If you’re ready to take the plunge and declutter your bedroom, here are a few tips to get started. First, clear visible surfaces. Second, organize small items. Third, deal with laundry. Taking a “big picture” approach to your bedroom’s decor will help you make a more orderly space.

Clearing visible surfaces

Decluttering your bedroom isn’t just about clearing out your closet; it’s about reducing the items on display and finding better storage solutions. Often, unused spaces can provide surprising storage space. For example, space near the closet ceiling can be used to store off-season items. Another clever decluttering strategy is to store items in clear containers.

To start, remove bulky furniture and other objects that clutter the floor. A clean floor makes a room appear more spacious. In addition, consider using vertical storage solutions, such as floating shelves, in place of nightstands. Small lidded boxes placed on dressers or grooming areas can also help declutter and improve storage options.

Once you’ve removed the bulky items, you can use storage bins to store smaller things. Place these bins on a dresser or bedside table, and periodically go through them to eliminate unnecessary clutter. It’s also a good idea to organize small items using compartmentalized containers and drawer dividers. Clear out your nightstands at least twice a year and eliminate unnecessary items. If possible, get rid of duplicates and expired makeup products.

After clearing out the visible surfaces, you can tackle the rest of the room. If you’re not used to dealing with clutter daily, you can start small by tackling a couple surfaces at a time. Keeping each room clean and tidy is easier if you can do it in small segments.

Organizing small items

Organizing small items in the bedroom is an easy way to declutter your room. Keep your items together and in one place by categorizing them by their purpose. This way, you can save time by storing your items in one spot. It can also help you to organize your bedroom space and maintain a peaceful and orderly mood.

Start by removing items that take up too much space in the bedroom. For instance, if you rarely use your clothes, it’s better to throw them away than to keep them in the bedroom. You can also get rid of sentimental items. Keeping pictures of your beloved ones will serve as a reminder of those moments but will not take up as much space as the actual items.

One of the easiest places to start decluttering a bedroom is the nightstand. This is because it is a small area and does not feel as overwhelming as a whole room. It’s also easier to tackle the nightstand at first before moving onto larger areas. It’s also a good idea to declutter nightstands, which often serve as drop zones.

Dealing with laundry

Dealing with laundry is an important part of decluttering a bedroom. Rather than storing dirty clothes in piles, you should put them in a basket and put them away as soon as possible. Also, if you removed chairs from the bedroom, rehang the dirty clothes and place them in the basket.

Laundry is a common source of clutter in a bedroom. It tends to make a room look cluttered and messy. In addition to piles of dirty clothing, it can also contain clothes that are still wearable. Luckily, dealing with laundry is relatively easy if you keep focused. Start by placing dirty clothes in a basket or hamper. Clean clothes can be folded and stored in drawers.

Flat surfaces are notorious for collecting clutter. They tend to pile up, so start by decluttering one flat surface. Get rid of any items you don’t want and put the rest away. This way, your bedroom will be much less cluttered. It will feel better too!

Dealing with laundry is an important step when decluttering a bedroom. The laundry room may be a closet off the kitchen or a dumping ground for items coming and going from your home. So, it’s a good idea to get rid of any unused clothing and shoes.

Taking a “big picture” look at your bedroom

Taking a “big picture” look over your bedroom when decluttering can help you make wise decisions about what you keep and get rid of. A bedroom should be a serene retreat where you can relax. However, if it is cluttered, it can be a stressful space. It may remind you of the tasks you need to complete, or it could be the source of anxiety. Therefore, you should only keep items that support your vision.

Taking a “big picture” look over your bedroom can also help you decide which areas need to be cleaned up the most. For example, if you collect piles of clothing in one corner of the room, you might need to find a new place for these clothes. You should also think about areas in your bedroom where you can store more items.

Decluttering your bedroom can be an easy and enjoyable task, and it will help you create a space you can relax in. It is also helpful to make your bed neatly, which does not take much effort. A neatly made bed will make the room look more organized, calm, and welcoming.

One of the most important things you should keep in mind when decluttering your bedroom is its function. It should support your vision and purpose, so it should not be used as a storage space for things you don’t use regularly. You should also make sure to get rid of anything that doesn’t have a proper place. The last thing you want to do is to make your bedroom look like a dumping ground.

Getting rid of clutter magnets

One of the most common clutter magnets is the bedside table. This small area of your bedroom tends to collect a variety of items, from jewelry to dirty laundry. This clutter often makes it difficult to sleep or relax. To get rid of this problem, consider using a crate to store your discarded clothing.

The first step in decluttering your bedroom is to identify what causes the clutter. Then, you can work toward a solution. Start by determining which surfaces are the main culprits of disorganization. Whether it is a dresser, side table, or other flat surface, you’ll want to eliminate clutter.

Another area that often attracts clutter is the entryway. Since this is the first area you enter when you come home, it can easily become a jumbled mess. To combat the problem, make sure to get rid of unnecessary items and organize your mail in a systematic manner.

Another hot spot for clutter is the bedroom floor. While you don’t need to have anything on it at any given time, keeping the floor clear can help prevent clutter in your room. If you can avoid the temptation to put anything on your bedroom floor, it will save you a lot of time.