Fulton is a city located in western Oswego County, New York. Its population is 11,896 as of the 2010 census. Its name comes from the steamboat inventor, John Fulton. If you’re planning a trip to the area, you can visit several attractions. These include the Amish Farm and House, Fulton County Museum, and Auto World Museum.

Amish Farm and House

If you’re interested in the history of the Amish people, the Amish Farm and House in Fulton is a great place to visit. You can take a guided bus tour or house tour to learn more about the life of these people. You can also take a look at their schoolhouse and view their animals.

You’ll find that this bed and breakfast is a perfect destination for couples, families, and groups of all ages. The area is full of Amish culture, antique shopping, and delicious home-cooked foods. You can also spend the night in a quaint hotel, like the Fulton Steamboat Inn, where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere, friendly service, and comfortable rooms. The Inn also offers guided Amish tours and horse-and-buggy rides in Amish Country.

Visitors can experience traditional farm life firsthand by taking a tour of the 15-acre farm. The farm is equipped with a bake oven, lime kiln, herb garden, and smoke house. You’ll even see miniature horses, donkeys, and alpacas.

The Amish Farm and House in Fulton is located near Target. It’s one of the first Amish-themed attractions in the country, and its tours are led by knowledgeable guides from Lancaster County. The tour guides are local Amish residents who have lived in the area for years. They are able to explain the way of life on an Amish farm without electricity and other modern conveniences.

You can tour a real Amish farmhouse or an actual Amish farm. It’s a great way to learn more about the Amish culture. There’s also a museum to learn about the Amish lifestyle. Visiting this site is an amazing experience and is sure to make you feel more educated.

Visitors to Fulton can learn about the way of the Amish people through interactive displays, and take part in farm tours. You can also take a backstage tour, where you can see live productions. There are several different tours to choose from, and most of them are free of charge.

Fulton County Museum

The Fulton County Museum is a great place for visitors to learn about the area’s history. The museum’s exhibits are diverse, and each one looks at a different aspect of life in the county. The county also hopes to create a hiking trail in the future. The museum’s director has been working at the site for 40 years.

The Fulton County Museum is an official Path Through History Site and is located in the former Kingsboro Elementary School, built in 1900. The museum has exhibits centered around the history, culture, industry, and development of the Fulton County area. It also displays artifacts associated with the area’s Native American heritage. The museum is also home to the Fulton County Baseball and Sports Hall of Fame.

The museum has a history of paranormal investigations, and paranormal teams have gathered EVP evidence and presented the findings in public. Museum staff and volunteers have also reported experiencing paranormal activity. The museum’s collection is vast and it was filled with countless artifacts and energetic students for almost a century.

The Herman Canfield Log Cabin was built in 1838 in Chesterfield Township. It was owned by James and Lydia Breese Deyo for many years. Later, he moved to the Fulton County fairgrounds and donated it to the Fulton County Historical Society. It still stands today, as a working forge and displays artifacts.

Auto World Museum

Fulton has several historic sites that are worth a visit. For example, there is the National Churchill Museum and the Stinson Creek Trail, both located within a short drive of the city. You can also find a number of parks and recreational facilities within the city. There are also a number of hotels in Fulton. These are conveniently located and clean and comfortable.

This museum features a number of vintage automobiles in a historic setting. Its collection spans more than one hundred years and includes everything from a 1903 Humbrette to a 1995 UMC solar race car. The museum also contains multimedia stations that showcase historical photographs and audio-visual documentation of different cars. It also has a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and other items related to your favorite vehicle.

The Auto World Museum is another of the best places to visit in Fulton, Missouri. It contains the largest collection of vintage vehicles in the Midwest. Founded by Bill Backer, the museum now includes over sixty vintage cars. It also features a gift shop and a special events section that seats 150 people. In addition to the museum, you can enjoy a show at the Brick District Playhouse, which is located in a 1928 historic theater. The Playhouse has provided entertainment to the Fulton neighborhood for over 80 years, and today hosts various traveling shows and festivals.

Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area

Located in the beautiful Callaway County, west of Kingdom City, Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area is a beautiful place to visit. Established in 1957, Little Dixie Lake was created by damming Owl Creek. Since then, additional purchases have expanded this conservation area to 733 acres. The area was once open pastures, but it is now home to old-field and young forest habitats.

This lake was constructed in 1957 and is currently used for scientific research by MDC and the University of Missouri. It is stocked with blue and channel catfish and has a boat ramp. Fishing here is permitted on public land, but visitors are encouraged to follow local regulations.

Little Dixie Lake has become an important resource for biologists. Researchers from the University of Missouri and MDC have used the area to study shad population dynamics, fish growth and development, and how to manage community lakes. Biologists at the conservation area have tested aquatic weed control methods and determined safe pond stocking rates.