Fleur the Sel is a custom element introduced to the internet market. It’s a special inclusion to their range of items, which gives customers the chance to own the soft petite dog. Who says all real dogs need to be tiny?

Fleur is an exquisite silver color with shimmering sheen to it. She has two excellent points, and they’re both present in her design:

Fleur herself is a part of the series of Designer Dogs. She comes with a guarantee of quality, and that’s what she shows when people look at her. She also shows excellent reviews from past owners, as well as how you can make sure you’re buying a good one. The online department of Salts Worldwide offer buyers a wealth of information about the breed of Fleur the Sel they’re selling.

Fleur’s classic style is perfectly suited to today’s trendy women. Her co-ordination in black, brown and white is able to pull off that ever so desirable everyday cut. Her hair, or tail, is silky and shiny. Her sides are perfect, yet feminine, which makes her seem incredibly cool.

Fleur the Sel has been designed for comfort. She doesn’t sport any bulky parts, nor does she have any of the added weight that many designer dog breeds suffer from.

Fleur the Sel has a lovely wrinkled face. She is super friendly, as well as cute, but she has an odd expression that is only ever seen from close up. This might be part of her natural charm, however it certainly isn’t. Some of her facial features, such as her eyes, are quite detailed.

Fleur is not only a lovely looking pet, but she’s also a great pet to have. Her ability to deal with heat and cold, as well as being more than comfortable in most situations, make her an ideal companion for many people.

Fleur the Sel comes with a life-time guarantee, so be sure to take advantage of this. As mentioned, she’s a very distinctive dog, with her own unique personality. If you give her a chance, she will be a good addition to your family.

Being that she’s a designer dog, there are also a number of accessories that come with her. She comes with a collar, a name tag, collar leash, and a large yellow collar with the Fleur the Sel logo imprinted on it.

Fleur the Sel’s coat is naturally silky and is really easy to care for. It requires less daily grooming, making it a valuable addition to many dog owners’ lifestyles.

Fleur the Sel is a designer dog that has just as much style as its owner, though perhaps less personality. She’s a unique pet, and a great choice for anyone who is interested in buying a unique pet that will be a constant companion.

The top rating of the designer dog Fleur the Sel comes from the unanimous opinion that this dog is a genuine joy to own. With her eye catching colours, she is definitely worth the price you’ll pay to own her.