Despite your small space, there are a number of ways to increase small house organization. These include built-ins, Stackable storage shelves, Pegboards, and pull-out spice racks. Using these storage solutions will help you feel more organized and have a lighter room. You can also make use of outdoor storage sheds, which can cost under $1000. These sheds are great for storing outdoor gardening tools.

Built ins

Built ins are a great way to organize small spaces. For example, you can turn a space under the stairs into a functional home office. Top drawers are great for storing office supplies, and middle drawers store hanging files. Bottom drawers can be used to store newspapers and catalogs. You can also build in cubbies over the desktop to organize your phone books and mail. A floor-to-ceiling built-in also gives your space a chic, modern look.

If you live in a small house, built-ins can make all the difference. Freestanding furniture tends to clog up the room and don’t always utilize space as effectively as built-ins do. Plus, built-ins have glass doors, which preserve visual space while adding organizational options. You can also get built-in banquettes, which provide tucked-away storage while allowing for maximum seating for sit-down meals.

Kitchens can benefit from pull-out spice racks to provide easy access to spices and other ingredients. You can even add a narrow rolling rack to serve as a pantry for dry goods. In smaller kitchens, you can also fit a toe-kick drawer in between cabinet doors. Lastly, behind-the-door storage is another great way to declutter a tiny house.

Stackable storage shelves

Stackable storage shelves are a great option for small spaces. They can hide away clutter and help you stay organized. These shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the shallow variety for miscellaneous items to the larger variety for folded clothes. They can also be nestled together for extra storage space.


Pegboards can be a great way to make even a small space look bigger. This small home organization tool can be used for everything from storing toys to organizing your closet. Pegboards can also serve as great decor in your kids’ room. You can turn them into a water wall, or decorate them with non-stick fabric. You can also get some wall decals that you can apply to the pegboard.

Pegboards can be mounted on a wall or placed wherever you need to keep tools or small items. The pegboards come in a variety of sizes and are easy to purchase online. You can even create your own pegboard, which makes it easy to organize and decorate your home.

Pegboards can also be used for kitchen storage. You can add dividers to them and use them to hang up dishes and other small items. A pegboard also makes it easy to keep track of keys and other items. If you have open shelves, you can install larger pegboards in storage nooks or closets to store larger items.

You can also use a pegboard as a kitchen backsplash. This way, you can keep your cooking tools visible without cluttering your kitchen. You can also use pegboards in bedrooms to store small items. Using a pegboard in a bedroom can save floor space and add style to the room.

Another great use for pegboards is organizing tools. Hanging your tools on them will not only keep them in the proper place, but it will make your garage or workshop safer. It will also help keep small tools organized. When you buy pegboards, make sure you choose those that will fit the exact tools you need. You can also purchase a pegboard hook kit, which is fast and efficient.

Pull-out spice racks

Pull-out spice racks are a great way to increase your kitchen storage space without taking up too much space. They come in a variety of different colors and are easy to clean. These racks can also fit into a corner cabinet or narrow pantry. A good tip is to organize your spices alphabetically. It will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and will prevent the jars from rolling.

If you have a small kitchen or small pantry, pull-out spice racks will be especially useful. They can be placed inside the cabinet or on the countertop. You can also place them inside cabinets, as they provide easy access to the spice jars. These racks can be decorative as well, allowing you to use complementary colors. Some even come in attractive wood, which will look good in any kitchen.

Spice racks can also be freestanding, mounted, or designed for in-drawer storage. The type of spice rack you choose will depend on your kitchen’s layout and the design of your cabinets. You can also choose one that comes with containers so you can easily purchase more spices if you ever feel like growing your collection.

You can get a spice shelf with two removable hooks for hanging your other cooking essentials. It comes in sets of two and is available in four different colors. This rack is best suited for those who love to access their spice jars easily. However, if you prefer wooden or metal spice racks, you may want to consider a different style.

If you’re concerned about space, consider purchasing a smaller model. A round spice rack will save the most space. It will fit most spice jars. A two-tier one is perfect for large collections of herbs and spices.

Under-the-shelf storage

Under-the-shelf storage can be a great way to store small items and avoid clutter. Adding a few storage baskets to lower cabinets is a great way to keep everything organized. Remember to label all bins clearly. Use white labels to identify the contents of each bin. Another great way to store small items is by investing in a shower caddy. These convenient containers can be carried from room to room and help organize similar items.

Store-bought shelving units are often expensive and difficult to assemble. However, you can easily build a shelf unit yourself for less than a hundred dollars. It can hold about twenty-four standard records storage boxes (which cost about $4 each). The shelf spacing needs to be modified if you want to use plastic storage bins. You will need four 2x4s with a horizontal 2×2 on each one. Next, mark the placement of the twox4 uprights.