There are many places to see in Gustavus, Alaska. There are also several activities to engage in, including hiking and biking. You can easily spend a day exploring the Nature Conservancy’s Forelands Preserve, or just take a drive around the town’s back roads. There are also many opportunities for exploring along the shoreline, from long tide lines and low-tide rivers to upstream fishing holes and a wild beach at the airport runway.


Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just a nature lover, there’s no shortage of fun activities in Gustavus. From hiking and biking to whale watching, the town offers something for everyone. If you’re a big fan of whales, you can even take a guided whale watching tour. Or, if you prefer a more laid-back pace, you can go on your own adventure.

As the gateway town to Glacier Bay National Park, Gustavus offers the ideal combination of small-town charm and access to marine wildlife. Located about 37 nautical miles west of Juneau, Gustavus is a quiet, picturesque town that is perfect for outdoor adventures. You can spend your day hiking through the rainforest, kayaking through the glacial lakes, and bird and whale-watching.

If you’re looking for something a little more extreme, there are many snow and ice-fishing opportunities in the area. Snowmobiling is another great option, and cross-country skiing is a popular winter sport. Regardless of the season, there’s no shortage of exciting activities in Gustavus, Alaska.

Hiking in the glaciers is another great option. There are several hiking trails in Glacier Bay National Park. They vary in length, and the difficulty. The park also offers guided hikes led by National Park Service naturalists at certain times.


The town of Gustavus is a small, yet lively community that serves the surrounding wilderness area and Glacier Bay National Park. The area is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is also home to the world’s largest roadless area. The town’s name, which sounds like “Gus Davis,” is derived from the name of a former king of Sweden.

Attractions in Gustavus include the Bay Walk, Bartlett River Trail, and Lake Trail. In addition, the town is a gateway to the Glacier Bay National Park. The town also hosts a variety of arts and cultural events, sponsored by the Gustavus Arts Council and the National Park Service. The town is also home to a music festival each April.

The town is located 48 miles north of Juneau, and the area is surrounded by the beautiful Glacier Bay National Park. The park boasts 12 tidewater glaciers, as well as an incredible marine ecosystem. It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. The community is home to artists, musicians, and writers. Visitors to the town can enjoy beautiful gardens, wild strawberries, and panoramic views.

Visitors to the region can take part in a variety of activities, including kayaking and fishing. A number of tour companies offer excursions to the area, and it is wise to book in advance if you are taking a day trip.

Budget hotels

Budget hotels in Gustavus are a good choice for travelers looking for affordable accommodation. You can choose from a variety of hotel types and find the best deal for your stay. You can also look for a hotel with particular amenities, such as free breakfast or a gym. These types of amenities can play a significant role in the decision to book a hotel.

While budget hotels in Gustavus are a good choice, bed and breakfasts and other lodging venues can also be great options for your stay. Many of these places offer meals, and some are open to the public with reservations. Many hosts will even be happy to help you plan your activities in the region. Many of these places have web pages with information on what to do and see.

Charter fishing

If you are looking for an outdoor activity, charter fishing is one of the best places to go in Gustavus. You will find plenty of fish in the area, including halibut and king salmon. The waters around the town are protected from large waves and ground swell, so fishing is safe and comfortable. The area also offers excellent opportunities to observe wildlife such as sea lions, moose, bears, and bald eagles.

Charter fishing in Gustavus is a great way to experience Alaskan fishing firsthand. If you’re looking for an adventure, there are many companies to choose from. Many charter fishing companies offer fishing trips, while others offer other activities as well. Some of these companies include sightseeing and art activities in addition to fishing.

Salmon River Sportfishing is another great option for fishing in Gustavus. It offers guided river trips in Gustavus that are great for novices and experienced anglers alike. The guides will provide all of the fishing equipment and gear for the day’s adventure. Hourly rates are available and include the use of the boats, guides, and fishing equipment.

Charter fishing in Gustavus is another way to experience the beauty and charm of this town. Many halibut are caught in the area, and the fishing opportunities are excellent. However, anglers should keep in mind that halibut have strict slot limits and must be released. During the summer months, there is a daily jet flight from Juneau to Gustavus by Alaska Air. In winter, air taxis are available from Juneau and Yakutat.

Bartlett Cove

There are many activities available in and around Bartlett Cove. The area is home to Glacier Bay National Park, which has a variety of hiking trails. There are also several places to camp. Bartlett Cove is a great place to spend a day or stay overnight.

A walk-in campground and a large commercial lodge are located here. You can also take a boat tour, and explore the nearby hiking trails. There’s also a National Park Service visitors’ information station at the foot of the main dock. You can purchase books and maps about the area.

Visitors can stay in a cabin, a tent, or a camper at the NPS campground. The NPS campground has large group camping areas and individual tent sites. The campground provides firewood for wood stoves, as well as ample toilet and latrine facilities. You can also find information and maps at the Visitor Information Station.

Bartlett Cove is also home to Glacier Bay National Park Visitor Center. Visitors can view exhibits, learn about the glacier and explore the area on their own or with a group. The center is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. It’s also a great place to explore if you’re interested in learning about the local culture.

Aside from the scenic beaches and oceanfront, the town is home to numerous artistic communities. There are a number of acclaimed local painters, sculptors, potters, woodcarvers, and jewelry makers. These artists’ works can be found at local galleries. The town also has four churches.