The top of the dresser should be a clutter-free zone. Nevertheless, you can use it as a display area to showcase your jewelry and perfume bottles. You can even place a stylish tray to keep items that you use frequently. You can also label each drawer. Here are some tips to make your dresser top a clutter-free zone.

Decorate with decorative objects

When decorating your dresser top, try using different items to add interest to the space. Mirrors and artwork can add visual interest to the top, while decorative bowls and trays can help you store random items. Decorative trays are also a great way to display perfume bottles and other small items. However, make sure that the decorative objects stand out from the rest of the furniture on the dresser.

Choosing art that fits your style is a good way to decorate dresser tops. You can display your favorite family portrait, or you can go for quirky art that will stand out. You can also use a piece of art that you bought from a farmer’s market or gallery.

Decorative objects can be hung or leaning on the dresser top. You can also pair a tall object with a shorter one, if you wish. Wall art also looks great on a dresser top, and it can be a great focal point. It will add character to the space and also be useful.

The first step to decorating dresser tops is to clean the dresser. The cleaning of your dresser helps remove dust and accumulated objects, which will make it easier to envision the final look. In addition to cleaning your dresser, you can also donate or recycle items that you don’t use regularly.

Use trays

You can easily corral small items on a dresser top by using trays. They are easy to find in a variety of styles, including lightweight woven trays and wooden ones. You can also use trays to hold day-to-day items, such as perfume. You can also decorate the top of your dresser by placing a lamp or a vase of flowers. To give your dresser a personal touch, you can even consider putting treasured photos or treasured photographs on the trays.

To create visual interest and use your dresser top as a display area, you should first clear the top of any excess items. You should also clean the painted or stained wood surfaces. You may also want to consider adding a table runner to the top. This can be a nice way to add color and pick up an accent color from the rest of the room. You can also remove any broken cosmetic containers and empty makeup containers. You can also put these items into a decorative box with a lid.

Another way to make the top of your dresser more usable is to organize it according to what you wear. For example, if you wear athletic clothing every day, you can organize your workout clothes and other gym clothes in individual drawers. You can also organize your gym shorts and tops in groups by color.

The trays can also be used to store daily grooming products. A shallow tray or serving tray is ideal for this purpose. These trays can be made of different materials, including natural wood, plastic, and metal. You can also choose to use colorful trays that match the color scheme of your bedroom.

Label drawers

One way to label dresser drawers is by applying stickers. These are available at office supply stores and can also be printed from your home printer. They can be customized with different colors and fonts, as well as small pictures. Stickers are easy to apply and remove, but they can scratch certain surfaces.

A second way to label drawers is to color code them. Color coding can be done by using different paint colors or different colored knobs. This method will allow you to remember which color goes in which drawer. This method is also useful if you have a more traditional decor style. This type of color coding also works well in craft rooms. If you don’t want to use labels, you can use scraps of wallpaper or fabric to finish drawers.

Organizing your dresser is a great feeling of accomplishment, but it is essential that you keep it organized and use it regularly. The best organizational system is one you will use. It should be easy for you to find the items you need, as well as put away the clothes that you want to wear. Once you have your system down, refine it if necessary. And keep an eye out for unnecessary clutter!

A dresser top is a great place for your clothing, but it can also become a dumping ground for clothes you don’t wear often or won’t wear again. De-cluttering your dresser is an excellent way to keep it organized. One good rule of thumb is to discard clothing items that you haven’t worn in a year. Similarly, if you find a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit or are no longer fashionable, consider putting it in the clothes pile.

Store bulky clothing in off-season space

Organize your drawers to create an efficient space for off-season clothing. Bulky clothing takes up a lot of space in your dresser drawers and should be stored in a closet or off-season space. Keep thin items in the dresser top drawers.

If you do not have a walk-in closet, you will need to be creative. For instance, you may want to consider storing your off-season clothing in a bed storage trunk. This will give you more space in your closet. You can also consider using ottomans for storage.

Organizing your clothes by season is important to having an organized closet and daily life. You must figure out a way to store bulky winter clothing in a separate area. Make sure you find a suitable storage area in your garage or basement. Alternatively, you can divide your dresser into two sections – one for the off-season clothes and the other for the current ones.

Another great way to store off-season clothing is to keep it in plastic bins. You should use different colors for each season, and label your containers to make it easier to locate specific items. For instance, winter sweaters should be placed in a bin with a winter-themed color.

Hang bulky clothing in dresser drawers

Keeping bulky clothing in dresser drawers can be a hassle, but it’s possible to organize them in a smart way. First, make a thorough inventory. Divide the clothing into piles and place like-items together. It’s helpful to label piles by purpose and type of clothing. This will help you to make quick decisions and avoid overthinking. Also, it will help you keep accessories in easy reach.

Instead of storing bulky clothing in dresser drawers, consider hanging them in your closet or storing them under your bed. You’ll save space and avoid a clutter-filled room. Remember, dressers don’t have a lot of room. Jammed drawers make it harder to close and open them. To make room in the drawers, rotate seasonal items. This will clear the space and make room for items you plan to wear this season.

You can also use other items as drawer dividers to create structure. A pill organizer can help organize small items, and a simple dish rack can hold dishes and cups. You can even use ice cube trays to keep things organized. Organizers come in many sizes and shapes, so you can customize them to fit your dresser.

Dresser drawers are great places for storing clothing, but they can also be an excellent place to store items you don’t wear or won’t wear again. To keep your dresser drawers tidy, keep in mind that you should discard anything you haven’t worn in a year. Also, you should discard clothing that doesn’t fit you properly.