I am pretty much sure that anyone reading this would vaguely be worried about the effect of conventional food on their health. Since the last part of the nineteenth century, agriculture has seen an immense increase in the use chemical fertilizers to enhance crop yield. Other chemical such as insecticides and pesticides also have been extensively used to increase the resistance of crops against various agents.

Since the emergence of agriculture, to support the rising population various methods have been employed to increase the volume of goods crops being produced. The industrial revolution provided a further push to the extensive use of chemical to boost yield. A large market provided a further impetus to employ chemical means to bolster productivity.

The spurt in the application of chemicals was not without adverse effects. Concerns regarding the health effects of chemical in plants plague food products to this day. Chemical compounds are not easily metabolized in the body. So they persist and concentrate to dangerous levels and can have serious health consequences.

However, chemicals does help increase yield. Amounts have been produced that were unimaginable prior to their introduction. And they have helped us with providing adequate amounts of food to the world population. Hence rose the question, what is the cost that health pays.

Humans are at the top of the food chain. As a result, any chemical additive in food that cannot be metabolized by the body persists and accumulates in the body. Over time, this can lead to dangerous concentrations of harmful chemicals that impede the functions of the body. Extensive usage of fertilizers and pesticides have compounded the problem as they have effects like malfunctioning heart, diminishing eyesight and increased chances of diseases like cancer.

An alternative to the use of chemicals is the use of organic ways of cultivation. Organic food involves the use of natural manures and bio fertilizers to enhance the yield of crops. Organic food can be very healthy as there are no artificial chemicals used in their growth. Though there has been no scientific proof to claim otherwise, consumption of organic food can significantly reduce the chances of diseases affecting the body. With conventional food containing a high percentage of unhealthy chemicals, they can be a serious health hazard. Organic food is free of such pollutants.

Organic food makes use of natural manures. So there is no chance of contamination. The crops are cultivated in organically grown that rely on natural means like manure, compost and bio fertilizers to promote crop growth.

Further, fertilizers and chemicals that are used for boosting crop resistance and increasing production are not isolated in their effects on the crops. Their use has seen widespread contamination of groundwater and a marked increase in the quality of the soil. When exposed to chemicals for a chronic span of time, the soil loses its natural nutrient replenishing capacity and thus, they become a necessity rather than a choice. Even water bodies has seen excess content of unwanted metals in proximity to areas using large amounts of chemicals.