Tizzi is a tug toy

The Tizzi dog toy spirals through the air and is perfect for interactive play with your dog. It is also dishwasher-safe and recyclable, and is made in the USA. This toy is made from Zogoflex material and comes in two sizes. Tizzi is a sturdy toy that will stand up to rough play and is easy to clean.

Tizzi is a fun tug toy with multiple chewing surfaces, a hidden compartment for treats, and flexible handles that lock for added distance. It is also made from durable Zogoflex material, which is non-toxic and safe for your dog. It measures about 7 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and two inches thick.

Tizzi is one of the best tug toy options available for dogs. It combines your pup’s two favorite toys – tug and fetch – into one durable tug toy. The Tizzi features a hidden compartment for treats and flexible handles for rough play. Tizzi is also dishwasher-safe and durable, and it is great for puppies and older dogs alike.

Snorkl is a floatable dog bone

Snorkl is a float-absorbent dog toy that your dog will love! It features bright colors and is made in the USA! The toy is also safe to chew on, and it is made of non-toxic materials that are completely safe for your dog. It also comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Made from zero-waste Zogoflex plastic, Snorkl is an eco-friendly floatable dog toy. The sea-plastic shell is made from reclaimed ocean plastic. It’s designed for both land and water play. It can become your dog’s new favorite outdoor toy.

This toy floats and bounces, which makes it safe to throw in the water with your dog. It doubles as a fetch stick and is dishwasher-safe, too! It’s the ideal toy for a dog that loves to play fetch and chew.

Hurley is a bouncing dog bone

The Hurley is a sturdy and durable dog toy that combines the fun of a ball, bone and stick. It was introduced in 2004 and comes in a variety of bright colors. It is a great toy for playing fetch on land and water. The Hurley is dishwasher safe and is durable, which means more fun for you and your dog!

Made of durable, bouncy Zogoflex material, the Hurley dog bone is safe for your dog to chew. It is also floatable, making it safe for your dog to play fetch with it. The Hurley is also an excellent choice for supervised play. It is one of the best-selling products on Amazon.

The Hurley bouncing dog bone from zogo Flex is dishwasher-safe, making it safe for your dog to play with. The toy is designed to keep your dog entertained and out of your furniture and shoes. It is a certified-safe toy by the FDA, and it comes in a variety of bright colors. It is also recyclable. The company behind the Hurley is committed to making environmentally friendly, high-quality pet products.

Tizzi(r) is a bouncing dog bone

A bouncing dog bone that’s perfect for tug-of-war is a fun and safe toy for your dog. It comes with a secret compartment for treats, handles that lock for tug-of-war, and a sturdy base for roughhouse play. Plus, it’s recyclable, Made in the USA, and Certified Safe. We’re sure your dog will love it!

The Hurley Bone is a safer alternative to wooden sticks. It is made of bouncy Zogoflex material and is ideal for dogs that like to chew and play fetch in the water. The Hurley bone is available in three sizes and four colors and has been a best seller for over four years. It’s made of bright colors and features a classic design.

Zogoflex toys are made to meet the highest standards for safety, including USA-FDA manufacturing standards for human food packaging and EU-CE standards for toys for human children. This means that West Paw Zogoflex toys are completely safe for dogs and can be recycled. West Paw even has a return-it program for customers, which means they can send their toys back to the manufacturer for recycling. Recycling a toy is a great way to keep the environment clean and safe, as a partially recycled one will last longer than a new one!

Zogoflex toys are safe for dogs to chew, are BPA-free and non-toxic, and are made with award-winning Zogoflex material. Zogoflex toys are also made with recyclable materials, so there is virtually no waste during the manufacturing process. They’re also non-toxic, and free of mercury, lead, and cadmium.