Mathews is a census-designated place and the county seat of Mathews County, Virginia. The town was established in the 1700s and is home to Mathews Court House. In 1791, Mathews County was created in Virginia.

Jekyll & Hyde Taphouse

The Matthews location of Jekyll & Hyde Taphouse and Grill serves tasty fare in a steampunk-themed setting. The restaurant is pet-friendly and offers outdoor tables. Dishes include Irish Nachos, which are made with thin-sliced potatoes, bacon, tomatoes, green onions, and Hyde’s house-made cheese sauce. Other options include Pulled Pork Flatbread with Mississippi Cattle Mustard BBQ, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, and crispy onion straws.

The brewery is expected to produce IPAs, English ales, porters, pilsners, and lagers. Beers from the brewery will be sold on tap at both locations. Construction is set to begin in June, and the brewery is expected to hire at least 70 people.

Peninsula School

The Peninsula School in Mathews offers an excellent education for children of all backgrounds. This private school is a nondiscriminatory, inclusive community. All students are welcomed at Peninsula and are encouraged to participate in all school activities. Children in the primary grades are full of curiosity and wonder. They are generally aged four to nine years and are placed in grades according to their cognitive and social development. They are also given opportunities to exercise their independence and make choices within a more complex framework of available activities.

In Mathews, the Peninsula School is located in a beautiful wooded area that is a popular spot for outdoor activities. The school offers outdoor and indoor playgrounds, and a small pond provides a beautiful view of the lake. The students can also enjoy a view of the Mathews River from their windows.

The United Way of the Virginia Peninsula recently sponsored a kindness week at the school to help promote kindness in the community. The weeklong event included multiple activities, including a kindness coin drive and a theme day. The students were also given stickers to wear when they performed acts of kindness. Throughout the week, the kindness movement spread to 50 schools in Gloucester, Williamsburg/James City County, York County, Newport News, and Hampton.

Christ Church – Scenic Route

If you’re visiting Mathews County, Virginia, you might be interested in Christ Church. This historic church has a history that is similar to many other Virginia Colonial churches. It has suffered through the war and other trials, but has a vibrant and inspiring presence. Its past has included ministers such as Robert Carter, a local public figure. His will was probated in 1732, and he left 200 pounds to the parish. He also stipulated that all bricks for the church would be provided from his estate. Christ Church is also home to a number of items, including communion silver.

New Point Comfort Lighthouse

Located in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, New Point Comfort Light is the third-oldest surviving light in the bay. It is also the tenth-oldest light in the United States. This lighthouse is still in use today. It was completed in 1804.

The lighthouse was automated in 1930 and converted to electricity in 1950. In 1963, it was decommissioned, but the light continued to serve as an off-shore beacon. It is now a National Historic Landmark. In 1975, Mathews County purchased the lighthouse, which is visible from the end of the boardwalk in the nearby Nature Conservancy’s New Point Comfort Preserve.

The New Point Comfort Lighthouse in Mathew, Virginia, is a must-see destination for people visiting the area. Designed by Elzy Burroughs, this 55-foot octagonal sandstone structure sits on a small island in the Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse is home to two public viewing areas, which offer panoramic views of the surrounding shoreline and wildlife.

New Point Comfort Lighthouse is located on the southernmost peninsula in Mathews County. It was first lit on January 17, 1805, and is the 10th oldest lighthouse in the United States. It has recently received a new pier, which will help contractors and designers access the island during a preservation project.

As a landmark, New Point Comfort Lighthouse represents America’s proud tradition of navigation, commerce, craftsmanship, and perseverance in war and peace. The lighthouse was once located on a 200-acre island, but over the years, nature has slowly destroyed the island, reducing it to a tiny fraction of an acre.

In 2001, the Mathews County Board of Supervisors and the Mathews County Historical Society entered into a master plan to preserve the lighthouse. This plan included two phases – phase I included raising the ground level around the lighthouse and phase II involved reconstruction of the lantern room. A new walkway was also provided to enable people to visit the lighthouse while preserving the historic structure.