Proxy is a program used to hide your IP address from others. It works by redirecting your normal internet traffic through their proxy servers thereby masking your true internet protocol (IP) from your target site and the internet host. As you browse the site, your IP address is not revealed to anyone, even to other users on that site will see the proxy or VPN connection. They can see your IP address on their screen but your IP and location are hidden. That is proxy benefits.

There are several proxy servers and they allow users to bypass firewalls and do anonymous browsing. Bypassing firewalls prevent malicious websites and software from accessing your computer. You can bypass firewall through proxy websites and still do anonymous browsing. The proxy servers usually run in a web-based mode, which means that it will be accessible from any computer with internet access. There is a slight delay of some seconds when you visit a website through proxy.

In anonymous proxy, there is a layer of security provided by the servers. Some proxy servers perform session hijacking to change the connection request to another server; some are used to send scripts to other web applications; some perform image manipulation on web pages; some send ICQ or MSN calls; some alter web page titles; and some change the browser homepage. They bypass the proxy servers and instead go directly to the original website. In this case, you are not able to see the original proxy site or its host, but you are still able to bypass the restrictions imposed by firewalls.

With the advent of proxy servers, internet users now have the opportunity to bypass restrictions on accessing web sites. It provides them the opportunity to surf anonymously and do so securely. These days, proxy servers are very popular among net users as it helps them to browse the internet securely while protecting their IP and their identities. There are many proxy servers which allow free, anonymous proxy access for their users.

Although proxy servers may seem like a threat to hackers and cyber criminals, they actually play a helpful role in securing our IPs and identities from these threats. Through anonymous proxies, internet traffic is encrypted, which prevents possible attacks on our computers. Our data and personal information to stay safe from unauthorized use. We are provided with a secure tunnel that sends all our internet traffic through.

With the help of proxy servers, we are able to bypass restrictions to access certain websites. The proxy server acts as a middleman and passes the request from our browser to the real web host. This ensures that the proxy server does not retain the information of the requested web page. The proxy site does not keep track of our IP address, and neither does the internet host. However, we can always make sure our IPs or identities are safe by using anonymous proxies.

Anonymous proxies work just like other servers. They are used to hide our IP addresses and maintain our privacy. The proxy server intercepts the outgoing traffic and encodes it into packets which are then sent to the destination site. From there, the proxy server discards the unencrypted or unquoted traffic and only decrypted or quote-based traffic is passed onto the real web host. Thus, we enjoy anonymous browsing with the safety and security that VPN provides. As long as we are connected to a high-speed internet connection and a secure VPN connection, anonymous proxies will do the job of protecting our IP’s and identities.

anonymous proxies do not store data; however, they can change IP addresses whenever required. When visiting a new website anonymously, the proxy server will create a new IP address. The proxy will forward the request to the real server and after passing through multiple layers of security, will finally deliver the requested page. This means you can visit any site anonymously and bypass blocking proxy sites. To protect your privacy online, do not use free proxy servers that reveal your IP addresses to advertisers. Rather use a paid proxy service that gives you complete protection against hackers and online surveillance.