If you want to keep your dog healthy, you should consider providing them with treats that are low in calories. Here are some ideas: Beef jerky, Beef liver, Watermelon, and Pork liver. These treats contain only 8 calories per treat. Dogs will go crazy for them!


Unlike traditional dog treats, watermelon can be safely fed to your dog in moderation. It is low in calories and high in vitamins. However, watermelon can be a stomach upset for dogs. It can also be harmful if consumed in large quantities. So, if you’d like to provide your dog with a healthy treat, try freezing watermelon chunks.

These frozen treats are made from real fruit, not ice cream, and are a popular summer treat. Watermelon contains a lot of important nutrients for your dog, such as potassium and vitamin C, which can help your dog’s immune system function properly. Watermelon also contains a low calorie density, and the high water content makes it a perfect summer treat. However, be sure to check the amount of sugar in your dog’s treat.

While watermelon is a great summer treat for dogs, you should only feed it in moderation. Watermelon contains natural sugars, which can be harmful to a dog’s system if given in large amounts. Moreover, watermelon should be fed as a snack, and not as a main meal.

Pork liver

Pork liver is an excellent source of nutrients for dogs. It provides essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, and fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. Liver treats are also free of grains and additives. They are great training treats. They crumble over kibble or can be added to your dog’s regular diet.

If you don’t have the time to make your own low calorie pork liver dog treats, freeze-dried liver is a good choice. Pork liver is a natural source of protein and flavor and is free-range and humanely harvested. Freeze-drying will allow the liver to retain more nutrients while keeping the treats from spoiling.

You can freeze low calorie pork liver dog treats to keep them fresh for several weeks. Once you have frozen them, you can cut them into smaller pieces for training or bigger pieces for snacks. Dog liver treats are best stored in the freezer or fridge. They are good for your dog’s health, but you need to use them sparingly.

Beef liver

These treats are made with low calories and provide a high-quality protein source for dogs. In addition, these treats are packed with vitamins and minerals. Beef liver is particularly rich in vitamin A, which supports normal nerve, muscle, skin, and coat functions. However, you should not over-feed your dog with these treats. They should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

Beef liver treats are made from 100% real beef liver and chicken breast. They are delicately cooked in their natural juices and make a great reward for your dog. These treats are suitable for all breeds and can be fed to puppies, small dogs, and large dogs. They are high in protein and are also suitable for training.

Beef liver dog treats are a healthy and natural treat that your dog will love. They are made from 100% beef liver, which is antibiotic-free and safe for your dog. Beef liver is also low in calories and is a great snack or training reward for your dog. Just make sure to break them up into smaller pieces and give your dog a fresh bowl of water, so he doesn’t get too much at one time.

Turkey liver

Turkey liver is a high-quality protein and low-calorie treat that is perfect for canines and felines of all ages. It also contains niacin, vitamin B6, selenium, and phosphorous, which are important for overall canine and feline health. These treats also add variety to your pet’s diet and are made with only natural ingredients.

Turkey liver treats are available in small and large pieces and can be divided into smaller portions. Each treat contains around 1.5 calories. These treats are also great for training. They contain no artificial flavors and are perfect for larger-breed dogs. While beef liver is a popular treat for dogs, it is too big for a dog to swallow. A dog will likely stand up or lay down to get it, which is undesirable.

Low-calorie dog treats are a great way to reward your dog for good behavior. Many brands offer low-calorie dog treats that contain only a few calories. Pocket Perfect dog treats are a good choice for training treats. These treats are made in the USA and contain no cholesterol or saturated fat.

Duck liver

Duck liver is an excellent source of protein for dogs and can be fed as a treat to keep them satisfied. It is easy to digest and is low in calories, averaging three calories per treat. It also contains an impressive amount of vitamin A, an essential nutrient for puppies and dogs. These treats are also a great option if your dog suffers from allergies. These treats also contain no preservatives or gluten and are produced in the USA.

Duck liver is dehydrated gently at low temperatures, which preserves the nutrients and minerals in the liver. It is also loaded with zinc, iron, and B vitamins. It also contains Choline and a variety of essential amino acids. These nutrients will help your dog’s digestion and overall health.

The best part about homemade liver dog treats is that you can use almost any kitchen item to make them. For an added effect, you can use a dog paw print mold. This mold adds a fun and unique look to the treats. These healthy dog treats are also great for training your dog.


Beets are low in calories and fat, and contain a high water content, making them ideal treats for your dog. In a 100g serving, beets have only 44 calories and 0.2 grams of fat. This is about one-third the calories and fat of potatoes and carrots.

Beets contain a variety of nutrients that are especially beneficial for senior dogs. They aid digestion, improve skin and coat health, and support immune system function. They can also be stored for several months in the refrigerator. For fresh beets, you should slice them 1/4 inch thick and coat them with cooking oil. Be sure to add a bit of salt, but start off with a lower amount.

Before feeding beets to your dog, make sure that they are thoroughly rinsed. This will help remove leftover germs and pesticides. Beets can be difficult for a dog’s digestive system, so mash them well before giving them to your dog.

Beet pulp

Beet pulp is a highly nutritious and natural source of fibre for dogs. It is also a prebiotic, supporting digestive health. This makes beet pulp an excellent option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. But it should be used in moderation. If you feed your dog large quantities of beet pulp, it may be hard for him to absorb all of the nutrients he needs.

Beet pulp is 10% by dry weight, so feeding amounts should be carefully monitored. Be sure to avoid moldy, insect-infested beet pulp. Also, always provide fresh clean water for your dog to drink. If you are a first-time beet pulp user, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. For the best results, measure the ingredients before preparing your dog’s ration.

Beet pulp contains low levels of taurine, a nutrient essential for heart health in dogs. A deficiency in taurine can lead to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a potentially fatal condition. But it’s not just low-calorie dog treats that need taurine. A diet that is full of grain can increase the risk of DCM in dogs. Instead, you can feed your dog beet pulp and other foods rich in taurine to lower the risk of developing DCM.