If you are a puppy lover, this is a great toy to buy. This toy carrier features a collectible pup and eight pieces to customize it. It also includes a double dish, bed and blanket. Your little one will love to play house with this toy, and it’s ideal for children ages four and up.


Puppy in My Pocket toys have several features to keep your child entertained. Each of these toys comes in a different color and has a different appearance. Some are larger than others. Some have a little bit of whimsy to them, and some are simply adorable. There are also a number of puzzles to solve that involve matching pieces.

These toys are designed to be interactive, and they come in different shapes and sizes. They can be shaped like different objects, and they can also be custom-made. Depending on the toy, they can be used as purses, hair ornaments, or even jewelry. They are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Blind bag contents

Blind bags of Puppy in My Pocket toys contain an adorable puppy figurine. These toys are a great way to surprise a loved one with a surprise gift. Unlike regular toys, you never know what you’ll find inside. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-rare puppy, or a cute puppy with a cute face, these blind bags are sure to please.

Characters in Holiday

Holiday puppy in my pocket toys are made from a mix of cute and quirky characters. Each blind-bag contains over one hundred adorable toys. The blind-bags also come with a Collector’s Checklist. The characters are often depicted as royalty. Holiday puppy in my pocket toys have several locations, including the Pretty Pet Palace, which features a spinning dance floor, slide, and pool. There is also a Puppy Play Park, which features a tire swing, hurdles, and a teeter-totter.