Chicken noodle soup is a favorite among many people and is a staple in most kitchens. It is made from chicken simmered in water and usually contains a variety of other ingredients. The classic version typically contains clear broth, pieces of chicken, vegetables, dumplings, and/or grains. It is very popular and is very easy to make.


One of the most satisfying comfort foods is homemade chicken noodle soup. This delicious soup is not only a great choice when you’re feeling under the weather, but it can also double or triple in volume. You can make it up to two days ahead and freeze it, or reheat it when you need a quick fix. It can be served with your favorite salad or bread.

To make chicken noodle soup, first bring your chicken broth to a boil over medium-high heat. Once the broth is boiling, add the egg noodles, cooking them for about 6 to seven minutes or until just soft. At the end, add your shredded chicken. Season to taste, adjusting salt if necessary.

When making chicken noodle soup, you can use a store-bought broth or make your own using a dry form. If you don’t have any chicken stock, you can add a bit of water to the broth and season as needed. It takes less than half an hour to cook a pound of chicken.

You can use rotisserie chicken or a whole chicken in this soup. You can also use leftover chicken or a slow cooker to cook the chicken breasts until they are fall apart. When cooking the chicken, make sure that you use the chicken broth that is made from full-salt chicken broth. You can also use reduced-sodium chicken broth, if you prefer a lower sodium soup.

This recipe makes about 12 cups of soup. The leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days. You can also freeze it if you prefer. The soup should be refrigerated before freezing it. Before freezing it, divide it into small portions. This will help it cool down faster.

You can also add chicken bone broth to the soup if you like. If you’re not a fan of chicken broth, you can also add some shredded or diced chicken.

Time to make

If you are suffering from a cold, there’s nothing better than a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup. This comforting soup is a good choice for rainy or cold days. It’s also a healthy option, being full of vitamins and minerals and soothing for the body. You can use a store-bought box of chicken broth or make your own with homemade chicken stock or bone broth.

First, heat the chicken stock in the microwave for 6 minutes. Once the stock is ready, add the oil and butter to a large pot. Once the butter melts, add the carrots. Stir until everything is combined well and the soup is hot. When it is done, add the shredded chicken and adjust the salt if necessary. Cooking the soup is quick and easy, and everyone can help make it at home.

Next, cut the vegetables. You may want to do this ahead of time. Make sure to slice the vegetables in larger pieces so that they don’t get mushy when the soup is simmering. You can also use a slow cooker to make the soup. This option has many advantages. You don’t need to clean up the kitchen afterward, and it keeps the soup hot for up to 2 days.

If you’re in a hurry, you can freeze chicken noodle soup in a sealed container. You can even make the soup without the noodles, and then freeze it. You can also reheat the soup the day before you plan on serving it. If you freeze it, make sure to label the container and label it with the date.

Besides chicken broth, you can use chicken bones to make the soup. You can use bone-in or skinless chicken breasts. These types of chicken meat take a little longer to cook, but they make for a more flavorful soup. If you like spicy food, you may want to add a little spiciness or spices to your soup.

Health benefits

Chicken noodle soup contains many nutrients that are beneficial to your health, and it can help you fight infections. It is a good source of protein, and the nutrients found in it are beneficial to your bones, heart, and muscles. Some recipes use turmeric, ginger, and red bell peppers for an extra boost. You can also pair chicken noodle soup with a big green salad for added folate and beta-carotene. In addition to this, chicken noodle soup is rich in calcium, which helps build healthy bones and strengthens your heart, nerves, and muscles.

In cold and flu season, fluids are your body’s first line of defense. Chicken noodle soup contains plenty of broth, which helps hydrate your body and provide soothing warmth to irritated tissues. Broth also contains salt and electrolytes, which can help relieve symptoms such as coughing and sore throats.

This warm soup also helps to improve your immune system, as it contains antioxidants and vitamins C and K. In addition, it helps the body eliminate toxins and cleanse the airways, and soothes sore muscles. It is also believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect, though more research is necessary to confirm the benefits.

The hot broth of chicken noodle soup contains steam that can help open the airways, allowing you to breathe easier. It also has mild anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve cold symptoms. Additionally, chicken noodle soup is rich in carbohydrates, which make you feel full and give you energy to fight an infection.

In addition to the carbs, chicken noodle soup also contains plenty of vegetables. Besides adding flavor and nutrients, the veggies in the soup can boost your immune system and make you feel better faster. The vegetables also contain antioxidants and help fight off diseases. You can also add herbs, which have numerous health benefits.

Although chicken noodle soup is generally high in sodium, you can make it healthier by adding more vegetables and whole grain noodles. You should also try to choose a broth that is low in sodium. Another way to make chicken noodle soup healthier is to buy organic vegetables. In addition, you should avoid canned soups with BPA. Bisphenol A has been linked to increased blood pressure, and it should not be consumed in large amounts.


There are many different varieties of chicken noodle soup. Many of these varieties are good for colds as they help clear nasal congestion and thin mucus. They are also extremely comforting in the cold weather. To help you find the best chicken noodle soup, Cleveland’s Best taste-tested 35 different varieties.

Chicken noodle soup is one of the most popular types of soup, and it is typically made with egg noodles, chicken stock, and various vegetables. Different varieties may also include different kinds of vegetables. Some varieties are made with various shapes of egg noodles. While chicken noodle soups may be comfort food for many, they may also be the cause of discomfort in the stomach and intestines.

Some people enjoy a soup that has more noodles, such as udon or vermicelli. Others like to add different types of add-ins to their soup. Some people prefer a thick soup. Using a starch-based thickening agent can help you achieve the right consistency. The starch will clump up in the broth while the noodles will absorb the broth.

Some people also like to use a bone-in skinless chicken breast, which requires longer cooking time. The flavor of this type of chicken soup is heightened with fresh dill. This is an ideal soup for a cold night. However, if you don’t want to use chicken stock, you can use a chicken stock that is made from bone broth.

There are many different types of chicken noodle soup, each with its own distinct flavor. You can find vegan, vegetarian, and organic options. You can also find soups that contain lots of vegetables. The best chicken noodle soup for your needs is the one that is made with quality ingredients. This type of soup is good for the body as it is loaded with proteins and vegetables.

You can freeze chicken noodle soup in an air-tight container for three to four days, or you can serve it at the next day. Remember to use an airtight container with a lid to keep it fresh.