Entryway closet organization ideas can include anything from vertical shelves to pegboards. You can even use multiple baskets to keep your clothes and accessories separate. In addition to vertical shelving, you can use extra-high shelves to store bulky items. Using extra-high shelves can save you space in your closet, too. These organization ideas are simple and effective, and will make your entryway closet a breeze to navigate.

Vertical entryway closet organization ideas

There are many ways to organize vertical entryway closets. They can help you keep things tidy and prevent clutter from spreading throughout the rest of the house. These ideas also help you maximize space. In addition, they can inspire you to create a similar organization plan for other rooms in your home. Here are some examples:

Install purse hooks to take advantage of the space behind the door. These will help keep purses and scarves off the floor. You can also install a coat closet rug to catch dirt and to be decorative. By organizing your vertical entryway closet, you can maximize the space you have in your home.

You can also add more hanging space by adding curtain rods above or below the rod. This way, you can hang up your handbags and designer purses. You can also use shelves and decorative hooks to store your books and other items. Hanging racks can also be useful for storing pots and pans. These solutions are very useful in making the most of every inch of vertical space. Moreover, you can use branches as additional hangers, which can serve as clothing racks.

If you have high ceilings, installing additional storage above the bed can also maximize the space. An exposed shelf for books is another great idea, while upper cabinets can be used for storing linens. The wall unit across the bed is also an excellent option for clothing storage. It also gives you a place to hang coats and accessories.

Stacking fabric bins

Stacking fabric bins for entryway organization are an inexpensive way to keep items off the floor. These containers are available in a variety of sizes and come with a lid for extra dust protection. These baskets also feature clear windows and are portable. They can fit on most shelves or on the floor of your closet. They can be collapsed when not in use.

These storage bins are foldable so they are out of sight when not in use. They can also be mounted on the wall for easy access. They are made from fine workmanship and are dustproof. They also have a two-year warranty. They are also available in three different sizes, which means you can get one to match your existing decor.

Another option is to buy fabric cubes that can be placed on upper shelving. These storage containers feature clear panels and cutout handles. Square-based bins can also be used as storage containers. These types of containers are ideal for storing lightweight items. Depending on how many items you plan to store in your cubes, you can choose between round or square-based bins.

You can purchase fabric storage bins that have a lid for easy access. These containers can accommodate several items and are stackable. These containers have removable lids and are sturdy. They can support up to 70 pounds. They also have a thick bottom, which makes them durable.


A pegboard organizer can help you keep all your supplies within reach and in a convenient place. Pegboards can hold hooks, shelves, and metal racks. Pegboards can also be used to store gym bags and other workout gear. Wall-mounted pegboards can even be used as an organizer for your desk space.

Pegboards can be a useful design and organizational tool for any room of your home. They can help you organize everything from your kitchen supplies to your children’s toys. You can even use pegboards to hold your mail and other small items. If you have limited space in your home, pegboards are a great solution. They are functional and look great. To create a more aesthetic look, you can use wooden boards to frame the pegboard’s edges.

A pegboard has evenly spaced holes that are perfect for hanging accessories. It can also be used in place of a coat rack in the entryway. This makes organizing small items easier. A pegboard is a versatile design solution that will help you create a more functional and beautiful closet.

A pegboard can be of any size and shape. This will help you keep your shoes neatly organized. You can choose a pegboard in any color or style to suit your home’s interior. You can also use a pegboard in your hallway to organize keys, jackets, and other items. Using pegboards is a great way to make your entryway closet organization easier.

Extra-high shelves

Extra-high shelves for entryway closet organization can help you maximize the storage space in your entryway closet. They are particularly handy for out-of-season clothing and gear. However, these shelves require a step stool to reach them. You should also consider the size of your entryway and its ceiling.

A closet with low-hanging items may not be suitable for a high-level shelf. A wire rack can be an option for you. It has separate sections and can hold hangers. They are expensive but worth the money if you need extra space. They are also very easy to install and have a wide range of features.

A high-level closet is difficult to reach. You may have to use a ladder or a stool to access the shelves. However, the added height will give your closet an elegant look. Add labels so you can identify what’s where. You can also make use of transparent containers for easier access.

Repurposed lockers

If you are not sure what to do with your entryway closet, you might consider repurposed lockers. They are a great way to store items in an unusual place while still concealing the clutter. You can find lockers in various sizes and types, and choose the one that matches your decor.

The storage space they provide can be easily added to by adding more lockers. You can also paint them in a complementary color and purchase magnetic accessories to keep your items organized. Lockers can also be found at thrift stores and garage sales. This way, you can reuse them again for several years.

Besides being useful storage, entryway lockers add style and function to your home. You can also install shoe organizers within them to maximize space. For added fun, you can get a locker that used to be a part of a professional sports team. You can fill it with memorabilia, trophies, and sports equipment, which will make the space more beautiful and functional.

Another option for repurposing lockers for entryway closet organization is using them as mudrooms. This will help encourage family members to store their clean laundry in the appropriate place. You can also use these lockers as storage for accessories and mail.

Stacking coat hooks

Stacking coat hooks provide you with a creative way to display your favorite items. Not only do they serve as convenient storage for your outerwear and shoes, but they also offer a unique display option for your favorite pieces of art. You can hang picture frames, buttons, or other decorative items on the hooks to add a personal touch.

Stacking coat hooks can provide twice the storage space as one tension rod. They also eliminate the need to keep coats and jackets on mismatched hangers. You can buy them at IKEA or make your own by using curtain rods. You can also customize the design to meet your specific needs.

You can also purchase larger storage boxes. Some storage boxes come with a lid and a see-through window so you can see what you’re storing. These can also be used to store extra clothing and accessories. These storage boxes can fit on shelves or on the floor of your closet. And if you’re trying to save space, they can also fold up when not in use.

If you have a closet with sufficient space, you can also use a corner rack. This type of rack gives you small shelves and hooks for hanging coats. These are great for small entryway closets and can be hung in any corner near the front door.