When you plan a trip to Tulsa, you should be aware of the city’s diverse cultural and historic heritage. Some of these cultural attractions include the Sherwin Miller Museum, the Zoo, and Art deco architecture. Tulsa is home to a large Jewish community, so it’s worth visiting the Jewish Museum and Kaiser Holocaust Memorial.

Art deco architecture

If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider visiting the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This midwestern city grew to prominence during the oil boom of the 1920s, and its thriving business community spurred an explosion of construction. While Tulsa features a variety of styles, the city’s art deco architecture is one of the best examples in the country.

The city’s prominent art deco structures include the Boston Avenue Methodist Church, which was built in 1929. The church is a good example of the zigzag Art Deco style, which became popular during this time period. Its sweeping curves and modern symbols make the building a unique architectural piece, and it’s listed as a National Landmark.

Another building featuring art deco design is the Mayo Brothers Building, which was built in 1928 and is the cornerstone of Boston Avenue’s older financial buildings. The building is one of the city’s finest examples of this style, as it displays a beautiful interpretation of the commercial cathedrals of the period. The Mayo Brothers’ furniture company funded the construction of the building, which still features a three-story advertising sign.

Another important piece of art deco architecture in Tulsa is the Tulsa Union Depot, built in 1931. Its exterior features geometric designs and serves as a transportation hub. The Union Depot ceased operations in 1967, but was restored in 1983, and is now home to the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame.

Besides the city’s earliest examples of Art Deco structures, the city is also home to the Will Rogers High School, a building dedicated to the famous American cowboy, performer, and humorist. The building has brick walls, two large towers, and two long wings. Its double doors have panels depicting Will Rogers’ life stages.

Botanic garden

If you love to take in nature, you’ll want to spend a day exploring the Tulsa Botanic Garden. This 23-acre garden complex was formerly the home of oil magnate Waite Phillips. It now features a collection of works of art from around the world and a beautiful formal garden. It also offers daily guided tours of its collections and grounds.

You can also visit the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, which features four theaters and an art gallery. You can see ballet, opera, and symphony performances here. You can also take part in special events or participate in educational programs. You can also take a ride on the ONEOK Safari Train and learn about different animals.

During spring, the Tulsa Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to visit. It is an oasis from the bustling city and a place where visitors can relax. Thousands of plants can be found at the Tulsa Botanic Garden, including the A.R. and Mary Louise Tandy Floral Terrace, the Children’s Discovery Garden, and the Lakeside Promenade.

The city’s downtown offers a diverse array of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. It hosts a variety of events, including the famous Art Deco festival, food truck extravaganza, and the raucous St. Patrick’s Day celebration. And if you’re looking for a way to stay in Tulsa, there’s an ample supply of traditional hotels as well as a number of restored historic buildings.

Another attraction worth a visit is the Cave House. This quirky building was built in the 1920s as a restaurant and was turned into a speakeasy in the evening. The architecture and decor is striking, and you can’t miss it.


The Tulsa Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Tulse, Oklahoma. The zoo is a family-friendly attraction that features a petting zoo and fascinating animals from around the world. Kids of all ages will enjoy the fun rides and exhibits at the zoo.

In addition to the Tulsa Zoo, families should also take in the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. Its massive exhibition hall houses many vintage aircraft. Visitors can get close to the cockpits of these aircraft, and there are even some interactive science exhibits at the museum. For an even more educational experience, the museum also features full dome movies and live star screenings.

Guests can also explore the Gathering Place, which has been named America’s Best New Attraction. As part of Tulsa River Parks, this venue offers a variety of activities. A water-related park is also available in the Gathering Place, including kayaking, jet skiing, and canoeing. The park also features a lake for boating and fishing. Anglers can also try their luck at the Zink Dam, where they can catch striped bass and catfish.

Another place to visit in Tulsa is the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, which is not your ordinary art museum. It has interactive installations and displays that use animation, sculpture, light, and music. The result is art that is unique and memorable. The museum is not only a place to enjoy the arts, but also to enjoy the city’s diverse culture and heritage.

Another must-see in Tulsa is the Blue Dome District. This thriving downtown district offers everything for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re an art lover or an outdoor-activist, you’ll find something to do in the downtown area.

Sherwin Miller Museum

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art was founded in 1966 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was originally known as the Gershon and Rebecca Fenster Museum of Jewish Art and was housed in the Congregation B’nai Emunah Synagogue until 1998. Sherwin Miller was the museum’s first curator. Since then, it has grown to be one of Tulsa’s top attractions.

Another popular attraction is the Philbrook Museum of Art, which opened in 1939. This museum is located in the former home of oil magnate Waite Phillips, and has pieces from around the world. The Philbrook features both permanent and temporary exhibits, including a Native American exhibit. The museum is set on 23 acres of lush, green gardens and walking paths.

Another top attraction in Tulsa is the Tulsa Zoo. Visitors can feed the animals and meet the rescued animals. You can also take a tour of the park’s rose gardens, which were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2014. The Arrowhead Arena, also known as The O’League Arena, is a huge arena and stadium.

Another great place to visit in Tulsa is LaFortune Park. The park’s hundreds of acres are perfect for outdoor activities. You can go kayaking, play tennis, or even golf. The park is also home to the Chimpanzee Connection, which explores the adaptation of different animals to different environments.

Tulsa is a beautiful American city, and there are many things to do while you are there. There is something for everyone, from history buffs to nature lovers. If you love art, Tulsa will not disappoint you.

Woody Guthrie Center

If you are interested in Woody Guthrie’s music and his life, then you should visit the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa. This museum is packed with exhibits about the man and his art. Visitors can also listen to some of his songs. The museum also explores his legacy and the artists he influenced.

Another great place to go in Tulsa is the Blue Dome District, where you can see the iconic Blue Dome building. This area of Tulsa is a hub for the arts, with numerous galleries and residential developments. It is also a place where many community events are held. While you’re here, you should also check out the Discovery Lab, the city’s children’s museum. The museum features hands-on exhibits that children can explore.

The Woody Guthrie Center has something for everyone. The center also has a listening and lyric writing station, as well as exhibits by other local artists. If you have time, consider doing a self-guided tour of the museum. The Center offers online maps of walking routes so that visitors can choose a starting point to follow.

The Woody Guthrie Center is one of Tulsa’s most iconic attractions. It honors the late singer and social activist Woody Guthrie, who penned hundreds of songs. It is also home to the Phil Ochs Archives, which have been generously donated by the artist’s daughter in 2014.

The Philbrook Museum of Art is another popular attraction. Located in a 23-acre garden complex, the museum has permanent collections of American, African and European art. It even has Egyptian mummification, which is one of the most popular museums in Tulsa.