When shopping for extra large dog toys, it’s important to consider several factors, including durability, intended use, and warranty. To ensure your dog’s safety and enjoyment, it’s also a good idea to look for a manufacturer’s warranty and where the toy is manufactured. This will give you peace of mind that your dog will have fun playing with its new extra large dog toy for years to come.


Tux extra large dog toys are made from durable, dishwasher-safe material that will stand up to your dog’s toughest chewing. They also have a convenient pocket that can be filled with treats. The toys are available in three vibrant colors. The company even uses recyclable materials in the production of their products.

Tux dog toys are perfect for training working dogs. These toys are designed to withstand the rigorous handling that these working dogs endure. For instance, military dogs and police K-9 units around the world use Tux toys as a reward for good behavior. Working dogs often use toys as a reward because they are easier to transport than food pouches.

Another popular toy is the Chuckit! large, which measures 7.5 inches in diameter and is made of foam and rubber. This large toy is water-resistant, so your dog can play in the pool or in the backyard. This toy is dishwasher-safe and FDA-compliant. In addition to being durable, the Tux dog toys are also eco-friendly, as they are made in the USA. The company also recycles their products through a closed-loop recycling program.

The Schuetzner Interactive Dog Toy serves as a mentally stimulating and challenging game. Using the sliding tray, you can hide a tasty treat for your pup to find. These toys have 24 compartments for a variety of treats, so your pup can hunt for them by pawing the sliding tray. These toys are recommended for dogs of intermediate and advanced levels.


The 8-inch Kong extra large dog toy is designed to be durable yet soft in the mouth. It is made in the USA and is great for large breeds. This toy is also made of natural rubber, which is safe for dogs to chew on. However, it should not be used for power chewing.

This interactive squeaky toy is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its floppy tail makes it easy to pick up. It is also a popular nighttime comfort toy. These toys are available in a variety of colors. Your dog will love the squeaker and crinkle sounds!

The Kong classic is an old standby and has been around for over 40 years. It provides enrichment for your dog while satisfying his instincts. This toy’s unique natural red rubber formula is durable and flexible, making it perfect for the average chewer. This toy is made in the USA using globally sourced materials.

The Kong Classic Ball is great for interactive play. It features a hollow middle that bounces when your dog plays with it. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes. It also comes in Classic and Extreme versions. The Extreme version is made of tougher rubber and stands up to most doggos.

When purchasing an extra large dog toy, make sure that you get the correct size. Extra large dogs have larger mouths and are likely to swallow a small toy. It’s better to go with a larger size.

Jolly ball

One of the most popular toys for giant breed dogs is the Jolly ball. While these toys began as horse toys, they have evolved to become the de-facto toy for giant breed dogs. They are extremely durable and add a new level of excitement for giant breed dogs. They’re also larger than most dog toys, making them ideal for large dogs.

A plastic ball with a ball inside measures about 10 inches across. Despite its large size, these balls are buoyant, so they’re great for giant dogs who love to get wet. Your dog can run after them and chase them, but they won’t sink in water.

Whether your dog prefers to play fetch or play in the water, Jolly Balls are great for this purpose. Made in the United States, they’re perfect for both land and water play. Their handle makes it easy to retrieve the ball from your dog’s mouth. There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Giant dogs are known for their destructive chewing power, so it’s important to choose toys that can withstand their chewing. A durable, chewy toy will last longer and won’t damage your extra-large dog’s teeth or bones.

Chuckit! big ball

If your pup loves fetching, he’ll love this Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball. Designed for outdoor play, this large dog toy has deep ridges that make it easier for dogs to pick up and bring back. Plus, the bright orange color makes it easy to spot in open areas.

It’s the ultimate fetch ball for your pooch. Made from durable rubber, Chuckit! Ultra Ball is more durable than ordinary fetch balls and has a high-bounce for maximum play value. It’s also easy to clean and comes in a one-pack for added convenience.

This toy is made of durable materials and is made in the USA. It also comes in several different sizes to fit all breeds. Just be sure to supervise play and replace the toy if it becomes damaged. No dog toy is indestructible, so choose a size that fits your dog’s size and type of play.

You can also choose from a variety of Chuckit balls to give your dog an endless amount of fun. Choose one that matches your dog’s size and age. It will help your pooch to burn off energy. These toys can last for a long time because they’re durable and bouncy.


For over 60 years, Nylabone has been providing high-quality chew toys for dogs that will help your dog satisfy his or her natural urge to chew. The Silver Collection features the Moderate Flexi Chew Fill & Treat dog toy, which is made from a soft GUMABONE material, making it ideal for less aggressive chewers. It features a delicious flavor throughout its entire body, which will appeal to your pet’s sense of smell and taste buds.

These durable nylon chew toys are made to last for months or even years, depending on the size of your dog. Their textured surface helps clean teeth as your dog chews. They also feature bison flavoring to help prevent tartar buildup. Moreover, these chew toys will keep your dog occupied and relieve their boredom.