Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, the professionals at Organized Haven can make moving a breeze. Their team of experienced professionals manage everything from simple to complex projects. They also specialize in senior moves and serve seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In addition, they offer full-service moving services.

Organized Haven is a licensed Interstate mover

Licensed Interstate movers must follow certain regulations and standards. Common violations of these rules can indicate a rogue mover. Federal law requires licensed movers to give customers a rights and responsibilities packet. This packet provides information on industry regulations, consumer rights, and fair practices. If you’re unsure of the terms of payment, ask for a copy of the rights and responsibilities packet before you sign a contract.

If you’re paying for your moving service, you should always know what you’re paying for. Some moving companies require you to pay for transportation before they will deliver your goods. If you’re not sure of the charges, you can check with the driver, local agent, or main office to ensure the correct charges were made. You’ll have the right to cancel any payments if you discover an error.

When hiring a licensed mover, be sure to get a contract signed by both you and the mover. You should agree on a pick-up date and delivery date. If there are no definite dates available, the mover should let you know. If the date changes, you’ll want to make sure that you accept the alternate dates.

It is located in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has a rich history, dating back more than 6,000 years. The city is home to the oldest known pottery in the United States, dating back to 2500 BC. This pottery was made by the Mocama, a coastal subgroup of the Timucua Indians. Their villages were part of the powerful chiefdom that centered on Fort George Island, near the mouth of the St. Johns River.

Residents of Jacksonville enjoy warm, long summers and cool winters. The city has not seen any snow since 1989, and winter temperatures are usually only forty to sixty degrees. In the summer, temperatures regularly top 90 degrees, and the humidity makes it feel even warmer. However, Jacksonville’s northeastern location helps keep the city cooler than most major U.S. cities.

The city has a variety of attractions for the whole family. There are airboat rides and countless outdoor activities. For those who enjoy art, the city has museums with stunning collections and interactive exhibits. The Museum of Science and History features interactive exhibits and the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens showcases a world-famous collection of works. There are many places to dine in Jacksonville, including upscale restaurants like Marker 32 and Taco Libre.

Jacksonville has a rich history of music and has produced many famous bands. The city is known as the birthplace of southern rock. The city also hosts several music festivals throughout the year, including Springing the Blues, which attracts a large crowd of music lovers and artists. Jacksonville is also home to the prestigious Jazz Festival.

Jacksonville is located in the northeast corner of Florida, about 350 miles from Miami. The city is home to a number of major employers. Its location makes it a great place to live and work, and its cost of living is much lower than the national average. Residents have access to great schools and a thriving entertainment scene.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is another destination worth visiting. It has a menagerie with more than a thousand species of plants. A visit to this sanctuary will also give you a glimpse of the region’s wildlife, including rescued big cats. Jacksonville is also home to the largest urban park system in the country. This park system includes state and national parks.

It offers full-service moving

If you’re moving to a new home or office, Organized Haven can help you with the planning, packing, and moving process. They specialize in helping families downsize or move from their old home to their new place. From local to interstate moves, Organized Haven has you covered. Their licensed movers have the knowledge and experience to move your belongings efficiently.