Natural eyeliner products are an alternative to the harsh chemicals and heavy dyes typically used in the making of conventional eye-shadows. One prominent alternative is found in liquid eyeliner, which has been around for a long time. Liquid eyeliners have an incredible ability to adhere to the natural lash and last for extended hours between re-applying. The ingredients in liquid eyeliner include alcohols and salicylic acid, which help to thicken and lengthen the natural lash as well as creating a waterproof barrier that will keep it from rubbing off.

The most effective natural eyeliner brands contain a blend of plant based ingredients including shea butter, mica, and waxes. Shea butter provides the skin with moisture and strength, while mica and wax provide natural pigmentation and an incredible shine. These three ingredients blend together to create a highly-penetrating formula that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of any eyeliner.

Jane Eyeshadow offers several natural eyeliner brands. Jane Eyeshadow offers a wide range of products, which is one of the reason they are so popular. One popular brand in the Jane Eyeshadow line is named Melasma, which was created by artist Cara Delevingne. This product contains a unique blend of vitamin E and zinc oxide, which work together to promote natural cell renewal and revitalize the skin. Jane Eyeshadow also offers an eyeliner that is available in a sheer medium as well as a super-pigmented brightening pencil.

If you want a pencil that will stay on all day, you may want to check out Naked palmetto. This natural eyeliner features carnauba wax and natural mineral pigments. Unlike other brands of eyeliner pencils, this one has a long-lasting staying power and is not prone to smudging or chipping.

One brand that may not be as well known as Jane Eyeshadow is Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. The Naked Palette contains a fantastic line of eyeshadow, which includes a smoky look for the eyes, a matte finish that is perfect for the workplace and a natural shimmer option for any look. Urban Decay also offers a liner that is available in both a powdered brush version and a taupe liner. It is important to note that the powder version can smudge if you do not apply with a light hand or wear sunglasses.

There are other natural eyeliner brands that offer both a smoky look and waterproof/waterproof liner options. Revlon’s line of Waterproof Liners has liners available in a variety of colors and finishes. It is important to note that this brand does not use natural organic pigments, but instead uses synthetic pigments. The liners also do not come with a built in tip, so you will need to purchase an inexpensive pencil.

An all natural brand that many people have not heard of is Eyeliss. Eyeliss is made up of a unique formulation of peptides and natural vitamin E. The peptides help to smooth wrinkles while the natural vitamin E helps to soften and lengthen the lashes. The result is a very soft and full eyeliner that has multiple shades to choose from. Unlike most other brands, there are no added chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Eyeliss comes in four easy to use shades that are available in three different finishes.

As you can see, there are several great brands of organic eyeliner products that are available. Finding the right one for your needs is not as hard as you may think. Your skin tone, the type of application you require and the overall look you want can help you determine which brand of eyeliner is the best choice for you. If you have a lot of sensitive skin and worry about allergic reactions then you may want to stay away from some of the more allergengenic options. Finding the right product for your needs takes a little extra time and research, but it can be well worth the effort.