The best organic makeup is not an oxymoron. When you think of makeup, you immediately think of what might be a chemical-based product. But organic beauty products are actually made up of natural ingredients, such as plant-based oils and waxes, herbs, herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins.

The best kind of natural makeup is “hypoallergenic” – it won’t clog pores or cause rashes. It doesn’t contain allergens, irritants, or antibacterial chemicals. You know that it is truly organic if the manufacturer includes only natural ingredients in the making of the product. The only exception to this rule is when specialty products are being made, as with the spa-based aqua blends or evening primrose oil line from England’s Cornwall region.

The term “organic” itself doesn’t guarantee anything. There are no legal regulations in the United States or Canada that guarantees the purity or quality of the makeup in these markets. That’s because the term is not technically defined. “Organic” has become more of a marketing buzzword than a standard definition.

Some companies do label their organic ingredients using the word “natural.” But this is sometimes misleading, because the packaging and the cosmetic itself may not be completely organic. In order for makeup to be considered completely natural, it should be made from all natural ingredients, such as plant oils. In order for the packaging to be accurate, the formulations should also be free of petroleum-based preservatives, mineral oil, and parabens.

The best makeup is produced by companies that are dedicated to producing high quality formulas that provide safe and effective hydration and elasticity support for the skin. By using concentrated plant and herbal oils and waxes, which penetrate deeply to the skin and provide the skin with essential nutrients, pure ingredients provide lasting results. When you look into the details, it becomes clear that the majority of the cosmetic products on the market cannot live up to this standard. Most of the cosmetics on the market contain petroleum-based ingredients, some of which are listed here.

In order to be classified as “organic” and in order for an organic formula to be considered completely natural, the product must have the minerals, plant oils, and waxes listed above. An organic mineral blush formula will not be complete without the addition of titanium dioxide, which works as an antioxidant to help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A mineral eye cream needs to contain Shea butter, which nourishes and reduces the appearance of puffiness and irritation around the eyes. In order for an eye cream to be considered completely natural and organic, it must also contain Functional Keratin, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. An organic facial skincare collection will include a line of products that are all plant based and are free of gluten and wheat. The best skincare brand will not include parabens in their formulas, which are used as a preservative.

Many major beauty brands have been sued or signed onto agreements with environmental groups to avoid using the chemicals listed above. For this reason, when you purchase organic formulas, they will be made with all natural ingredients. The best part about purchasing organic formulas is that the labels do not state the exact percentage of each ingredient, so you will never have the surprise of seeings how many chemicals are actually in your product. The only ingredient you will truly have to worry about is the fragrance, which should be natural and allow you to use the product as intended.

To find the best organic makeup, look for a brand that is made entirely of organic ingredients. There are several organic brands that are available online and in some stores. To find the best non-toxic and truly clean beauty brand, look for the one made up entirely of plant-based compounds. These brands can offer you everything that you need in order to maintain beautiful skin and keep your health in as good a condition as possible.