Before you visit Millry, AL, you may want to know some of the local areas. For example, you may want to visit the Daimler-Benz Visitor Center, or you may be interested in checking out the Washington County Medical Center. You can also find a Rent-A-Center or Rent-to-own store.

Daimler-Benz Visitor Center

The Daimler-Benz Visitor Center in Vance, North Carolina, is a great place for automobile enthusiasts. It contains exhibits that cover the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand and the Daimler AG company. The exhibits range from models of the 1886 Benz Patented Motor Car to concept cars and future designs. As the only Mercedes-Benz museum outside of Germany, it attracts 12,000 visitors annually. It offers tours of the manufacturing plant, and it also has a gift shop filled with Mercedes apparel and accessories.

There is also a museum that displays more than 100 years of automobile innovation. The museum showcases a variety of cars from the first gasoline-powered “horseless carriage” developed in the late nineteenth century to the latest models that roll off the production line today. The museum is free to enter, and there is no admission fee to visit.

The museum’s galleries tell the story of the history of automobiles and put them into the context of social history, technology, and day-to-day life. The museum features the oldest automobile, built in 1886, as well as famous racing cars. The museum is an excellent place to learn about the history of cars and the founders of the company.

The Daimler-Benz Visitor Center is located adjacent to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The building’s undulating roofline suggests the motion of vehicles and references the rolling piedmont landscape in Alabama. The architecture also combines taut surfaces of aluminum with horizontal expanses of glass, to create an imposing structure that conveys the sleekness of an automobile. Neo-modernist architectural principles such as form and function are evident throughout the museum. Even the fountain serves as a way to maintain the cleanliness of the museum.

Another interesting feature of the Daimler-Benz Visitor Center is the large number of racing cars. The museum is dedicated to glorifying the company’s long-running involvement in motorsport. Visitors can easily walk three and a half miles while exploring the museum. Weiler notes that the museum hosts 175 public and customer events a year.

Washington County Medical Center

The Washington County Medical Center is among the best places in Millry to visit when you are in need of medical attention. This state-licensed hospital provides comprehensive health care and is a vital resource for the community. With over eighty-one thousand patients each year, it is no wonder why it is among the best places in Millry to find medical attention.

The population of Millry, AL is made up of 598 White (Non-Hispanic), 169 Black or African American, and four American Indian & Alaska Native people. The median household income is $38,967. This means that 0% of the population lives below the poverty line. The following chart shows the different races in Millry, AL as a share of the overall population. Of the seven races represented in Millry, the most common were born in Mexico (47.6% of residents), Guatemala (12.9%) and India (ten thousand and two).

The median property value in Millry, AL is $140,600. This is lower than the national average of $64,994 per person. Millry has a 68.6% homeownership rate and an average commute time of 40.2 minutes. The median number of cars per household is two.

Vital records are records of births, marriages, and deaths. Copies can be purchased at the county clerk’s office or through the state’s Department of Health. You can also access statewide indexes online. You can also visit a Family History Center for one-on-one help. The centers also have free access to some databases that are exclusive to their centers.


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If you want to explore the local area, the list of nearby cities is a good guide. You can get a feel for what life is like in a town near Millry, AL. The following list includes major cities as well as small towns.

Rent-to-own stores

If you’re looking for a way to own a new gadget but don’t want to buy it outright, Rent-to-own stores in Millry are a great option. These stores offer flexible payment plans and the latest rent-to-own items. There are no credit checks and no up-front fees.