to be bottled up. It will do more harm than good if it is left alone for any period of time. Not to mention that you will be giving your child the trust they will need if something is bothering them.
Trust can lead to a lot of things, just as long as neither one of you tries to abuse the other.