Marengo is a city located in McHenry County, Illinois, about 60 miles west of Chicago. This small town has a population of about 7,568. Visitors can enjoy canoeing on the Blue River or explore Marengo Cave. The city is also home to several museums.

Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave is a privately owned cave located in Marengo, Indiana. It is one of only four show caves in the state. Since 1883, when two schoolchildren first discovered it, the cave has been open for tours. In 1984, it was designated a National Natural Landmark.

The cave is home to more than 100 unique formations and speleothems. There are many ways to enjoy the cave’s attractions, including cave popcorn, stalactites, and soda straws. The cave is also home to many different species of animals. Blind cavefish and crayfish are common sights in the cave’s lower stream level.

One million years ago, the cave began forming. Two siblings who were hunting rabbits found a sinkhole and decided to explore it. They lit candles and crawled through the dark and slippery slope. They saw various formations and heard water falling in the distance.

Tours of the cave are available throughout the year. The Dripstone Trail covers one mile of the cave and takes 60-70 minutes. Another tour, called the Crystal Palace, covers a third of the cave. Each tour provides different views of the cave and is different from the other.

The cave remains open from 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Standard Time, and is open daily from September to May. Visitors can also take a canoe trip on the Blue River. The Blue River is Indiana’s first natural river. There is also a gift shop with souvenirs and gemstone mining bags.

Besides visiting the cave, visitors can spend the night at the Marengo Cave Recreation Area. It offers four air-conditioned cabins and bunkhouse facilities, and tent camping is available. The park also has ample electrical hookups. It is open all year but closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Marengo Cave is one of the most popular natural attractions in Indiana. The cave draws about 70,000 visitors per year. It is an ideal destination for families and adventurers. The cave is easily accessible from Louisville, Indianapolis, and Evansville. It is also a registered U.S. National Landmark. It was discovered by two siblings in 1883 and was turned into a travel attraction in 1900.

The Dripstone Trail is an amazing one-mile tour. Visitors can see formations that are thousands of years old. There is also an amazing ceiling made of soda straws. Lastly, the Penny Ceiling and the Boulder Cavern are two places to visit in Marengo.

Canoeing on the nearby Blue River

Whether you’re an avid paddler or a beginner, canoeing on the nearby Blue River in southern Indiana can provide you with a great family outing. The Blue River is a Class 1 stream that has enough rapids to keep you interested, but not too much to worry about. The Indiana DNR and The Nature Conservancy both protect the river’s corridor.

There are several places to go canoeing in the area. Several companies rent out canoes and kayaks. Some offer half-day, full-day, and two-day trips. They also provide life jackets, maps, oars, and transportation to and from the river.

The Blue River is an ideal location for canoeing, camping, and fishing. The river is accessible and has plenty of swimming holes. Cave Country Canoes has rental canoes and shuttles and offers both half and full-day floats. The company also offers overnight camping trips.

There are several companies that offer canoe trips on the nearby Blue River. Cave Country Canoes provides transportation to and from the Blue River, as well as life jackets, paddles, and canoes. In addition, they provide maps to the nearby Blue River.

Exploring the famous cave

Marengo Cave is a sinkhole discovered in 1883 by Orris and Blanche Hiestand. They had been chasing rabbits when they came across the cave and decided to investigate it. Since then, the cave has been privately owned, and tourists are welcome to take tours. The cave has been preserved, and visitors can still see silverware from the 1800s and a few artifacts from the past.

The cave is 52 degrees in temperature and is filled with over 100 different formations. Visitors can take a guided tour, or simply walk through the cave on their own. There are four air-conditioned camping cabins at Marengo Cave Recreation Area, and a bunkhouse for those who prefer camping in a tent. There is also plenty of electrical hookups.

The cave was discovered in 1883, and was opened to the public almost immediately. In the early 1900s, the cave served as a Natural Bandstand for the Music Hall, and has even hosted weddings. In the early 20th century, it was also used as a pulpit rock.

Marengo Cave is open year-round, with extended evening hours. It is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days. During the summer, visitors can also explore the Crystal Palace and the Pillared Palace. In addition, visitors can enjoy a thrilling outdoor maze, pedal karts, and gemstone mining for the kids. For more adventure, visitors can camp at Marengo Cave or stay overnight in the area.

There are special events held at the cave for groups. Tour guides are familiar with the cave’s history and geology. The cave is also a great day trip from Evansville, Indiana. While the cave is closed during the winter, it is still worth a visit. The city also hosts a popular fall festival.

The cave has two walking trails – the Penny Ceiling and the Dripstone Trail. Both routes allow visitors to explore the unique features of the cave. The Penny Ceiling is a highlight for many visitors, which is covered in silt that holds pennies. Recently, the Penny Ceiling was cleaned up and 500 pounds of pennies were recovered from the cave.

Before visiting the cave, visitors should wear comfortable footwear and be prepared for the cold weather. Visitors should also bring a personal flotation device. The water temperature in the caves is usually 52 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Families should consider these precautions when planning to take a tour.