If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make pecan pie, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find information on the ingredients, how to blind bake, and the exact time it should be baked. You can also learn about how to serve it warm. If you’re unsure of whether your pie is ready, just jiggle it. It should move when it’s done.


This recipe for pecan pie calls for three ingredients: a pie crust, a pecan filling, and a syrup mixture. The pie dough can be prepared ahead of time and frozen for up to three months. After thawing, the pie should be brought to room temperature before serving.

For the pie crust, use either all-purpose flour or pastry flour. The crust can also be made with either light or dark corn syrup. It’s best to use light corn syrup instead of dark, but both can be used for this recipe. The pie filling should be sweet, but not too sweet.

The filling should start by chopping the pecans into small pieces. Keep some pecan halves for decorating the top. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Next, mix the melted butter and flour. Finally, add the bourbon. Mix thoroughly, then pour the mixture into the pie shell. Bake at 350deg F/175deg C for about 35 to 40 minutes.

The crust should be cooked, but it shouldn’t be overcooked. If your pie crust is browning too quickly, tent it with aluminum foil while baking. Afterwards, let the pie cool and serve. You can also decorate the pie by placing the halves in a decorative pattern. Generally, the crust is best when served at room temperature. The pie may be stored in the refrigerator overnight.

This pie is one of the most time-saving holiday recipes, as it only takes 15 minutes to prepare. You can also freeze leftovers for up to three days. If you are unable to finish a single pie, you can freeze it in a sandwich-style bag for up to two months.


The main ingredients in pecan pie include pecan nuts, sugar, eggs, and butter. Some pecan pie recipes also include sugar syrup or cane syrup. Other variations may include maple syrup or molasses. Pecan pie is a popular dessert served at holiday meals in the United States and is considered a Southern specialty.

Before baking a pecan pie, you must know the proper baking temperature. If you bake the pie at a lower temperature, the bottom crust may be too doughy. To avoid this, bake the pie at a higher temperature. This will result in a more crisp and flaky crust.

Once the pie shell is baked, prepare the filling. To make a rich and creamy filling, combine white sugar and corn syrup with butter and vanilla extract. Stir well. Pour the filling into the prepared pie crust. Sprinkle chopped pecans over the top and smooth the top. Add whipped cream to the filling.

Pecan pie is a classic Southern dessert, which makes it a favorite holiday dessert. The traditional pecan pie recipe calls for 30g of sugar. This is the standard amount for most pecan pie recipes. Other pie recipes include more or less sugar. A pumpkin pie typically contains around 29g of sugars, whereas apple pie has only 15g of sugars.

Pecan pie is an easy dessert to make, with a rich and sweet flavor. You can even involve your children in the baking process. To save time and money, you can buy canned pecans and a premade pie crust.

Blind baking

Blind baking pecan pie is a technique used to create a flaky crust for a homemade pecan pie. The pie filling should be a mixture of brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, and vanilla. This mixture should be combined with flour and eggs, and baked for 15 minutes. After baking, remove the pie crust from the oven and set it aside to cool. Once the pie shell is cool, add the filling to it.

Blind baking a pecan pie crust is an easy procedure and the resulting crust is delicious. The key is to make sure that the pie crust is not overbaked. It should be pale and flaky when partially baked, but golden brown when fully baked. You may want to check the pie crust periodically after the initial baking.

First, make the bottom crust. You can skip blind baking if you prefer a perfectly cooked crust, but it’s recommended for a well-done pie. Place the reserved pecans on the filling before baking. You can also place a sheet of aluminum foil over the pie crust during baking to prevent it from getting too dark.

To ensure a flaky pie crust, use pie weights. This will prevent the pie crust from puffing up during baking. Dried beans or uncooked rice are good choices as weights. The downside of using these weights is that you will not be able to eat them afterward. However, you can reuse them if you want to.

You can also blind bake a pie crust if you want to avoid pockets of steam that form in the dough. This technique will prevent the crust from puffing up when you add the pie filling. However, you should be aware that the edges of the crust will sag and will not crisp up, so you may need to add pie weights.

Time to bake

Pecan pie is a classic dessert made with pecans. Pecans and butter combine to create a light, fluffy mixture. Then, the syrups are poured in slowly and the eggs are whisked until combined. Once the mixture is smooth and creamy, stir in the pecans. Place the mixture into a pie shell and bake for about 60 to 70 minutes until the pie reaches a temperature of 200F. Let it cool before serving.

The pie should be slightly wiggly when it first comes out of the oven. It will puff up at first but settle down as it cools. A knife inserted near the center should come out clean. Once the pie is cool, cover it with foil to keep it from browning. A piece of pie should be refrigerated within 2 hours to prevent it from spoiling.

Before baking your pecan pie, start by making the pie crust. This is one of the easiest pies to make at home. You can use a ready-made pie crust, or you can prepare the dough ahead of time. Make sure to chill the dough in the fridge for at least two hours. Afterwards, roll the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. The dough should be about one-eighth of an inch thick.

You can make your pie up to four days ahead of time and freeze it for later use. You can also refrigerate leftover pies if you make a double crust. The homemade pie will impress your guests and save you time.


To ensure the longest shelf life for your pie, store it in the refrigerator or freezer on a sturdy shelf. This will help to prevent freezer burn and prevent it from sogginess when reheated. Pies are best reheated in the oven, which should be kept at about 275 degrees Fahrenheit (135 degrees C). If you don’t eat your entire pie within a few days, you can wrap the remaining pie in plastic wrap and freeze it for up to 4 months.

To store pecan pie properly, you need to make sure that the pie is completely cooled. Do not place it in the refrigerator with hot food as it might interfere with the cooling process. Also, when freezing it, be sure that the pie hasn’t leaked any filling. Lastly, keep in mind to label the freezer bag with the date you froze the pie.

Pecan pie is a high fat pie, so it must be stored in the fridge or freezer. If the pie is stored at room temperature, it will last at most two days. If you freeze it, you will need to reheat it within two to three days, or else it will begin to develop freezer burn. To store pecan pie in the refrigerator, place it in a resealable plastic or aluminum foil bag.

Once baked, pecan pie should cool on a wire rack. You can also place it in the refrigerator if you want to speed up the cooling process. If you have leftovers, you can reheat it by placing individual slices in the microwave for 30 seconds.