Yoga is a way to bring yourself fully into the moment. It’s a way of awakening your spiritual energy so that you may remember everything you know that has been locked away. To remember ourselves as we should be, at peace and full of happiness. Centuries ago, yoga was developed by our ancestors as a way to realize the potential that lies deep within all of us, as a human race. Let your body, spirit, and mind become one with your surrounding and the universe. Feel the energy that resides in all things, and utilize it to gain understanding, peace, and happiness.

The yogis of ancient time were able to perfect meditation from nature observation and intensive training to make themselves whole. Through this attained wholeness all things began to fully make sense, everything is one. To get to this state of personal oneness, generally takes a lifetime. Even so there are many still many stages of enlightenment, especially through yoga. You may not ever attain what you think is enlightenment. This will come with time and practice. Fill your thoughts with the moment and do not question what you feel you do not understand, all answers come at one point or another. Disassemble what you think you know and feel the truth, rebuild your life with the universe and spirit as your guide. 

As you build your skills not only will your body become more powerful, but your body will naturally tell you what it needs compared to the “normal” wants. So don’t feel bad if you just starting out and you are still doing the bad habits you have, probably, had your entire life. It is ok! In time, you will do what you what you know to right and better for you. Don’t force it this causes stress and unhappiness, and who wants that?

 Traditionally yoga is presented with eight limbs, these eight limbs are to help you gain an understanding of how to help you achieve whatever goals you may have pertaining to yoga. Once you let yourself be taken by the universe you will have a perfect understanding of these concepts.

Having peace with our community, family, and ourselves. (Ten ethical precepts)

Dances of internally dynamic forms of postures. Helping to keep our bodies flexible, powerful, as well as relaxed. This gives strength to the nervous system and perfects our perception internally.

Translated, roughly, this means the practice of breathing. Even more specific is translated it means to practice what helps to bring constancy to our movement of prana, life force.

Bring your mind to the thoughts of silence rather than the distractions in our minds and surroundings.

To focus on to attention of your inner awareness of perception and cultivating that focus.

Having full awareness of yourself and your surroundings under every kind of condition, whether it is intensive or resting.

Bringing your mind back to original silence.

These are the basics that breathes life into what is yoga. Keep your mind clear, even if you do not fully understand all of these, in depth, stages or limbs you will as you progress toward your peace. That happiness will live inside of you forever. You will reach limb as you climb higher, as you get higher in this tree you find yourself in a new world. An amazing scene to be seen, higher and higher you go, the more breathe taking the scene. As well as more and more difficult the climb, but you thank yourself as you reach the top. Keep positive and you will, become someone with an amazing outlook.