Prattville, Alabama, is the seat of Autauga County. It is also home to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. It has a population of 37,781 as of the 2020 census. Here are some places that you can visit in the area.

Big Star Tavern

If you are looking for a place to go and enjoy a nice beer and a good time, you should consider the Big Star Tavern in Prattville, Alabama. This place offers a great atmosphere and has a lot to offer, including live music and karaoke. They are open all year round and the service is great. The place has a 4.6 rating on Google, which means that its clients are very satisfied with its service and atmosphere.

Big Star Tavern in Prattville is known for its good atmosphere and affordable prices. It serves food and beverages made with quality ingredients and is well-known for its beer selection. Live music is also performed there, including performances by the Sabadas, Bob Wayne, Brandon Self, and Ed Pickett. The bar is also popular among the locals, as it has a great atmosphere and friendly bartenders. There is a police department in Prattville, so you’ll never have to worry about getting arrested for drinking in the area.

Montgomery Zoo

The Montgomery Zoo is a 40-acre zoological park that is located just ten minutes from historic downtown Montgomery, Alabama. It is a great place for families and adults alike to visit and explore the diverse wildlife of the world. The Montgomery Zoo is run as an independent city department and supported by the Montgomery Area Zoolocal Society.

There are dozens of different animal species that you can see at the Montgomery Zoo. It is open seven days a week from 9am to 4pm, and you can even enjoy the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. While you are at the zoo, you can participate in educational experiences like the Llama Llesson, where you can learn 150 fascinating facts about llamas. The experience includes a photo opportunity with a llama, and it is held in an air-conditioned castle barn.

The Zoo hosts various special events throughout the year. During the Christmas Lights Festival, the Montgomery Zoo turns into a winter wonderland complete with thousands of twinkling lights and festive decorations. This event also features live entertainment and visits with Santa. During the festival, you can also enjoy delicious hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies at the Overlook Café. You can also purchase gifts at the Museum and Zoo Gift Shops.

The Montgomery Zoo is currently raising funds to build a new reptile facility. The zoo is partnering with the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust to build the new facility, which will house a Gharial, an endangered species of Indian crocodile. Throughout 2019, the Montgomery Zoo held its annual Zoo Weekend to raise funds for this project.

The Montgomery Zoo is a popular spot for families in the area. The 42-acre zoological park features exotic animals from around the world. There is also the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum, which contains the world’s largest collection of fossils and preserved wildlife. Last admission is at 4pm.

Alabama Department of Archives & History

The Alabama Department of Archives & History is the official repository of the state’s archival records. It was established by Thomas M. Owen on February 27, 1901, and is home to nearly 2 million records. Its mission is to preserve and protect Alabama’s past.

Located on 12 acres in Prattville, the ACHA owns the Robinson-Smith House, which was once a Stage Coach stop. It was extensively renovated and now has commercial tenants, providing a source of income to the ACHA. The ACHA is the state’s most active historical organization.

The building itself is an important part of Alabama’s history. Owen’s vision for the department’s future was to create a museum for the state’s past. In order to accomplish this, he appointed a board of trustees that represented all the congressional districts. The governor also served on the board as an ex-officio member.

In addition to holding collections, the ADAH has an extensive website that provides access to online resources for the public. You can find a wealth of historical resources on its website. For example, the state has many Native American artifacts and Civil War objects. The ADAH also runs workshops on the history of Alabama.

In addition to the collections of the state’s history, the department also has a growing collection of local history materials. This includes genealogy and other materials related to the area. For example, you can find records for marriages that occurred in Autauga County as early as 1829. You can also find information on the history of early settlers in the region.

The records are also an important resource for local and state government. There are hundreds of thousands of documents on the state’s history. The Department of Archives & History in Prattville offers online access to some of these records, and there are free online databases of cemetery records.

Pratt Cotton Gin Mill

The town of Prattville, Georgia is home to many historical sites, including the Pratt Cotton Gin Mill. The cotton gin mill’s history can be traced back to the early 1800s. The first building was built in 1842, and the second followed in 1852. It was here that Pratt started his gin business and the business expanded quickly. The gin factories were designed to utilize water from Autauga Creek. Water from the stream flowed into shafts that ran through the building. The gin factories were often dimly lit, with tall, narrow windows and a high proportion of handwork.

The Pratt Cotton Gin Mill was a major part of the city’s history, operating from 1848 to 2007. It was the largest cotton gin mill in the world and was closed for renovation until 2007. You can visit the historic downtown area and the nearby Pratt Cotton Gin Mill to learn about Prattville’s past and explore its rich history.

While visiting the cotton gin mill, make sure to visit Heritage Park, which sits along the banks of Autauga Creek. It features beautiful views of the city and the nearby Pratt Cotton Gin Mill. You can also take a walk along the Autauga Creek.

Another interesting feature of the town is the Lady in Black. Thousands of people have seen her over the years. Even my daughter and son-in-law have seen her. The Lady in Black is associated with the old cotton gin. In the 1920s, there was a mysterious figure known as the “Lady in Black.” It would walk through the aisles between the machines and cross the dam in order to escape the mill.

Prattville Alabama is home to several fascinating museums and historical sites. It is also home to some excellent restaurants and a lively nightlife. One place to enjoy your evening is the Big Start Tavern, which offers an energetic, well-lit atmosphere with a dance floor and chill-out lounges.

Prattville was originally founded by an architect and industrialist, Daniel Pratt. Today, the city is home to nearly 34,000 people.