There are several simple DIY garage tool organizer ideas that can be used to keep small tools and other items organized. One of these is using plastic cups. These are inexpensive and can be mounted on pegboard or a wall. Simply drill two holes in the pegboard or wall and secure the cups with zip ties. This will allow you to easily grab small items that might otherwise get lost or thrown away.

Upcycle a garage tool organizer

Organizing your garage tool collection doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. A few cheap and easily available materials can do the job. An old CD case, for instance, can be repurposed into a convenient hanging bin. It can easily accommodate tools of different sizes and can be placed anywhere in the garage. Another inexpensive solution for storage in your garage is a metal shelving unit. It can hold everything from gardening supplies to household back-stock.

Pallets are also great for garage storage. Use them to hang your tools from the walls or use them to hold your favorite spray paints. For extra storage, you can also add a bookcase to your garage. You can use this space to store rags and cleaning supplies. You can also mount magnetic catchalls to hold paintbrushes and other metal tools.

PVC pipe is another good storage option. It’s durable and can easily be mounted against the wall or floor. Make sure to use some anchors to secure it in place. Another great way to use PVC pipe is to use it for a garden tool organization. It’s the perfect solution for long-handled tools like brooms and rakes.

Organize small items with magnetic strips

Magnetic strips are great for garage storage, as they can hold small items like screws and drill bits. This allows you to easily find what you’re looking for when you need it. Besides being easy to access, these strips will also make it easier to complete projects in the garage.

Magnetic strips are also ideal for storing small items, such as hand tools. They will prevent them from falling and will ensure that your tools will stay in place. They will also allow you to see what you’re looking for without searching through drawers and wasting time looking for something you’ve already put away.

Magnetic strips also work well for storing small items, such as screws and nails. You can place them on shelves or dividers in boxes and organize them according to what they’re used for. Another good idea is to hang magnetic panels on a pegboard to keep small items in their places. You can also drill holes in wooden display shelves and use small wooden buckets to store smaller items.

Magnetic strips are great for organizing small items, but you may have to be careful if you don’t use them properly. You should make sure they are strong enough to hold a wide variety of small tools, but you must keep them safe.

Organize tools with pegboard

The pegboard system is a great way to organize your garage tools. It allows you to sort tools based on usage, making it easier to find what you need when you need it. This system is particularly helpful if you have a small garage. It helps you save space by organizing tools by how often you use them. To get started, draw a diagram of the pegboard, and place the most frequently used tools in areas that are easy to reach.

You can also use pegboards to organize other things, such as kitchen utensils and arts and crafts supplies. These pegboards can maximize the space on a wall and free up space for bigger tools and equipment. Pegboards are available in many different colors and materials, so you can choose a pegboard that suits your garage.

While pegboards are great for storing small tools and preventing tools from getting lost, some tools may not fit on the walls of pegboards. To keep these tools organized, use vertical strips with anchor hooks and magnetic strips. Another great option is to use pegboard to line the interior walls of cabinets. Pegboards should be installed with about a half-inch space in front to accommodate hooks and pegs.

Pegboards are also a great way to incorporate hanging storage in your garage. It works well for a wall mounted garage, a massive storage wall, or next to the door as a coat and bag rack. You can even customize your pegboard by adding shelves, baskets, and specialty hooks.

Organize tools with spice containers

Spice containers are a versatile storage solution for organizing garage tools. They have a clear lid, so it’s easy to see what’s inside. You can mount them on pegboard or use magnetic panels to keep them on the pegboard when they’re not in use. You can also drill holes in wooden display shelves and use small buckets that fit inside.

First, you need to determine what you’ll store in the garage. Organizing your tools will encourage order. This way, you’ll know where to look for something if it’s missing. Another way to organize your garage tools is to put seasonal items up high so they don’t fall from the shelves.

Spice containers are usually small and can be stored in tight spaces. Spice jars may be too large for a single shelf, but a multi-tiered rack can hold many. Spice containers can be arranged by color or type. For example, if you’re a cook, the Spice Rack from Copco is a great option. These spice racks come in several different sizes, so you can choose which one works best for you.

Another good storage solution is a wooden pallet. This is a versatile storage option that can be used for tools and other items. The pallet can be placed against a wall or floor, but you’ll need anchors to keep it upright. You can also use magnetic strips for organizing tools.

Organize tools with PVC

One great way to organize garage tools is to use pegboard. Pegboard is available in many different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Many people have gardening tools that are leaning against the corner, so building a pegboard rack is a great way to keep them organized. This DIY project requires little to no time and is inexpensive to build.

You can also use PVC to organize garden tools. It looks neat and can hold all your gardening tools in one area, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for what you’re looking for. A great thing about this project is that it only requires a small space along a cabinet wall. And it only takes an hour or two to create this project.

Another way to organize garage tools is to buy PVC pipe. You can purchase 1-1/2 or 2-inch-diameter pipe to store slender tools and shop accessories. This type of organizer works best for tools that aren’t very bulky. You can use these pipes to store everything from hacksaw blades to zip ties and stir sticks.

Screwdrivers are a little trickier to hang but you can find DIY screwdriver holders that work great. These can be attached to the wall of your garage and are easy to access. Just make sure that you have enough space to hang your PVC storage racks.

Organize tools with clear bins

If you’re looking to organize your garage, clear plastic bins are a great solution. They are easily accessible and make it easier to see what’s inside. They also make it easier to find items that you need quickly. You can use clear bins to store a variety of tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other hand tools.

Clear bins are also great for organizing extra household items and oddly shaped items. Whether you’re working on organizing your garage or putting it together for a home renovation project, clear bins will help you declutter and maximize the space. Keeping things organized is a great way to save time, energy, and patience. You may find that you’ll even save money by not buying some items again, just because they’re hard to find.

Once you’ve decided which tools need to go where, organize them by category. Clear bins are great for sports equipment, brooms, and other outdoor tools. You can also use peg boards to organize hand tools and power tools. If you have space, you can even store small items in muffin tins or plastic lunch containers with dividers. Toolboxes are also a great option for storing small items.

If you’re looking for a more permanent way to store your tools, shelving units can help you organize them even better. You can even create kits to keep similar tools in a single area. For example, plumbing tools should be in one kit, while electrical tools should be in another. Other categories of tools might include gardening tools, woodworking tools, and sports gear.