DIY room decor and organization ideas don’t have to be expensive. You can make storage containers, make a wall hanging, or create a rolling cart. Whether you want to store your shoes, clothes, or other items, these easy DIY projects will make your space more functional. You can also purchase storage bins and other useful tools.

Storage bins

One of the easiest ways to organize your home is to use storage bins. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can easily be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to store clothes, shoes, or other items, storage bins can provide you with stylish organization. For example, you can use them as a shoe drop zone in your entryway or as a way to organize your desk. Wire baskets by Better Homes & Gardens are a good choice; they are sturdy and come in 36 for $33 at Walmart. You can also use baskets to store books and other items.

Another great way to decorate storage bins is to paint them. You can use paint or a paper bag to decorate them. Alternatively, you can add a pegboard to them to provide more functionality. Plastic bins can also be decorated with wrapping paper to give them a unique look.

Another easy way to decorate storage bins is to make them into a display. You can use these storage boxes to store small items, such as toys, or as a decorative object. You can even paint or use stickers to give them a personal touch. You can even hang them horizontally or vertically. You can also use different colors for different purposes.

You can also use wicker storage bins to store miscellaneous items. For instance, you can place them on top of shelves or underneath coffee tables. You can also use wicker storage boxes to store blankets and quilts. You can also use a woven basket underneath a bed to store your bedding. Another great idea is to buy a set of roller storage boxes that can be easily stored under your bed. This way, you can keep them easily accessible but still be out of sight.

Macrame wall hanging

Macrame wall hangings are a great way to add decorative elements to your walls without breaking the bank. These wall hangings are also a great way to get creative with knotting and tying. The pattern can be as detailed or as subtle as you want it to be.

The macrame wall hanging is a great accent to your bedroom or a stylish accent to your living room. If you don’t have the right tools to make a macrame wall hanging, you can buy a kit and follow instructions to create your own beautiful wall art. You can then hang your macrame wall hanging from a branch, rod, or dowel.

Macrame projects are not only fun to create, but they can also be a great stress-reliever. They can be used as accent pillows, room separators, or even closet doors. Using macrame in your home can add texture and depth to any room.

A macrame wall hanging adds a bohemian flair to any room. You can buy a macrame wall hanging online or make one yourself to suit your personal style and decor. There are many different styles of macrame wall hangings, from plant hangers to shelves to curtains.

The macrame wall hanging pattern is a combination of knots and tassels. A large macrame wall hanging will make an elegant accent for a room. The tassels on the bottom add length and dimension. You can also mix and match colors.

Stackable shelves

Stackable shelves are a versatile storage solution. They can be placed above a desk or a dresser and save floor space. They also make a great storage solution for small items. You can install them on the back of a door, so they can hold even more items. Just make sure that you install metal hangers at the top so that they do not bang against the wall when you open the door.

Stackable shelves can be made from various materials. You can use jute rope or fabric covering to make them more sturdy. Another option is to reuse package cartons. These are durable and resist damage. You can even turn these into DIY storage boxes. To get started, gather all the materials you need.

Stackable shelves are a great option for organizing a bedroom. You can use them to store accessories like jewelry and blankets. You can also install rotating trays for lotions and perfumes. To maximize closet space, you can also install shoe carousels in your bedroom to keep your footwear easily accessible.

Rolling carts

Rolling carts are a great storage solution for small spaces. These versatile pieces can store a wide variety of items including magazines, books, and other items. The rolling design keeps clutter to a minimum and makes it easy to locate your favorite items. They are also a great dorm room decor idea for storing school supplies, electronics, and snacks.

Rolling carts also double as great workspaces. Place all your creative supplies on a tiered cart that is easy to roll to another room. You can also move the workspace around when you entertain. A rolling cart will free up valuable counter space. Rolling carts are great for storing pens, pencils, and other small items.

A rollaway craft cart is a great storage solution for a kid’s room. Its rotating mechanism allows easy access to all sides, and it comes with nine storage compartments. The tiers are each labeled, making it easy to find items. In addition to crafting supplies, they can store books, favorite plants, and other items.

A rolling cart can also be used as a bookshelf. Jessi uses a raskog for her books and other items. Another cool idea is to place a magazine holder on top. This is a cost-effective way to organize books and other items.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to save space and add style to your home. They are simple to build and do not require any support from other pieces of furniture. They are also versatile enough to fit in any room. They only take about three hours to create and cost less than $20 to purchase.

Floating shelves are great for displaying decorative items and framing a focal point. They’re also a good way to avoid clutter in the room and break up the monotony of decor. This living room is decorated in a simple but stylish way by studio 41 West.

The floating shelves are great for displaying photographs. They can be styled to match the color of the desk, creating a stunning contrast against white walls. The plaid rug also adds a pop of color and style to the room. Floating shelves also allow you to display leaning artwork, which is reminiscent of the Parisian style. They can be styled with simple wood frames to create depth against a bright background.

Ikea shelves are great for blending with existing decor and storage furniture. You can also create your own floating shelves by buying kits or doing a DIY project. Dark wood is a nice choice for the shelves because it works well with the black metal brackets. A wood without stain can also be an interesting alternative, especially if your decor is darker.

Mason jars

Mason jars are a convenient storage solution that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them to store items such as your matches or soap dispenser, or you can place them near a favorite candle. They can also be used for storage purposes, like keeping kitchen spices organized. You can even customize them with natural scents.

While many people associate mason jars with rustic decor, they are also extremely versatile and can work in a contemporary, transitional, or traditional space. Use your creativity to create a mason jar organizer for your home. These storage ideas are inexpensive and easy to create.

You can even use mason jars for makeup, beauty products, and spices. They also make great tart pans and single-serve dinner rolls. Plus, they’re the perfect size to hold just the right amount. Mason jars also make lovely gifts.

When you’re a crafty person, a mason jar can hold everything from toothpicks to sewing necessities. Add a small pin cushion to the lid and you’ve got a handy storage solution. You can also use the jar lid as a convenient place to keep scissors.

Another way to use mason jars is to paint them. You can paint them with chalk paint, milk paint, or acrylic paint. The most common formula is Gloss, and you can even use a matte or satin finish.