When looking for cat toys, you should look for a few important features. These include organically grown catnip, simple design, and interactive puzzles. You also want to ensure that the toy is safe and out of reach of children. You can learn more about these features in this article.

Simple design

Yeowww cat toys are perfect for your feline friend. They are made of durable cotton twill and filled with organic catnip. The material is safe for your cat and can withstand multiple attacks without fading. These toys also have a rattle for extra fun.

The simple design of these catnip toys is attractive to your feline friend. Made with natural cotton twill, they will never fray. They will keep your pet busy with the curvy shape and crinkly texture. Yeowww cat toys come in different sizes, including the 2-oz tubs.

Yeowww cat toys are crafted in the USA from premium cotton twill fabric. The product is hand-sewn and stuffed with organic catnip. They are also made with non-bleeding vegetable-based dyes. These toys will help your cat stay active and stimulate their mind while having fun.

Interactive puzzles

Interactive puzzles for cats are a wonderful way to entertain them, and a great way to get them to eat their food. Cats are naturally curious and need to keep their minds engaged, so these cat toys are a great way to provide this. Unlike cat bowls, interactive puzzles serve a dual purpose – they can also be used as cat feeders.

Interactive cat toys are a great way to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Some toys contain tasty treats that your cat can’t resist. Your cat’s brain will kick into overdrive trying to figure out which pieces to turn into treats. This type of cat toy is also washable and can be re-marinated with catnip, silvervine, or dried honeysuckle. Some cats even prefer to play with catnip pillows.

Interactive puzzles for cats are also great for keeping your kitty entertained for longer periods of time. These toys are far more interesting than simple bell balls or catnip mice. Interactive cat toys also help reduce kitty’s bothering and destruction. Many cat puzzles contain moving balls that mimic the movements of their prey. Older cats will also enjoy chasing moving balls.

Organically grown catnip

Organically grown catnip for Yeowww cat toys are filled with only the freshest catnip. Made of a durable cotton twill, these toys are made from only the highest-quality ingredients. They also contain no fillers or dangerous plastic pieces. Each toy measures approximately 4″ across.

Organically grown catnip for Yeowww cat toys are a safe, natural and effective way to reward your cat. The scent from this product is irresistible to cats. It’s made from the leaves of the Nepeta plant, a plant from the mint family. While the plant is known for its potent odor, it can also be used to make cat toys.

Yeowww cat toys are made from 100% organic catnip, containing no fillers or chemicals. They can be found in independent pet stores and multi-unit pet stores, and online. Buying cat toys online can be a great way to support a local business. You can also support a cause that is important to you by shopping at Yeowww!


Yeowww cat toys are safe and gentle to play with, filled with organic catnip that stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instinct. They are great for both individual and group play. The toys are made in the USA, and they are a great choice for indoor and outdoor cats. If your cat is sensitive to catnip, it may be best to avoid the toy.

You can find Yeowww cat toys at independent and multi-unit pet stores, specialty shops, and vet clinics. You can also purchase them online. But be aware that they are not available in your local big box stores. You may want to check with your local pet supply store before buying one.

Cats love to play with toys that are multi-functional. These toys allow your cat to chase each other through them or sleep in the soft center. These toys are popular among older cats and kittens, as they can be cleaned easily. Some buyers prefer cat tunnels because they are easy to clean and large enough to accommodate the cat’s body size. They’re also great for cats of all ages and can range in size from a few inches to 3 feet in width.

Cat toys that feature multiple tiers keep your cat entertained for years. The Petstages Tower of Tracks 3-Level Cat Toy is especially fun and engaging. It has sturdy tracks, colorful balls, and non-skid pads. The tower of Tracks also comes in a compact, lightweight design and has a long life.


Hand-sewn Yeowww cat toys are filled with organic catnip. They simulate a prey item and stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts. They’re great for your cat’s daily exercise needs and can also be used for group play. Made in the USA, these toys are gentle and safe.

Yeowww cat toys can be bought at independent pet stores, multi-unit pet stores, and cat clinics. You can also buy them online. However, they are not available in big box stores. The best way to find them is at a local store or boutique.

These handmade toys are made of quality cotton twill and filled with catnip. They are carefully crafted and hand-sewn. A good-quality cat toy will last for a long time. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your cat, hand-sewn yeowww cat toys are the perfect choice!

Miniature size

These miniature cat toys are filled with organic catnip and made with cotton twill to be durable. They are hand-sewn, without any fillers or plastic pieces. They are about four inches wide and have a crunchy center. Each one contains one-half ounce of catnip.

These toys come in colorful designs that are sure to get your kitty’s attention. They are also perfect for play-hunting and cuddling. The Yeowww cat toy is made with 100% organic catnip and is made in the USA. The toy is available for free shipping when you spend over $40.

These toys contain catnip, a herb that cats love. It makes them do crazy things. These toys are made with organic catnip, which is safe for humans and cats alike. The cotton twill fabric is durable and filled with premium catnip. Organic catnip is grown without pesticides and chemicals, making it completely safe for your kitty.


Yeowww cat toys are made in the USA and contain organic catnip. These toys are great for your cat to play with and can be found at a number of independent pet stores and multi-unit pet stores. You can also purchase them online. Unlike many cat toys that are available at big box stores, these toys are hand-sewn and made to last for a long time.

These toys are filled with organic catnip, which is safe for humans and for your cat. Yeowww’s catnip cat toys are made of durable cotton twill and stuffed with premium catnip. They are also handcrafted in the USA so you can be assured that each one is completely unique.

Besides being safe for your cat, they are also good for the environment. The company partners with private farmers to cultivate the purest catnip in the world. Every year, they collect samples from professional growers to ensure they are only using the highest quality catnip for your cat. Moreover, the catnip that Yeowww uses is the strongest on the market. As a result, your cat will be very happy with his or her toys.