One of the best natural skin care tips I can give you is to keep your face clean. Not just any old face clean. I’m talking about deep cleaning. Your whole face, the backs of your head, all the way to the bottom of your neck. This may sound like a lot of work, and it’s not always easy.

You may be surprised that one of my best natural skin care tips involves a product that uses very little chemicals. A simple micro pebble exfoliating stone will do a great job. Did you know that micro pebbles are tiny diamonds that are sprinkled onto the skin to help remove dead skin cells? Well, they’re made up of almost nothing but negatively charged ions. If you’ve ever watched a science documentary of volcanic magma moving from an active volcano up to the water where it eventually settles, this valuable stone is exactly what pumice crystals are made of!

In addition to exfoliating, there are some other things you need to do to stay healthy skin cells. There are some amazing anti-aging substances in your kitchen. I would start by adding more tomatoes to your diet and eating lots of strawberries every single day. These healthy skin cells are very low in toxicity and high in antioxidants. These two things help to keep aging at bay!

Speaking of anti-aging, there are many scrubs that contain ingredients like sea salt, which are excellent for keeping your face smooth and wrinkle free. Sea salt scrubs have a really lovely texture, and a wonderful flavor. Some companies add other things to their scrubs, like collagen, which can also be wonderful for keeping your skin young, but if you want to get your hands on pure, natural sea salt, then look for scrubs with organic ingredients. They’re much more affordable than the chemical alternatives.

Another thing you want to look for in your beauty supplies is oil. Oily skin has problems like normal to dry skin, and there are some wonderful natural skin care products out there that will balance your oil production to make your skin smooth and soft again. For example, olive oil has a ton of great benefits, for example it is a natural source of linoleic acid, which helps moisturize and protect against dryness. It is also full of vitamin E. Other kinds of oils are good too, such as the plant oil emollient called capuacu butter, which is made from the seeds of the mulberry tree. This product is frequently used in Brazil and is frequently sought after around the world because it has so many health benefits.

One other product, you should look for is a cleanser. We usually think of soap as being the “traditional” way to cleanse our faces, and while that is still important, you can’t neglect cleansing your pores, especially if you want to prevent acne and other breakouts from happening. A gentle cleanser will gently pull dirt and impurities from deep down in your pores, preventing build-up that can clog your pores. Some great ingredients for this are tea tree oil, lavender, and bergamot. These ingredients have been proven to cleanse effectively, even in those who have very sensitive skin. If your cleanser is gentle enough to use every morning, then you’ll have clean, clear skin that won’t age or wrinkle.

You might also look for a natural antibacterial agent. There are now a variety of antibacterial scrubs available, some with all-natural ingredients and some with synthetic chemicals. Some of the synthetic chemicals are actually more dangerous than some of the all-natural ones, so you’ll need to choose carefully. For example, one popular antibacterial ingredient is triclosan, a petroleum-based chemical that is a potential carcinogen.

Finally, don’t forget about moisturizers! This is the most neglected part of a beauty routine. Although you probably use soap and water to wash your face and apply moisturizer, you neglect the application of this product, which is an important step. Most all-natural ingredients are anti-irritating, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need to find a moisturizer made from clay, plants, or herbs. Even if you do find one, stick with something that contains aloe vera or witch hazel for soothing and healing dry and irritated skin.