Abingdon is a small town located in Washington County, Virginia. It is about 133 miles southwest of Roanoke. The town has an estimated population of 8,376 as of the 2020 census. It is the county seat of Washington County. This town is home to many historical and cultural places of interest, including St. Helen’s Church and St Nicolas’ Church.

St Nicolas’ Church

The Church of Saint Nicolas is one of the best places to visit in the Oxfordshire town of Abingdon. It is a beautiful, picturesque Church of England parish church that dates back to the 15th century. The building has recently been restored to its original splendor and is open for visitors to explore.

Abingdon has a rich history and many interesting attractions. It is a great day trip from London and has a wealth of attractions to enjoy. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try a walk or cycle ride through the countryside. Abingdon also has several parks and gardens along the riverside.

St Nicolas’ Church is a quaint church situated near the town’s Market Place. It is one of the few remaining buildings from the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Mary. This church was built for monks, and was later used by the laymen of the monastery. The church was the place of worship for St. Edmund of Abingdon, who was a child when he attended Mass here. His mother is buried in the church.

Another great place to visit in Abingdon is the abingdon cathedral. It is a historic building that houses a church and a museum. A tradition held here is the bun throwing, which took place on the 10th November 2018 to celebrate the end of the First World War. The cathedral also hosts the Monday Charter Market and a farmers’ market every third Friday.

Abingdon Abbey is surrounded by the Thames. The Abbey has been the primary provider of healthcare and education in the town. Edmund was born in Abingdon around 1174, into a prosperous family in trade. Edmund took responsibility for his younger siblings after his parents died.

Abingdon has many historic buildings to see. Abingdon County Hall was built in 1677-80 and is now a museum. The town’s historic landmarks include St. Nicolas Church, which dates back to 1180. The Guildhall, with its magnificent 17th-century facade, is another place to visit in Abingdon. The city is also home to the historic Abingdon College, which was founded in 1847.